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  1. While I've never seen Rolling Thunder (my first and only trip was in 2015...) That sounds amazing. It's sad how unappreciated classic wooden coasters are now. They are the true thrill ride.
  2. Hey everyone! I think I've posted once a while back. ANYWAYS! I've had a great time the past 3 days reading the ride spotlights and really think it's quite amazing to read about some of the ride's locations and histories around the park. Really well done!
  3. Sorry for the extremely late reply. I've been at North Conway visiting Story Land with my 4 y/o sis. The ride was extremely thrilling, but it was torture. It was constantly flipping you at a rate which was nauseating, the music was really obnoxious, and your chest kept hitting the metal yellow bar restraints. It was fun, but hurt like hell.
  4. Oh Six Flags. Good thing no one was hurt. It's a fun coaster I hear.
  5. Canobie Lake is my home park (and my favorite), and I see no talk about this classic park, so I'm bringing it up. Canobie Lake was in need of an inverting flat, and Equinox, their newest ride, fulfilled that gap. Unfortunately, it was placed horribly by the carousel, and it played awful rock/metal music. Drained out the midway's nostalgic theme with the music from the Carousel and the Cube Light. Since early 2013, the ride was plagued with issues from being bought by a traveling carnival in England. Parts were needed, restraints were uncomfortable, and electrical malfunctions. The park bought everything they needed, yet things continued to go downhill from there. It didn't operate once in 2014 because parts were again worn out, so the park finally has decided to call it quits. The ride is for sale. ^ That's Equinox. It was a KMG Tango. Also, off topic from that, their classic woodie, the Yankee Cannonball, is highly underrated. I suggest giving it a ride with a loosened seatbelt in the back seat at night. BUZZBARS RULE!
  6. I really like what GADV is doing. SFNE isn't doing anything great. Mind Eraser ERT , School Supplies drive, and something with coins for charity. Not a big event!
  7. Hi, I've been to SFNE, it's one of my home parks, and it doesn't have the charm SFGAdv has. They have a lack of flats, and they recently got rid of an intense woodie. Very upsetting. SFNE's star is easily Bizarro. Very fun ride with some nice ejector. I prefer the front, because you get an awesome view, plus the airtime feels more extreme. Plus it's smoother. The only roughness I prefer is on a wooden coaster. The restraints kinda hurt, sometimes they like to staple you in. Not fun. Pandemonium is a fun spinner. Put more weight on one side to spin like crazy. Flashback and Goliath are both rough and suck. Goliath is the worst ride there. The trains vibrate horribly. Mind Eraser is a decent SLC. It's pretty good for what it is. B:TDK is kinda forceless, plus headbanging first corkscrew. Be careful! Don't have your expectations too high. Thunderbolt is the parks classic. Pretty fun, but forceless. Sit in the back for some bounciness and a tad bit of airtime. Near the end the front has an ejector hill. Cyclone's in the process of being demolished for the Iron Horse treatment. Take some pictures! I'd say run to Bizarro first and get the front ASAP! If you have the gold entry, RUN TO BIZARRO. You may wait a bit, but you want first dibs, as it has HORRID lines. Run to Goliath after, because of bad capacity. Then head to Thunderbolt, because around 2-ish that ride forms a LONG line. Hope this helps! --CanobieFan
  8. I love to see the memorial. It's just a great way for an SFI park (WHOA) to create a memorial. Such a nice touch. I never rode RT, and I heard it was rough, but I'm happy they're keeping part of it.
  9. Hey guys! I'm CanobieFan, and this site is surely my cup of tea. I love SFGAdv A LOT after visiting for a vacation this year. Unfortunate we went July 1, so KK was closed. My name probably tells a lot about me. Yes, Canobie is my favorite park. Yankee Cannonball is my favorite coaster (yes I like it better then El Toro). SFNE was my favorite part, until they decided to remove Cyclone. I'm personally sick of SFI parks demolishing wooden coasters. I love nostalgia and the history of parks. I'm on SFNE Online, Canobiefan, New Whalom, SFA Fans, Here, TPR, Coasterforce.
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