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  1. Is this the show that takes place in front of the abandoned Stunt Show Theater at SFGAdv? If so, I was not impressed with it last year.

    There's no show in front of the "abandoned theater"


    There's a show inside the theater, and that's Dead Man's Party

  2. Ironically I was talking to my daughter about the fact that The Joker seemed out of place, considering most of the superhero rides are in Movie Town. But she reminded me that Green Lantern and Superman are not in Movie Town either. And, I guess, technically Bizarro too.

    Bizarro really is the most out there. It's sandwiched between Mexico and Western cowboy

  3. I was at the park today and saw a sign that said the park was pre selling fright fest maze passes. It also said that there will be two new mazes this year with a total of 7! I remember there being 7 last year so will two of them just be completely different?

    Let's hope they're done by the people who do the clown one. The story doesn't make much sense, but it looks great! :P

  4. What's the future of the Showcase Theater? Are they going to have shows in the building this summer? I have yet to see anything in there since Holiday in the Park, except for some dance competition a couple weeks ago, which had nothing to do with the park.

    I don't understand it either. They own the rights to Looney Toons, so why not just play some episodes a couple times a day for a half hour while they don't have any shows going on. Put something in there so we have some show to watch while it's really hot out.

  5. I'm sorry, If I had a season pass I should be allowed to enter the park as many times as I want no matter what the event. Good luck telling people with season passes they are limited to the amount of visits, I know if someone told me that, I would laugh at them and walk away.


    I believe the season pass currently advertises that Fright Fest is included, so if they took that ad away, you wouldn't really have any argument.

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  6. I thought about making my plan to allow season pass holders in for an unlimited amount of trips however because of the amount of season pass holders in Six Flags, I thought that there would be too many people (like there is now

    Last I heard, it was about 56% of visitors have season passes, and I feel like that's less when FF comes around. I'm curious on how Fiesta Texas' FF turned out since they had free trails.

  7. I just fake my location so that I can see the wait times even at home. It usually doesn't effect if I'm going or not because they don't start until 12 and I usually go to the park in the morning.

    My brother does the same :P

  8. Didn't Fiesta Texas get free houses last year? Hoping since we have their President, maybe he'll try that out. I had the regular pass last year, and we never waited more than 15 min to get on a house (and we went pretty much every day)

  9. I was thinking today, and I wish the park had more communication with their customers. Like when they removed items from the dining plan, nothing was said about it, we just figured it out ourselves, and we don't really know why some items were moved around or removed (I can understand the pork being removed because maybe nobody ordered it, but why the option to have no meat on a burrito? That one doesn't make any sense to me), and about the cameras being removed from 2 rides. That was a surprise to everyone, including me, who purchased a photo pass.

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