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  1. Your park seems to have some good vegetarian options. Wouldn't be really disappointed if we swapped menus.
  2. Oh so the antique photos is still open. Not sure why it's not on the map.
  3. So you can still get vegetarian options at Macho Macho, Idk who's decision it was to remove then from the menu though. Seems really stupid. But they actually did take away the black bean burger from garden state. They have such limited vegetarian options as it is, why would they remove any? And sure, Yum Yum has them, but you can't get any of the special toppings. I also feel like if I'm one person emailing the park, they're not going to care.
  4. Correct me if I'm wrong, but vegetarian Macho Nacho options weren't on the menu last year either. And I can't remember if the black bean option was either. But if they really removed the vegetarian options, I'm not really sure what they're doing or who they're helping, because what would be the reason why they'd take off an option to have an item removed? The vegetarian options were the same price, and it was the same burrito, just without the meat, so if anything, they profited more.
  5. But we also went over this and said they could reduce the amount of trees, if they put panels in the employee parklots and on top of every building that you can't see the top of, from the ground. And before anyone says "You'll see if when you're on a coaster", right now you see the top of the buildings that look pretty bad, so if anything, solar panels would made them look better.
  6. This doesn't work well. My sister died her hair, and they were saying it wasn't her in the photo. You can't change a finger print, but you can alter things about your face (different makeup, hair color) that could make you look different. It's just that our scanners don't work as fast as they should, maybe because it scans the entire finger.
  7. Anyone know for certain that it will only work at our park? Really want to use it at America when I go
  8. Idk, if it's not a new sign, I'm not sure why they'd rename it, but even with a new sign it's confusing.
  9. Maybe because people don't want people on this forum to know what they look like, lol
  10. I'd love to know the actual details of it. I want to get a photo pass, and I'll be at America next month, so I want to use it there too. I think someone says it has to be processed at the park, so if America's photo pass can be used at any park, I'll just get theirs and have it processed there.
  11. Nope, my brother comments about it all the time
  12. I don't hate the name, but I'd prefer another name
  13. Yea, I loved Nathan's cheese fries. Was my go to when I didn't feel like anything else. And yea they talk about it, but is it really going to be a 3 item menu? And they already had cheesesteaks right across from there. I'm not sure why they're even making that a cheesesteak place.
  14. Been exactly a year since the last dining menu was released. Guess they didn't want to start a consistent release date. Figure it'll be any day now though.
  15. Maybe we're trading parks. They ship all of their rides, we ship all of ours. Don't even take them apart though, just ship them built.
  16. No, it's really way more his voice. His songs can be bad, because he's 14 and singing to 12 year old girls, but he cannot sing at all, and they can't even fix it with autotune, which is obvious when listening to a few seconds of his songs.
  17. Yea, I really hate his music, but I'm not going to boycott anything, lol. What I will say, is the Six Flags usually books talented artists, like ones vocally talented, which means not having super loud backing vocals. With Jacob though, he can't sing AT ALL, so in his life performances, they blast a backing track so you can't hear him, or he can just lip sync. Idk, really hope they didn't book him over someone else. I'd love if they got Eden as he's currently my favorite artist.
  18. Wow, most re-rides on The Joker was 2 on the purple side (not a big fan of flipping, and I usually only get like 1-2 on the purple side). Skull mountain was definitely the most re-rides, it was probably like 6 times in a row without getting off.
  19. What's going to happen to the hands now that they're off the building? Will they just go in a back area near the employee lot?
  20. Going to take a wild guess and say he meant "What do you think they're announcing this year" but I could be wrong
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