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  1. ^ I don't think some of you guys are keeping up with the park. The chiller station will be turned into a clown haunted attraction for the 2015 Fright Fest. Also, many people keep saying to put the JL ride in the simulation building, which couldn't really happen unless you got rid of the 2 haunted attractions which are both located in that building.
  2. In 2016, I think we should get a clone of Full Throttle (Maybe with a slightly bigger loop, because SFGA is all about record breaking) not sure where in the park though. And a more up-kept park (They could even do that this year) I don't really have interest in an RMC, but if we were to get a wooden coaster, I'd like to see one similar to Rolling Thunder, with it being not too tall and not extremely intense, because I think we need coasters that younger kids can go on, as like a stepping stone for bigger coasters, and Rolling Thunder was a good one.
  3. Lol, this guy. Regarding #14, I see no problem with the ads on the ride, it gives them more money, which gives us more rides. I don't understand the hate for ads in general.
  4. I sent them a pretty long letter, regarding how bad the park has been looking recently, and how empty some parts of the park are, and how they decided to spend a bunch of money on El Diablo, instead of using all of that money to fix up the park. I'll let you guys know if I receive anything back
  5. I think it looked incredibly stupid, and I believe he said it was "The future of roller coasters"..Yea, I don't think so. I completely disagree, it makes the park feel old and cheap because its like a dirty desert in that area.
  6. I was not saying they should put a Dark Ride in it's place. I was just making a point that I would pretty much take any good ride instead of Bizarro.
  7. Funniest comment I've read all day. Looping Dragon is not a roller coaster, and won't be a stepping stone to any bigger roller coaster. Rolling thunder was a good stepping stone, because it actually has a drop. I would've never gone on Looping Dragon, to prepare myself for El toro.
  8. Funniest thing I've read all day. We just got Zumanjaro attached to Ka, and you think we'd get rid of Ka over Bizarro? Bizarro will 100% be the next ride to go, and I'd have no problem with it at all. Barely anybody goes on it!
  9. I would have to agree with you guys on the Jersey Devil. Anything horror-ish, I'm all for. 100% agree with you. I can't think of a superhero that would fit a Wing Rider though.
  10. I don't know what you guys are talking about. I'd rather have the Justice League dark ride, over Bizarro. I don't know what you guys like about it so much. You can't feel the drop and 99% of the effects don't work.
  11. Our park is charging $67 to get into fright fest, +The prices for the houses, where over at Universal Horror Nights, it's $77 and all the award winning houses are included with the admission price. I think it's time for six flags to make their houses free, and raise the admission price (For fright fest) by $10
  12. I don't agree with this at all. They need to stop randomly theming things. A lot of these major parks are so great because they usually stick to one or two themes. We have a bunch of random themes scattered all around the park. I think if we were to get a wing rider, it should definitely be super hero or jungle themed.
  13. Regarding the Season pass terror trail sticker. If I were to buy 2, wouldn't I be able to share them? Like I go in with a friend, and then when we get out, we give the 2 passes to 2 other people in our group. Like, how does the sticker work, and what stops people from doing that?
  14. OMG I love the newly updated Fright Fest website! http://frightfest.sixflags.com/greatadventure
  15. https://www.change.org/p/six-flags-great-adventure-don-t-give-us-looping-dragon That's exactly what I'm trying to get with this petition, but not enough people are sharing it.
  16. I posted this over at the "How do you feel about 2015 attractions" and figured I'd post it here as well. I made a Petition, https://www.change.o...-looping-dragon please check it out and read what I wrote. If you decide to sing it, please share it with your friends as well.
  17. It will do something. They planned to take down Houdini, but then 600 people liked a page to keep it opened, and they kept it opened. If you do not want a cleaner park, and Holiday In The Park, then you don't have to sign in. Maybe they this petition won't stop the production of the Looping Dragon, but they will see that their customers want Holiday In The Park, and a cleaner park. And could maybe do both of those.
  18. I am now incredibly scared that we will be getting this instead of a new roller coaster next year....This is what we should have got this year!! The loop on GL would be SO awesome if it was a sit-down coaster. But because you have to stand, I end up trying to sit down on the bike seat, and that does not end well for a male XD
  19. Overall, I hate everything about our announcement besides the Fright Fest announcement. I want Holiday In The Park more than anything right now. And I think it's still possible that we could get it. So I made a Petition, https://www.change.org/p/six-flags-great-adventure-don-t-give-us-looping-dragon I think 90% of us would rather have the money that's going to be spend on Looping Dragon, to be spent fixing up the park, and for us to get Holiday In The Park for 2014. Please sign my petition if you agree, and share it with your friends so we can get as many signatures as we can.
  20. Please read and sign my petition: goo.gl/V2Xvvv It's regarding the Looping Dragon (obviously) If you do decide to sign it. Please share it on Facebook and Twitter
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