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  1. Thanks. Guess we still have a decent amount of waiting time.
  2. When did they announce the new food options last year?
  3. Actually, there's some software online that lets you simulate an Android phone.
  4. Do you enjoy crushing people's souls? Do you have any idea if they're kicking Mama Flora to the curb though?
  5. Since we already know we're getting JL, and it'll be a while until it's open, what I'm the most excited for is the new 2017 food Any idea if Chop Six is still maybe happening? I remember someone early last year said they were going to do it in 2017
  6. He was talking about playing it inside Skull Mountain
  7. Someone on the Facebook group said the waffles are included in the dining plan, that's a lie right?
  8. Saw it last night, don't think I saw any Joker footage.
  9. Agree'd. I wonder if they put solar panels in the parking lot, in the employee lot, and on top of every building (only ones where the solar panels would be hidden, like Skull Mountain, Grannies, TDK, etc), would they then only have to cut down a small amount of trees?
  10. I understand that, but let me go through the "additional dining options" Guests can enjoy additional eateries like the Snowman City Food Court featuring Ichiban Tea House, Ichiban is not currently on the dining plan, so if it's still not on the dining plan, what exactly is new about it? Chicken Express and Totally Kickin’ Chicken; You said last year it wasn't on the dining plan, so since it's on the dining plan, they're considering it new. Does that mean Ichiban will also be on the dining plan? Whimsical Wonderland’s Go Fresh Café and the new Macho Nacho in Holiday Memories
  11. ...then it's not additional dining options, right?
  12. Does this mean the Ichiban Tea House is on the dining plan? Because these aren't really additional dining options if it isn't.
  13. Anyone know what the white markings are for? They create a lane that leads to showcase theater I believe (could go down that far).
  14. Earlier this season (I think it was this year), I was trying to record the people in the Dark Knight pre-show jump when the worker slams the garbage can, and while I was doing it, a worker came over and said I wasn't allowed to record the ride, and I said "I wasn't" and I think I turned my phone so he could see what I was recording (because I wasn't recording the ride, I was recording the people who were standing in a queue line), and while I'm saying that, he just keeps talking saying he's going to get security if I do it again. Pretty sure I talked about this before on the sub.
  15. I imagine the employee was upset because he had to walk up 10 stories because an idiot took out his phone and endangered all the guests on the train.
  16. Didn't end up going back, but when we were there at 6:30, it was pretty empty.
  17. Does anybody know how strict the "No Re-entry after 8" policy? We won't be back until probably like 10.
  18. SFA doesn't have a 4D Winged coaster. And I'd say the last big addition was *insert anything SFMM has received in the past 8 years*
  19. Blonde hair maybe, that's about all I remember.
  20. So today was a pretty good day, got a picture with Gaten Matarazzo because he was in the park today, which was insanely awesome! The lines were short for most of the night, got on Nitro 2X, El Toro, and Superman, Superman having the longest line. I did have a problem with the Forgotten Carnival haunted house. So I have the season trail pass, and I've been on every trail multiple times, so I know the layouts of the trails for the most part, well today on Forgotten Carnival, the actress says "Watch out for the hole" and I look down through my glasses (without moving my head) to look, and I
  21. I'd also love to see John Bundy and Morgan come back and do a Christmas show
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