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  1. Tone down the scents in some of the areas, they're a bit strong and don't smell fantastic. I'd like to see more entertainment, that's kind of my #1 request. I'd also like to see lights on Nitro's lift, I think that could be pretty cool. And since I'm on the topic of ride theming, maybe add some Christmas theming to some of the rides like Dark Knight and Skull Mountain. Off-Topic, but why doesn't Six Flags ever retheme rides for their different seasons? Dark Knight could be re themed just by switching the pre-show video, putting some santa hats on the characters, and switching the
  2. I've been to Creamy Acres and Terror Behind the Walls (TBTW wasn't the best), I know what a good haunt is, I'm just saying that Great Adventure's aren't THAT bad, they're just not great. I predict that next year, if the free haunts at Texas works out, Great Adventure will try making them free.
  3. None of the outdoor ones are very bad, but The Manor is very short and the sections and very random, there's also no roof, which takes away any immersion. Total Darkness isn't that scary, it's just kind of annoying because it's so dark and the flashlight randomly turns on and off, it should fade on and off, or just flash every 3 seconds or something. Forgotten Carnival is pretty good though, the actors just need to improve their acting/scare tactics. The biggest problem is large groups. If I'm put in a large group, I'm not going to be scared. Cell Block 6 does this the best, with separati
  4. Yep, last night. Also went on The Manor and waited probably about a minute. I went on Cell Block 6 close to closing, but Voodoo island was probably about 9:30-10:00, and The Manor was also around that time.
  5. The regular line for Voodoo island was shorter than the express line (I was the only person in the regular line, and there were about 8 people in the express). Waited about 3 minutes in the regular line for Cell Block 6.
  6. She said she didn't know she had to file a report, and nobody asked her to. I'm sure they also have video cameras to protect themselves from people who make things up, right?
  7. 3 security guards came over to her (I was not at the park at the time) and she felt too sick and was in too much pain to file a report. She said she wasn't asked about filing a report either.
  8. Does anybody know Neil's email address? My mom fell really badly while walking past the security checkpoint, on the way out of the park. There's a big lip on this circle thing, she's sure she's sprained her wrist or worse, and her knees are ripped up as well.
  9. I have to disagree, even with a short line, the operations were so bad that it would take a good 30 minutes, easily, until you got on the ride.
  10. Yea, although the VR is cool, it's not worth the consistent hour long waits. I would've preferred if they sealed the holes so you can't see outside, put more drawings on the walls, and put a bunch more stuff inside.
  11. I have a younger sibling as well, and Joker has very intense G-force and really throws you around. It's nothing like RT and I've never heard that comparison. There are no similarities connecting RMT to Joker.
  12. We don't need another huge insane coaster (it would be welcomed, but that's besides the point), a coaster like Rolling Thunder is a coaster we need as it's a great stepping stone for larger rides.
  13. Went on it today, waited like 11 minutes until we got our headsets, so not that bad of wait. My brother's first 2 headsets didn't work, but the 3rd one seemed to work fine. We all agree'd it was really cool, but I don't understand why it's so low quality. Next time you're on, look to your far upper right, almost behind you, and you'll see part of your cockpit, and it looks like insane HD, and I'm not sure why the stuff in front of you doesn't look like that.
  14. Saw Slash for the 2nd time (saw it once on opening day) and apparently they "toned it down" because people were complaining, and we were hoping that meant they took out some dancing (we'd rather see more comedy and tricks than the dancing) but no, they took out the whole Dick and Jane scene, and he doesn't say S**t when the nails drop. All of the dancing is still in it, but they pretty much took out the comedy.
  15. Me and my brothers didn't want to wait the super long line, but we went through the exit to see how long dispatch times were, and the one we recorded was 6 minutes and 40 seconds.
  16. What's the special event going on today? I heard there's cars in the parking lot.
  17. That would be awesome, but I don't think I could see that happening. I agree about getting your shoes on socks wet, and that might be why the line hasn't been very long this entire season.
  18. Me and my brothers waited a few minutes before bloodshed opened, in the regular line, and didn't wait long at all. We actually asked if we could wait for the next group so we could be upfront. Cell Block 6 actually opened a bit later in the night. We got on it at about 9, and it was the best trail of the night (and I actually really didn't like Asylum when they had it, and I was told this was going to be pretty much the same). This. None of the trails were very scary because we were in the middle or the back of a huge group, so (like you said) everything was spoiled before we actually
  19. El Toro had walk on at about 6:30, more than half the train was empty when I got off too. I could've re-rode but I needed to get food. Saw Slash and really enjoyed it, although it had a bit too much dancing. The "host" of it is fantastic though, I wish there was more of him instead of the dancing.
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