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  1. Aww, I was hoping to get food there and go right over to the Awakening.
  2. Does anybody know if Macho Nacho 2 is open yet?
  3. I'd like to see us get a ride like that. Sometimes you feel like riding a relaxing ride, and we don't really have any of those.
  4. Wouldn't be too disappointed. I'd love to see a monorail or something along the lines of that instead. They recently broke down for about 30 minutes and then started up again, but they were probably going 1 foot every 5 seconds. They don't seem very safe anymore.
  5. I can't. What would they put there instead? We already have Sky Screamer, and it still pulls a decent line.
  6. I had the worst experience in Blackout. They put 8 of us on a single rope, and at that first air cannon, the people in the front started screaming and stopped, and then didn't move and continued to keep screaming and wouldn't move and they told us to go in front. We continued moving and the same thing kept happening, so I told my brothers "I'm leaving" something like that, and I climbed under the rope and they followed me, and we left. We stayed around to see when they got out, and it took them awhile. It wasn't scary, and was just really frustrating because they put too many people on one rop
  7. Has anyone ever bought a ticket for The Haunted Heist? I kind of feel like they'd end up making more money (because there a arcade games in there) if they just included it in the regular trail pass. Is there any reason why it's not? Is it owned by Mama?
  8. Do you have a video of the Q&A? I'd love to hear some of the questions and his responses.
  9. I've never had a problem with my membership, and I've had it for about 3 years now.
  10. I'm all for a dive coaster. And if they did a poll "Get rid of Bizarro and get a dive coaster" I think most people would vote yes. A bit off topic, but why don't theme parks ever let the guests decide what ride to build? Like, if the company had 2 ride ideas, and they both thought they would be good for the park, why wouldn't they let the guests decide in a poll? I think that would be pretty cool.
  11. I don't think they'd ever move Bizarro to another spot.
  12. People are guessing next year we're going to get a flat package, that won't be a ton of money, which leaves money to convert GL into a floorless. And I actually prefer the GL track layout to Bizarro.
  13. I'd be fine with them taking Bizarro out (especially if they turned GL into a floorless)
  14. If it's not available on the website, is it still worth it to call?
  15. Do you guys know if Fright Fest employees get passes for the trails?
  16. I'd love to see GL go. It pretty much never has a line, and is the most painful ride in the park. Give that to La Ronde or America (they can be the first park to have 2 stand-up coasters)
  17. I was wanting more of like a backstage job for one of the shows. I remember during the HITP show, there were some stage people who would kind of set up some of the scenes with props or whatever.
  18. How do I find out what the exact jobs are? The only Fright Fest jobs they have on the website are "Fright Fest Ghouls"
  19. Favorites - Macho Nacho Taco Salad - Macho Nacho Burrito - Vegan Gardein Chicken Tenders Wishes - Anything from Panda Express - A real vegetarian burger, not a black bean patty. (The black bean patty they use is also Gardein, and Gardein has regular vegetarian/vegan burgers, so I'm not understanding why they'd go for the black bean)
  20. It says "Scare-actors and support staff are needed" What's the "support staff" job?
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