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  1. You still have to wait in a line, but you wait in the express line, which was sometimes longer than the regular line.
  2. Can you please explain why you were outside the area? Because whenever I see that, I think those people have 0 consideration for anyone besides themselves. That they don't think "Hmm, other people might not want to breathe in this cancer smoke" The biggest problem with the park right now: No security guards. When I was still a member of the Facebook group, I posted a pic of some guy smoking in the children's area by the magic show stage, (again, no consideration for the 3 year olds who might have asthma) and I was told "Just tell security" and so now, whenever I see someone smoking,
  3. Yea, a bunch of people want it to become Gotham City, and I'd be fine with that.
  4. Haven't rode it in months because it was very uncomfortable the last time I went on because I got held upside down too many times. And I know each ride is different, but I haven't felt like going on since then. And I actually thought the ride was more enjoyable before they increased the flipping.
  5. I think it'll be a lot of people's because Idk if we have any really good flats.
  6. I have the most expensive plan with the membership, and got a 2016 bottle last year. Do I get another one this year since I'm still a member and getting a bottle was really the only thing you got for upgrading.
  7. Yea, 3000 more square feet, but that might've changed in another meeting.
  8. According to ScreamScape, there might be a water slide announcement too.
  9. So Fiesta Texas's fright fest has no up charge trails. Will this eventually happen to all the parks? Guessing if this does well, yea.
  10. Well...someone posted something a bit too early, and that's all I'm saying
  11. Neal Thurman is/was the park pres for Fiesta, and I saw someone on the Facebook group (not a member, I was just browsing) said he'll be replacing John. Idk how I feel about that, I would've preferred the Magic Mountain president, or someone out of company.
  12. He seemed like a really cool guy. Any idea where he's going? Hoping he wasn't fired.
  13. But if they raised the prices $30, that would be a ton more money they could put into the trails. Not saying I'd want to pay $30 more, but still.
  14. Well someone could've gone to Kinkos and printed out the exact same sticker in a second, so maybe that's what people were doing.
  15. Since it's a Saturday, I imagine it'll be pretty crowded. I think I usually go on Friday or Sunday.
  16. I honestly don't think the express pass is worth it. Just go on days that aren't super crowded and you should be good. I've seen the express line longer, and moving slower than the regular line.
  17. Got the Cheeseburger fries today, at first the woman said it's not on the dining plan, then I said "Yes it is" and my brother was going to pull up this page, but she asked another woman and she said it's a snack, and so the woman asked me if I wanted to use it as lunch or a snack, so I said "Snack if it's available" (which was a mistake because it was 2:35, so we had to run and get salads), then they forgot to add cheese. I sat down, ate half, then threw the rest out because to be honest, they were pretty nasty. The ketchup and mustard messed the whole flavor up. Maybe it would've been better
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