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  1. So did that just say the scramble is not the name, or just the title doesn't involve an attribute (such as Scream or Pandemonium?)
  2. So you are saying B and S could be the 5th and 6th letters? Thus CREYBS has to be unscrambled?
  3. I feel that it would have been easy to give a name to an RMC Rolling Thunder, Tormenta is the spanish word for thunder storm, and I'd be fine because they at least tried to fit it into Plaza better. I personally feel that a super loop should have replaced Twister or Jolly Roger (which would be put in Swashnuckler's spot and Swashbuckler in front of Batman's corkscrew and second loop and rethmed to Harelyquinn or Riddler via removing those facades and putting a new one behind it to fit the theme-not sure about the queue hugging the Demon District Arena tho) Also, if Magic Mountain has scrapped Colossus, they would be able to have expanded their water park without taking out parking-and that is something that should be a draw to compete with Soak City (as Universal and Disney don't have water parks in CA). Just sayin'.
  4. That would tie with The Smiler at Alton Towers, but I would only see that with the Steel Curtain track as that was 9 inversions off the bat. Then again Bizarro/standard layout have the most inversions on a floorless at 7, the rest only 5 right? thus, its plausible that none of Steel Curtain's type would never steal its inversion record. I don't think RMC would ever go that high, especially since Alan doesn't want to do vertical loops which would help justify the high inversion count.
  5. Minus Road Runner and Harlequinn (which are kiddie coasters), the park has 11 main coasters (including 5 B&M's, 2 Intimins, 2 indoor coasters, Mine Train, free spin). Thus, it is the 12th major coaster
  6. I'd thought of the Chupacabra, but as a Bizarro re-theme and promote it as the only thing thing "legendary and monstrous" enough to defeat Bizarro as the floorless would finally work in the frontier section. Even if the coaster is (supposed to be) themed to the Jersey Devil, I would have preferred Screampunk District with improvements to Nitro and the rapids or cheap out do a Catwoman or Poison Ivy themed single rail coaster (even if it were a clone of Wonder Woman, which would be the worst case scenario, I'd be happy the mid-atlantic has an RMC).
  7. We already did, the C's might be apart of a greater thing about using highlighted letters in the clues might lead to the ride's name or theme. Last Time I checked, Pine Barrens and The Jersey Devil didn't have C's in them
  8. I was thinking of relocating road runner and Taz Twister to the other Looney Tunes area (which would be rethemed to Bugs Bunny Boomtown). Safari Kids and Bugs Bunny Barnstormer would become DC Super Friends. If the (potential) new coaster is not DC themed, I would make it, Nitro, and rapids Screampunk District. Scream, Goliath, Titan, and Pandemonium are non-IP names that are available that could work.
  9. Guess you can only work on a kids park for only so long that they need something with more adrenaline lol.
  10. They were running all the cars, but there was a point when one hit the final break run and another was on the track, then another one went out a few seconds later.
  11. After seeing a lot of videos surrounding Grand Carnivale, I finally made an excuse to return to Dorney Park (after what happened on my 8th grade trip). My mom also came and started (did the after 4 deal). She had the Beyond Burger and I had her fries. I had recently installed the app and it said 15 min wait for all coasters. I went over to Wild Mouse and waited 80mins and their were doing single person and half full trains. The wait time would be much lower if they did pairs and put two single riders together. This is more of an op problem, the rides is Meh (Dark Knight being indoors makes it cool). Next was Talon. When I went in 2014, it had broke down in the morning, but reopened later. It was about 40mins from when I joined the queue til I met back up with my mom (she doesn't really likes rides tbh). I was in Row 6, and I don't know if I had gone that far back on Batman or Great Bear (the only B&M inverts i've ridden) and felt like i was getting whipped through the later inversions (not the loop and not the drop as much). I haven't ridden the others since at least 2017 (I forget if I rode Batman on my 2018 visit). 3rd coaster (and last new credit of the night) was Thunderhawk. Thunderhawk was a station wait. Even in the middle of second car, I would describe as "Diet Phoeniox", but it was very short. Phoeniox is most likely my #1, but I only rode Holiday World's woodies once in 2016 so that could change when I see my Indy cousins again. Even if Voyage does overtake Phoeniox, it will still hold a special place for me. Speaking of special rides, Demon Drop, being a "classic" also holds a soft spot for me. It was a stair wait (15-20 max from joining the queue to exiting the ride). One of the guy I rode with actually remembered Great Adventure's freefall. It might be over quick, but it's just a fun ride. After that, it was about a 25 min wait for a sunset ride on Steel Force. I did the second to last row and it was hauling and the wind was blowing strong in my face with a lot of airtime. It was a littler jerky into the turn through the mid course, but the rest was awesome. I don't know if I like Nitro more or Steel Force at this point (then again Millie, Valravn, and Ka-despite also being over 200ft, are in leagues of their own). Anyways, it was about time for the parade to start so we headed over to Planet Snoopy (then saw it as it made it's way around the carousel and pretty much left at that point). Dorney needs to fix its app, or cut the wait time feature. It's better to say the wait is longer than it actually is than shorter, it's just a matter of business. Other than the terrible Wild Mouse operations, it was a great day. Now just have the both B&M's (and Woodstock Express) open during Winterfest, that be great.
  12. WoF is getting a Water Park Expansion, kinda like Dorney (except that looks more like a replacement than something interesting)
  13. I've seen video (mostly from Theme Park Worldwide and Coaster Studios) about the Carnivale at Kings Dominion and since it was coming to Dorney, I felt I could wait for their thoughts. TBH, since KI and KD have the Eiffel Tower replicas, it made a million percent more sense for them to have it. Doreny and Worlds of Fun are two parks that often get the shaft, so they kind of want to try something with them.
  14. A Vekoma Madhouse doesn't scream Steampunk to me
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