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  1. Six Flags and Cedar Fair are owned by the same company (like SeaWorld and Merlin)?
  2. *Attempts to turn Kentucky Kingdom into Busch Gardens Asia and fails*, just an idea I threw into a novel series
  3. SFA's Mind Eraser and Bizarro are renamed Chupacabra with an all black color scheme. I don't know the last time multiple parks got kids area expansions since 2010-2012 when they lost a bunch of IP, so if Great Adventure is getting DC Super Friends, then every other park will get flats. My coaster predictions are 2 free spins (St. Louis and Over Georgia), and a relocation of Gotham City Gauntlet to the Great Escape (with Catwoman Whip renamed Wonder Woman Lasso of Truth). I personally feel Magic Mountain will go with a Water Coaster and a Chance Freestyle (Cyborg) in Green Lantern's spot, with enough rough for an Endevour or something later maybe
  4. Joe Rhode is probably the second most famous for his work on Animal Kingdom.
  5. This is exactly what I was thinking, It's kind of like is the new episode of Power Rangers at 8a or 8:30a on Saturday? (don't answer that, end of tangent)
  6. I think I know where Six Flags got their idea for Discovery Kingdom's Wild Mouse now
  7. Even though not set in stone, I would probably want to go 9/28 because it's early on in the season and I'll be doing the Ren Faire the week after (not sure how I want to finish this, but eh)
  8. I'd scrap the subs, the remaining rides I feel have potential Taz Twister and Road Runner- National Park becomes Boomtown piece Teacups, Barnstormer, Canyon Blaster-DC Super Friends (along with new kiddie drop tower and flying scooters)
  9. After some issues with the internet, I'm back to action at Rowan
  10. Michigan's Adventure's Camp Snoopy includes a new kiddie coaster and Sesame Place will be celebrating its 40th, so other than the return of the Birthday Street Party and possible upgrades for that, I don't see anything notable going into Sesame Place in 2020. I can post a new thread about my Sesame Place ideas if anybody wants.
  11. That's a good space actually for DC Super Friends with Superman and Green Lantern right there. However, if they remove the paintball building so there's a straight (roughly) path to El Toro, then I kind of want the left side of Main Street, the Boarwalk Games, 4 Tents, and the Golden Kingdom Shops to be called Expo Avenue. Slingshot would get relocated next to Jersey Devil. Remove the Simulator Building or use it for a haunt maze. Even if they remove Twister, if the simulator building is scrapped, DC Super Friends could cover the Go-karts and simulator as well. I've picked the following rides following: Scarecrow's Barnstormer (Bugs Bunny Barnstormer) Harleyquinn Spinsanity (Heart's Away) Flash: Speed Force (Canyon Blaster, would be replaced by Taz) Wonder Woman (NEW Flying Scooters) Superman: Tower of Power (New kiddie drop Tower) Batman Batcopters (NEW Ride) Daffy's Deepsea Diver would get scrapped. P.S. I want to see what thrill rides could fit between the Backlot Commissary and the Demon District Arena without doing little alteration to each (since Beyond is in the title).
  12. From the animation, the lakeside looks awesome
  13. I'd say I was presently surprised with the ride, but I wish it shared its name and theme with Fiesta Texas' Super Air Race. I feel the Screampunk District would be a good area for Great Adventure (outside of kids areas). I personally feel the devil looks cartoony and cheap.
  14. No doubt that no matter what happens, this thread will have 2000 replies when all is said in done. P.S. I would rather have a ride themed to nothing than be themed to the Jersey Devil
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