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  1. At least use it, like the Holiday Lights Trail or something
  2. Do other Six Flags parks still have them?
  3. Day 9 - Add a Family Wooden Coaster

    With Cyborg and Justice League, Gotham City woodies seems out of the question unless they remove Dark Knight, the Movietown restrooms, and Studio 28. Just relocate Deja Vu to where Swashbuckler is and Swashbuckler into Metropolis (but leave space for a Zamerpla Frisbee [or whatever its called]) so it can be Called Wonder Woman Lasso of Truth. Best name i can think of is Poison Ivy because its made of wood and she has a botany motif.
  4. Like, they could have put Joker in the old Country, then Justice League in the Boardwalk, just use the Chiller space for flats like Harleyquinn, Crime Wave, Riddler's Revenge or Poisin Ivy. I was thinking building a whip ride from scratch, but that's not what Six Flags does.
  5. 12/3/17 Great Adventure and iPlay America

    How are you marking 2005 being when you became an enthusiast (joined ACE, or something different entirely)?
  6. Day 2 - Restore Carousel Details

    It would make everything left of Main St. till Golden Coaster this old style carnival area, and the right and back Gotham City Funland and Metropolis.
  7. The Skyscreamer joke #forced perspective Charcoal pit? make that place sell Marshmallows and make it the fire pit area lol
  8. If Viacom never sold the Paramount Parks

    I doubt it ever crossed either of their minds at the time, but if the Paramount London project had gone through, then it would be on the table. However, i think there's a project where there are separate Saban and Nick areas (name escapes me), so that would have to come into play.
  9. This "What if" pertains to if Viacom has any control of Power Rangers besides distribution. If Viacom still owned Kings Dominion (for example), could they use Power Rangers in their parks or (since they don't own Saban) this would be not allowed. I've only heard about the contract between Saban and Toei: no pre-Zyuranger Sentai adaption (technically broken by Super Megaforce), don't skip sentai (Go-busters, TOQger, and most likely Zyuohger skipped), and i forget the third (didn't deal with the amusement park industry, i can say that much).
  10. This or that?

    I don't like either, haven't ridden either ride. (need a choice: Simpsons) Peter Jackson movies or Steven Spielberg movies?
  11. Next Coaster for the Park?

    It's the most likely choice, a Raptor or T-rex, whatever is available and they want
  12. The State of the Park Going Forward

    Then you loose the star of the show (I think Nitro can get Grandfathered in).
  13. 2019 and Beyond Speculation at SFGA

    So true, but they just renovated the Showcase theater. That could be a hint at something going on there more often.
  14. Hurricane Irma Closes Orlando Theme Parks

    Irma reminds of the plot of Storming the Kingdom by Jeff Dixon when Grayson Hawkes faces a new evil as WDW prepares for a Cat 5 hurricane.