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  1. Its kind of Like SeaWorld (3 US amusement parks themed to animals) and Sea World (a park that's apart of Movie World Gold Coast, owned by village Roadshow) What is the head room for the Takabisha clone?
  2. Pineracer

    Misc GA Mumblings

    I thought that was for only the first 45 mins, but still-i was there in early December 2014 and didn't have to pay in the end (got one of the first rides on Hulk that day and ended up mueling Gringots). But that's coming up for 3.5 half years and Hulk's been retracked and i'm going to be attending Rowan in the fall (little over an hour south from the park).
  3. I feel Time Warner helped because I feel it got Six Flags interested in being first at everything (first invert, first floorless, etc). But the parks Paramount had been picking up were family parks and ruined their MO, and Cedar Fair has done very well setting things right. Paramount was mainly following Six Flags so all those parks would have expanded greatly eventually.
  4. Pineracer

    Six Flags Adds Five More Parks to US Portfolio

    The only park they would not get is Clementon due to Great Adventure. I don't think Cedar Fair would take it either due to Dorney. Perhaps Hershey or Palace would end up taking it
  5. Pineracer

    2019 and Beyond Speculation at SFGA

    They could remove Joker, it doesn't even work lol
  6. Pineracer

    2019 and Beyond Speculation at SFGA

    I just feel the twister section is getting rough, but everything else is fine.
  7. Pineracer

    2019 and Beyond Speculation at SFGA

    Does anyone else think they'll shorten El Toro like Boss?
  8. A million is good, unless it doesn't make back what you invested (cash terms, maybe not). A million visitors will make back an investment which could be $10 Million.
  9. Pineracer

    Six Flags Additions for 2019

    I feel 2019 will be a year of water park expansions across the Industry. I actually would put a Raptor/T-Rex in Shockwave's spot or remove Joker and put it over there. I feel Great Adventure should get the Discovery over a Raptor/T-Rex or HH expansion though.
  10. I've not been active on the forum for quite awhile as I've been working on my own Fanon seasons of Power Rangers. Anyways, this comes full circle as my first visits was 5 years ago during the same event. However, my troop was staying at a Boy Scout Camp in Bucks County and then drove a little over an hour to the park, arriving around 11. Unlike the 2013 event, they gave the troops a meal voucher ticket. Anyways, my crew first went over to Superman and Green Lantern. Both times, the people that rode with me got on the stairs before it went to the closest section of switchbacks. We took a ride on the carousel and Tea Cups before going over to Batman. We originally wanted to Dark Knight, but it had a long wait. We used the voucher at Yum Yum Cafe then took a break at Studio 28 before doing Skull Mountain. We made our way over to Mine Train. This was my first new cred of the trip (followed by Dark Knight). We kind of dragged one of our "mules" (non-riders) onto Mine Train (He did ride Twister at Knobles during that trip in 2016). The first ride I mueled was Bizarro (with about half of the others). Before Skull Mountain, some of us wanted to ride Nitro, but it was testing and had a long queue. El toro also had a long queue, so i ended up mueling El Diablo. We then took a spin on Tango before mueling Twister. The adults (even though I am technically an adult at this point) made dinner for us outside the park. After dinner, one of my friends went over to Dark Knight while most of the others did more at the arcade. It was up to the extended queue w/o switchbacks and still got into the next show. I felt the pre-show was closer to Disney or Universal quality, but the train noise gets annoying (might just be my opinion). I then did Skyscreamer. I've kept not doing it because it gets a long line. It was a 5-6 cycle wait. This comes full circle to me as the very first ride I rode in the park was fender benders, and Skycreamer the latest (may do Twister, more likely Cyborg; but those rides have given me a bit of vertigo in the past. Harleyquinn I feel is not a required credit at this park, that's pretty much the exceptions I have to rides as the kiddie rides don't apply). The other group members also did Skull Mountain (again) and Jolly Roger, but I was so beat that it wasn't worth it to do much else. It was close to 8:20 by the time we left, and back to camp by 9:45. Rides: Superman-x1 Green Lantern-x1 Batman-x1 Dark Knight (New Cred-1) ------------------------------------------------------------ Vlog will be out soon, date TBD Nitro (queued, backed out due to post-breakdown queue length) Mine Train (new Cred-1) Skull Mountain-x1 (out of 2) Carousel-x1 Bizzaro (mueled) El Toro (did not ride die to queue length) Skyscreamer (first Ride/Be Brave Challenge?) Twister (Mueled) Jolly Roger (mueled) El Diablo (mueled) and the Tea Cups-x1
  11. Pineracer

    2018 SFGA Theme Park Map

    I also had an idea of putting a Raptor behind El Toro or where Tango is and just relocate Tango to make a path from Ka to El Toro. I do see more flats first (maybe relocate Swashbuckler and add a Zamerla Discovery next to Cyborg)
  12. Pineracer

    Miscellaneous Mumblings

    I heard from the Main TV teacher (there's the English teacher that does the morning news show-what I'm apart of, this one teachers every other TV class) that schools in NJ and NYC used to get off in February because a lot storms hit at a certain time. She said there is a rumor now to push Spring Break to this part of March (3/1-3/14 seemed to be the worst period now).
  13. Pineracer

    Disney Parks additions

    Opinions on this (Paris Studios project?)
  14. Pineracer

    Do you plan on buying one of GA's new Membership plans?

    Is there anything special with Fright Fest with memberships (isn't it like free or discount even with default pass?)?
  15. Would't the Giant Wheel be good enough?