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  1. The axis is still a prototype, I doubt will see one go anywhere in 2021, I feel SFNE will get a small water park expansion and expanded Holiday in the park offering with Gauntlet and Supergirl, with Cyborg open on high capacity or very cold days in 2020 (or trading off with another ride like how Alton Towers switches between [Jingle Duel] and Hex for their event) since that is an indoor ride. I feel Roar maybe another year or 2 because they just did the Apocalypse/Firebird conversion, but I could see a raptor or free spin go where there splash boats ride is (the Freespin could be called Revolution and the Raptor Swashbuckler to fit the 18th century maritime aesthetic).
  2. I saw on Social Media that Sesame Place did, and that's not that far north of the PA Turnpike (which the weather people were saying it would be worse above that line), so I felt it would make sense for GA to being (according to Google Maps) about 33 miles North East (saying the 276/295/95 interchange is the start of the PA Turnpike, but that's getting technical).
  3. Last night, I went over to Holiday in the Park. This was mainly to ride Wonder Woman, which I missed out on back in July, as well as Frost and get a general look of the environment. There were not checking parking which was odd as you could get day tickets online so I couldn't have crashed a pass holder event. Speaking of Wonder Woman, I went over there first. They were not using the switch backs or the "on deck" spots, so the line was just outside the entrance. I could see them not using it as Wonder Woman gives a strong gust as it goes over the cattle pen-which I feel was the worst part. You have too much going beyond horizontal (?) to care if you are prepared. Next stop was dinner. This was the first time I had been inside Granny's and it was so Packed my dad and I had to share a table with a group of siblings. Is Swashbucker the round up that is in the photo? Since that took us past 6, I ended up catching the tail end of Holiday Harmonics. Ride 2 was Justice League. It was probably around 2 loops of the pre-show (1.5 once inside). There was also a spill in the queue that messed things up. This is the first time I ridden a shooting dark ride a second time (as I have done Test Track and It's a Small World on both of my visits to Disney in Aug. 2013 and Dec. 2014). My score was 77,300. Since the show and Justice League took most of the time for my dinner to digest, next stop was Batman. I got row 6 to myself (my dad got the walk of shame, even w/o his jacket). Since there was still time better not wasted waiting to get into Frost, I decided to get more ambient footage, Swashbucker looks good at night. Got some fun photos in the light tunnel and at the entrance to Snowman City. I skipped Joker and Superman thinking they'd be torture when it feels like 30 degrees. Superman was actually stuck between the brakes and station as I was leaving. Anyways, It was already busy outside the Showcase theater 30mins before showtime, with Diamond/Diamond Elite going in about quarter til. Frost is a magic and acrobatics show, with dance numbers as transition. I don't know if that is similar or different to what the SFNE show was, but it was fine-the venue could use a renovation. I didn't seem to find any Holiday in the Park merch on the Coaster Candy side of the Main Street, but since there is the unused parking, just might go back on a (hopefully warmer) day before the year is out.
  4. You can only read it if your a subscriber, which is unfortunate.
  5. With Discovery Kingdom going solar and the rumor that the next season of Super Sentai (Mashin Sentai Kirameiger) may start with 3 female rangers, it makes me think back to 2015 when Great Adventure's solar farm was in the planning stages discussing that and spending my whole semester (for College Composition II) to go back to that Power Rangers was a game changing show and that if Nickelodeon (where the show is currently broadcast) is doing a show (The Loud House) with LGBT characters, and you already hired a bi/lesbian executive producer (Melissa Flores), why not go in this direction-Toei doesn't have to control what you can and cannot do (ok, those Megazord fights are expensive so you might want to keep those stock footage). Japan doesn't like to break the status quo, but we might know this time next week if Toei is taking a chance on a show that has been in a rocky place (in terms of toy sales). At least that's better than saying "this is the 6,500th reply to this thread".
  6. I feel it will go either to a park in another country or a more family park that has money and has interest in more thrilling rides. So if goes to a US park I say Holiday World and Silverwood are the only off the top of my head that are not owned by Six Flags/Cedar Fair/SeaWorld (the big 3 already working with RMC), Merlin (would only go to a European Park, and I feel even that is unlikely), Palace Entertainment/Parques Reunidos (the Palace side are not as fortunate as the big 3 who tend to get something that stirs buzz every year, again unlikely for their European claims [ex. Bobejaanland]), are on too small of a scale to even consider (Fun Spot), probably don't have the space (Adventuredland in Iowa), are already working on a coaster for that time period (Lagoon), or your Elitch Gardens.
  7. I feel it's more likely St. Louis will get a Free Spin (I'd be fine if they took ours, might be the only way) and Dorney Time Warp than either getting a Raptor. Besides, with Kings Dominion needing to replace Volcano, that might make Cedar Fair passing on getting any more coasters for 2021. I feel it will be a repeat of 2018 with who gets coasters for Cedar Fair (CP-Junior Invert of Flying Coaster, KD-Wing Coaster, and then a third slot for a possible relocation/conversion/small coaster at another park)
  8. I feel the remains of Seaport and Safari Kids will become one or the other. If Safari Kids goes DC, then National Park becomes Boomtown with Road Runner and Taz being relocated over there. If Safari Kids goes Boomtown (which I feel is unlikely), then DC should go where Spin Meister used to be. I could see an Endeavor replace El Diablo (Molvado Rueda, Wicked Wheel), Twister (Supergirl Sky Fly, they could called the Parachute's The Watch Tower). They could also put it on Batman's extended queue (as Catwoman Whip), don't need that. You might be able to fit both the Endevour and DC Super Friends behind Justice League and the arcade and still have the space for a Fright Fest maze in that area.
  9. I'm glad Wonder Woman is on the list. I was hoping it would have been open for Worldwide Koaster Kids Day back in July. The only thing variable is weather for the 29th (for me at least).
  10. Could be worse, Minneapolis has already had 6ins of snow this season. My professor said that before an exam-which started before the snow started at 11, it was snowing at 11:35 when I left.
  11. Excluding the Tivoli's (like Harleyquinn with 20 cars and 1 train) GCI's arethe only major coasters with 12 cars/train (or more) right?
  12. It seems Wonder Woman is not on the Holiday in the Park Ride list
  13. The probably should have waited till Jersey Devil went vertical to update it
  14. Joker's Wildcard? They don't have a Joker coaster so its possible as Fiesta Texas used that for their Zamperla Discovery
  15. Probably the entirety of Scream Machine's existence (Green Lantern was relocated to GA, Joker is a cheap clone, and I don't feel Jersey Devil will be a huge change for the park-New coasters will probably replace older ones for the time being). -Dark Knight did step out of Six Flags comfort zone with a very detailed indoor coaster (not Disney or Universal level by any means, but it was more of a transition coaster from Six Flags height to the park in the 2010's)
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