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  1. You can't judge a book that's not finished
  2. They'll probably relocate Flight Deck from Canada's Wonderland (hopefully replacing Anaconda). Then put a B&M Invert (don't know what they'd call it, it would have to fit the Exposition of 1890) replacing Flight Deck and Time Warp. They still have Vortex and Silver Streak so Wonderland could go for an RMC Wilde Beast or Mack multi-launch. P.S. CW should relocate Drop Tower to Orbiter's spot, I think Skyhawk could work better in Medieval Faire
  3. My friend Marissa, who works at Justice League, said that one of the screens wasn't working and she went in and "increased guests experience" (or something along those lines, not sure about the exact wording anymore).
  4. I'd prefer to keep it as Boardwalk or Goodtime Alley, but exactly
  5. What evidence do you have it's an RMC single rail coaster instead of ground up? we only know big and steel, they could do a ground up with I-box track (since they haven't done it, it doesn't mean they never will)
  6. Educated Guess: Green Lantern: First Flight and Sasquatch were going to be relocated to Dubai. Since that park has been otherwise cancelled, and Darien Lake and Frontier City re-acquired, 2020 will be very different. The family coaster next to the Starflyer and the flats would be taken by Motiongate and Bollywood Park. Magic Mountain: 450ft tall starflyer (Supergirl), replaces Green Lantern Frontier City+Great America: 225ft starflyer (Skyscreamer), one would have been intended for SF Dubai Darien Lake: Free Fly (Batman the Ride), Ride of Steel gets original name back, Lasso becomes Wonder Women: Lasso of Truth, Scambler becomes Harleyquinn Spinsanity, Boomarang becomes Two-Face: the Flip Side, Predator becomes The Joker New England: Gen 2 Enterprise (Supergirl, replaces Krytonite Collider), Mat Racer or more food options in HH Over Texas: Mack Power Splash, intended for Dubai Great Escape: Skyscreamer (replaces Condor) St. Louis: RMC Raptor (Wonder Women) or Free-Fly (Two-Face) Over Georgia: Free Fly (Two-Face: the Flipside) La Ronde: Total Mayhem (Green Lantern: First Flight) America: Zamperla Discovery (Two-Face: The Flip Side), focus on general improvements Discovery Kingdom: Gen 2 Enterprise (Catwomen's Whip) Fiesta Texas: First of its kind ride, probably Mexico: Super Loop (El Diablo) *Great Adventure* El Sombrero (Kryptonite Collider) in El Diablo's spot, Bizzaro is reverted back to Medusa, the RMC intended for Dubai
  7. Boardwalk (i.e. Tan path) should be: -Carousel (but not Yum Yum or Houdini) -Dare Devil Dive -4 tents (i.e. remove the blockade) -Goodtime Alley (food and games) -and the teacups! Lakehurst (or Edward's Air Force Base, i.e. Blue path) -Firebird (Superman, supports repainted Black) -Edward's AFB Jump Tower -Centrifuge (Swashbuckler, replaces Slingshot, Slingshot relocated next to Justice League as Nightwing-replacing the observatory) -Use the ride system from the Master of Flight at Legoland Florida in the simulator building (remove go-karts for queue) -build a path that goes around the parachutes (remove Twister) Everything Between Kingda Ka and Green Lantern's station I say is open for future expansion. everything beyond the station would go back to parking (member's only lot?)
  8. Mainly Taz Twister and Road Runner. Retheme Barnstormer to Scarecrow. There are probably a few rides in that area they would remove/relocate. I want to see a jr invert in that area (either Kola Canyon or Safari Kids plots). Like if they did DC Super Friends in 2020, then Jr invert (Super Girl) in 2021 (could either do a smaller flat like relocate Kryptonite Collider and put it next to Green Lantern's exit)
  9. I saw on Twitter that SFNE now has a members only zone in their former Whistlestop Park (only have the train), did you see if Great Adventure did that. There is that area to the left of Joker that is just woods and fireworks viewing area (which like used for barely a week a year) that could work, especially in the summer
  10. *Excluding GA (visited in the past year), Dorney (first/last-2014) and Sesame Place (first-2004?, last-2009), all are first visits* Coaster Trip, tentative: Quassy Lake Compounce SFNE Canobie Lake Great Escape SF Darian Lake Waldameer Other Plans: Great Adventure: -World Koaster Kids Day (likely) -Fright Fest (tentative) -Holiday in the Park (maybe) Maybe: Dorney Park (would be either before or after coaster trip for new event, might join ACE for Coaster Con next year) Sesame Place (for Oscar's Wacky Taxi and nostolgia sake) Clementon Park (would most likely try and do same day/span as Sesame Place) As I mentioned with Dorney, if nothing solidifies, I'll mostly try and join ACE for next year's Coaster Con (which includes Hershey [last visit April 2017], Dutch Wonderland [Last visit I want to say was summer 2010], Knoebles [last visit June 2018], Dorney [last visit June 2014]). I'm planning on doing a semester in Madrid in spring 2021 (get Parque Warner and Parque Attractiones), then do Paris (including Parque Astrix) and London (Alton Towers, I'll say Thorpe-would most likely cut to save $), and Wallibi Belgium.
  11. That would be too similar to Copperhead Strike at Carowinds, it would confuse the GP (and maybe enthusiasts as well)
  12. They could have put it in the Right Stuff area and called it Brainiac (a Superman villain) or Hurricane (to go with Feista Texas' Hurricane Force 5 that was added at the same time) and also fit the area. Not dissing the Freefall/Wonder Woman spot, that works with the name it got.
  13. Great Escape could benefit from Pandamonium or Gotham City Gauntlet, especially since i've heard bobsled has barely operated in recent years. Could relocate the bobsled back to Great Adventure into Plaza as La Vibora lol (note the "lol").
  14. It might just get GP and Enthusiasts a like to check it out (and if they do get a coaster next year, come back)
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