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  1. Another Idea would be to scatter the Kids Areas again (Safari Kids-mins air safari, Elephants, train) to Golden Kingdom (preferably Ka extended queue/viewing area), Barnstormer, Heart's Away, Air Safari (and some new rides) over by Cyborg and Justice League (DC Super Friends). Scrap Jumping Joey and Deep Sea Diver (one of DC Super Friends is a kiddie drop tower) and send Road Runner and Taz Twister to National Park (Boomtown) and add a Lake Front Entrance. Jolly Roger replaces Elephants, Seaport Eats could become a Chop Six (but since they just redid Panda Express, this would be further down the line). Not sure if an East Coast Racers could fit between Skull Mountain and the rapids (w/o removing the rapids, but this is probably on the table), add a Zamerpla Disk'O (Pandamonium, Safari Tours spot-roughly), Adventure's Seaport becomes Screampunk District. I know there's a haunt over there, but there is space by Zumanjaro for one (use the thinner, right path, for entrance, and have it dump onto El Toro's exit). I also feel Six Flags would not mess with the themes of Ka and El Toro, being their stand out attractions. Even though you can easily plop West Coast Racers there, I don't there is an aesthetically pleasing way for it to work unless they built new buildings on the path from Golden Kingdom to Plaza (and the Golden Kingdom Shops too) as part of a boardwalk expansion. Even though Jackson is a little touchy when it comes to trees, and since a lot of parks are removing their water rides, they could be persuaded once soil tests prove their ideas.
  2. When I volunteered at Give kids the World back in March, we did Karaoke night at Old Town and it was a tad bit annoying seeing Rockstar Coaster and Mind Blower right there, but it was also maybe just as fun operating rides as it is to ride them.
  3. So Six Flags will make money in the off season, guess it will make up for the inability for year round operations.
  4. It looked like Kansas City was on the table. Since World's of Fun already has a water park (and maybe some residual negatives of that property), it would make more sense to sell it to developers, as it looks like a lot of stuff is coming in. You could easily fit a few hotel there (as it is right off I-435). P.S. the Shlitterbahn site is also across the street from a Great Wolf Lodge, but this is still 30mins away from World's of Fun on the Missouri side.
  5. Probably their water parks
  6. For the first time in a decade, I went to Sesame Place to check out Oscar's Wacky Taxi and the improvement/changes since 2009. The first thing I noticed was that I felt the security guards were around my age (19). This weirded me out. Most of the other crew being young was ok, considering one of the friends in my major works at Justice League and Cyborg at Great Adventure. I would think you need a lot of time to do security (it was at the metal detectors, but still). With Coasting for Kids (the main why I felt, "It's not going to be weird for a 19-year old to go to a kids park") and Super Hero Weekend, I was expecting it to be very busy, but it seemed Sky Splash was sucking a decent amount. I didn't ride Vapor Trail but both of the coasters were almost dead (Wacky Taxi was at the stairs when I went on around 11). It seemed by the time the coasters crested the lift, the other train was only just getting unloaded so it seemed you were waiting about as long as the experience was. I first went in the front, maybe a little tight, but still got some air, and got thrusted into the breaks. I got into the back about 3 cycles later (restraint seemed about as loose as safely possible) and got air off the drop (but not thrusted into the breaks, experience was the same pretty much). I'm not sure which is better, but I would compare it to Fire Chaser as the next step (more intense than Blazing Fury/Harleyquinn/Vapor Trail, but may not be tall enough/ready for the Arrow's Tennessee Tornado or Runaway Mine Train). I decided to more walking around and taking some off rides and shots of the renovated street. Something odd i noted the gate at the Neighborhood Theater still says Big Bird Theater on it and Snuffy is meeting guests in Abby's Paradise Theater. Don't follow Sesame Street, but it looks like Abby has a Step-brother named Rudi, maybe they could add him and then do a new show with him, Abby, and the gang in 2021 (with all the other parks getting coasters, they just might make the anniversary sell it self-along with repainting the Good Ship Sesame and some improvement to the current parade). In conjunction with the above, I saw Magic of Art only had 3 showings so I'm guessing they would probably replace it in 2021 too. Vlog (Youtube) and article (SFNE Online) coming soon.
  7. Well I was thinking of moving Safari Kids to the old Ka viewing area, but do DC Super Friends over there with the Aqua Twist ride as well. It will just be weird w/ Nitro and the Rapids not fitting into DC, but then again their's Bizarro, Green Lantern, and Superman on the other side
  8. They did this for RCT2 with 5 scenarios (Magic Mountain, Over Texas, Great Adventure, Walibi Holland, and Wallibi Belgium). Since they didn't have the DC comics lisense, the only roller coaster themed to a DC character (Superman at Magic Mountain, as Bizarro was still Medusa at that time) was simply called The Escape.
  9. Their version of Swashbuckler. I was thinking SFA's Zamperla Discovery and Over Georgia's Free Spins could be themed to Two-Face (Two-Face: the Flip Side)
  10. Didn't know there was an outage the other day
  11. Add Houdini to Main Street, Yum Yum/carrusel to Plaza/Frontier, plus Dare Devil Dive and Boardwalk Games becomes Fortune Festival (would work with the Golden Kingdom architecture), Zamperla Freestyle (El Sombrero) replaces El Diablo, RMC Raptor/T-Rex (Myan Mindbender) connects off the Zu path, but there is also a path through Rolling Thunder's drop to help with crowd flow. Also relocate the animal show stage over there The relocate Safari Kids to the old Ka extended queue, Relocate Road Runner and Taz Twister to National Park (now Boomtown) Splash water Oasis/Golden Kingdom connector path can become a new area (might I suggest Mardi Gras?)
  12. It never opened man, I think it going to go next to the park entrance if it did They also have rehabbed two other rides in the past, both were traveling coasters they only held onto for a year or 2 before getting sold
  13. That's not marketable without something else
  14. Aqua Twist (replaces Hearts Away in Seaport) or Zamperla Freestyle (El Sombrero, El Diablo spot) + Raptor with Mid Course (Mayan Mindbender, next to Zumanjaro's Entrance should be its entrance & exit. New plaza next to the RT track-would be cool if it was themed to have a Maya theme, or just a nice fountain). The Maya theme would be a good bridge between the Spanish Pueblo and the Jungle themes, and Golden Kingdom could also refer to El Dorodo (even though that is connected to South American colonization and not Central American) tbh
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