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  1. Did they even break ground? If they hadn't, then I doubt the rides had been ordered yet
  2. It sounded like the new ride was going to be closer to Fandago and Stratosfear. 1001 Nacts (now was) over by the Water Park, Skloosh, and Impulse.
  3. They used to go all out for Oktoberfest and Fright Fest was a lot smaller. They could make a bigger deal about Grape Adventure since the park is open that weekend into something Oktoberfest-esque with little additional cost (even if it's just for Camp Aventura where the event is held)
  4. Due to LEGO having kids clubs on MSC ships, they have Lego sets for the ships
  5. Rumor has it that Six Flags New England will not continue with Holiday in the Park. Josh heard it from a few people at the park (but not naming names).
  6. It seems a park will get no more than two rides in a year. I think 2016 was the last time a park got 3 flats (Fiesta Texas). SFNE was supposed to get both Supergirl and Cyborg for 2019, so that's the only year since 2016 where every park only got only one ride addition.
  7. 2021-DC Super Friends (Safari Kids, small portion of Seaport) and "Explorers Village" (in the gap between Ka and Zu's entrances), 2-4 new rides, but the rest would be pre-existing 2022-Family coaster in Golden Kingdom or Zamperla Endevour in El Diablo's spot, Twister is secretly retied after Fright Fest, Plaza (bar Toro) added to Holiday in the park 2023-Bizarro repainted and renamed/themed to Chupacabra and added to Holiday in the Park under certain conditions (guest count and temp), water coaster in HH 2024-Desert Storm (Super Air Race) replaces Twister, 50th anniversary: Museum (maybe), new shows, Bizarro is added full time to Holiday in the Park 2025-Mr. Freeze: Cold Snap (Mack Power Splash) replaces Congo Rapids (if there was no family coaster in 2022) or another flat. Note: Next coaster would be 2026 at earliest with a family coaster in 2022 and a redo of a pre-existing one in 2023. I feel that as long as Bizarro exists, nothing huge is going to happen in Frontier Adventures
  8. Went to the park for an unexpected visit (thus I'm not going to do a full report). I rode Houdini for the first time. It feels weird that people are just put in a cattle pen and the transfer of people from there, to the pe-show, to the ride feels inefficient. I feel it's a ride that could just go and go with little maintenance. By the same token, it might not even last 5 and (along with the old simulator building), be bulldozed for something else-maybe not a coaster because there is an important backstage area there. I'l drop some ideas in the 2021 and Beyond Topic.
  9. Great Escape: *has a hotel* Also Great Escape: *Can't get awesome rides because it's a tourist trap and the only good rides came from other parks* Also Great Escape: *We benefit from New Orleans not having an amusement Park even though we are in Tourist Trap, Upstate NY and just about everybody in New Orleans doesn't know we exist*
  10. The only reason I say that as after Nitro, they announced "new coaster" for back to back years: Kingda Ka/El Toro, Dark Knight/Bizarro (re-do of Medusa), Looping Dragon [El Diablo] (not a coaster)/Total Mayhem [The Joker], why should 2020/2021 be any different?
  11. I thought about Bizarro get rethemed to another mythical monster that would better fit the wild west theme, the Chupacabra, Rapids upgrade, and a story-based show in the Showcase Theater. Chupacabra is marketable, Rapids upgrades could be marketable depending what they plan to do (like if its getting a new name, for sure). Entertainment expansion may be something of note, but not in the video (if those continue).
  12. The park later added that it will be over by Wacky Taxi. Now I want a Driving School over in the handicap lot (turn the Preferred lot into Handicap and buses and then a parking structure and bridge across the street). It's an idea I had back around when the Big Bird Steps were removed. That and another water ride either behind The Count's Splash Castle or between Peek-a-Bug and Monster Mix-Up would be good.
  13. The seats are a little dated, and it would make me more likely to get a season pass/membership to the park in the future.
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