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  1. Yeah, put that where Twister is, that area has a lot of stand/sitting (maybe not as much right now, but still) area so it will easily have the space for people to see it) Since they already have a lot of kiddie rides in storage, I say kids area in 2022 because that's a cheap addition. I can see Zamperla Super Air Race where Spin Meister was themed to Scarecrow, an Endevour to replace El Diablo. I also feel removing the go-karts and the simulator building would be a good idea, even it just expands the entrance plaza (I slightly feel Ka/Zu would be removed bef
  2. 2024 is only 3.5 years away now. In the past 10 years the park has: Removed a Kids Area, rethemed another Removed 2 coasters (GASM, Rolling Thunder, 3 if one counts Road Runner-but that's in storage) Added 3 coasters (Green Lantern, Joker, Jersey Devil-technically) Did a huge flat expansion (Adventure Alley) Merged the park and Safari into 1, and revered that (temporarily?) Strapped a drop tower on to Kingda Ka (I could see both lasting another decade) added and removed a Super Loop, and replaced the last of Old Country with 2 cool looking flats
  3. They do say you can build a Raptor rather quick and they are already halfway done and everything is on site now.
  4. well they did remove Road Runner Express. I think a new Vekoma SFC would be cool next to Jersey Devil (I was originally putting it where the old splash pad was in Adventure Rivers, but that is apart of Jersey Devil's queue now I believe)
  5. I've canoed in the Pine Barrens, they should do something with that, even if it means that's the only thing they do for the season
  6. I don't see a huge difference, the background might be a bit different, but its not something worth shouting about
  7. Sounds good that the Safari will be open till Thanksgiving. I kinda expect Holiday in the Park to be Black Friday through the first weekend of the New Year.
  8. Six Flags Discovery Kingdom: Delayed Sidewinder Safari and animal facilities improvements (delay original 2021 addition) Six Flags Magic Mountain: Jersey Devil "Clone" (a little longer because it has a pre-lift and longer break run, could also be taller) Six Flags Mexico: Zamperla Endeavour (I honestly don't care enough to see what this park needs) Six Flags Fiesta Texas: Kids Section Re theme to DC Super Friends or Screampunk District continuation (similar to the multi-year plan that Movie Town at GA had) Six Flags Over Texas: Delayed Aquaman Power Wave and New Restaurant
  9. Who wants to bet that some, if not all, the Six Flags parks will do this due to COIVD?
  10. I thought I already mentioned this but I ate at the Hard Rock there once. Spring 2013 sticks in my mind. I would spend the night on Constellation in Spring 2017-I have two goofy videos on my YT channel from that (but not on the ship).
  11. I can see them trying Texas again. The Walmart near Six Flags Over Texas was where the second Sesame Place was. They could also acquire the Sesame Park in Mexico. Ohio and Ontario I also think are good markets. Wildcard: Shliterbahn Kansas City -> Sesame Place Kansas City?
  12. People will be pissed if they can't. Knoebles is doing a drive through event. Great Adventure could do that. They already reopened the Safari this year so they could do winter lights again.
  13. It was actually land that was never used by the park, just empty land a block away from SeaWorld/WildWater Kingdom
  14. Canada's Wonderland's Winterfest was too successful last year from what I saw. Some parks might also just throw in the towel after Labor Day (or earlier)
  15. I don't think the upside down launch coaster is not as blatant as it seems, it could do well. I think the Hot Racer will get popular in Europe. The Giga Splash could be very successful or very temperamental (Intimin's do suffer from downtime a lot). I don't think anyone will buy the single rail power splash.
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