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  1. Pineracer

    2020 and Beyond Speculation at SFGA

    I've thought about putting a Junior Invert in where Road Runner is (and putting Road Runner in and make a third entrance to Bugs Bunny National Park/Bugs Bunny Boomtown). The name I have is Green Lantern First Flight, could also go with Supergirl.
  2. Pineracer

    2020 and Beyond Speculation at SFGA

    What about the Aqua Twist? that's probably as close as we're going to get, could put one next to Batman's Entrance either themed to The Penguin or Mr. Freeze (that's what happened to Discovery Kingdom's one when Joker opened), or put it in Swashbuckler's spot and use the Aqua Twist/Tsunami Soaker name and put Swashbuckler in El Diablo's spot and rename it El Sombero or Huracán (Hurricane). 2021: remove Twister (before start of season), Gravity Group or GCI Family Coaster called Pequeño Toro (Little Bull) behind what was Swashbuckler, El Toro retracking 2022: Seaport -> DC Super Friends, National Park -> Boomtown, Safari Kids/Skull Mountain becomes it's own area 2023: Zamperla Endeavor (Supergirl, in old Enterprise spot), Water Park Expansion 2024: RMC T-Rex replaces Go-karts, new gate (first to get new gate, most parks would do the same through 2035). I was thinking the Simulator building could be reused as the station and the lift can be on the Dare Devil Dive side of Boardwalk. I do see the Boardwalk and Golden Kingdom being the focus for a few years in the next decade because I don't think Six Flags would hesitate to remove Kingda Ka and Zumajaro if Cedar Point removes Dragstar (which is on prime real estate). I say both will get to their 20th's, but not their 30th's.
  3. Pineracer

    Cedar Fair Adding In Park Advertising

    But don't all SF pass levels access all the parks though?
  4. Pineracer

    Disney Parks additions/removals

    Black Spire Outpost was mentioned in Solo, but that's it
  5. Ok, just got a new idea: Since Beast Morphers involves the mysterious "Morph-X" being combined with Animal DNA, you could easily strip the Marvel branding (might just have to repaint a different shade of green and do new footage). New Name: Grid Buster Blast Still keeping Storm Force Wind and Thunder because it works, could change once a Kyuanger adaption is announced. The name could also be used for the Skyhawk The Amazing Adventures of Spider-man becomes a Time Force dark ride (could do something on the lines of Back to the Future where the riders get sucked into different eras and dimensions, ending with a meeting with any villain [I don't think it has to be Ransik]) If the drop towers can run different cycles (like Sasquatch at Great Escape), perhaps Flurious and Moltor (the main antagonists from Operation Overdrive, could also work being themed to Ice and Fire respectively) I keep my choices for shops and restaurants from above and they probably won't touch Dino Thunder, Mystic Force, or Dino Charge due to similar brands (Jurassic Park and Harry Potter).
  6. Pineracer

    Kings Dominion Removing Volcano: The Blast Coaster

    If anything, Kings Dominion should send Backlot to Dorney and use that space for their water park. Backlot might be just what the doctor ordered for Dorney. Canada's Wonderland could give up Flight Deck (very extreme case) and put a B&M flyer in place of Flight Deck (and Time Warp).
  7. Pineracer

    Kings Dominion Removing Volcano: The Blast Coaster

    I was actually thinking of putting an invert in Anaconda's place (Flight of Fear, I305, and invert-I'm going to use Afterburn for rn) would become X-Base. Scrambler, Avalanche, and The Crypt would be Safari Village. Here is my 5 year plan: 2020-Dinosaurs Alive! removed in off season, Tornado replacement, New flat next to Delirium (Carousel side; Skyhawk) 2021-The Crypt is removed, New Coaster in the mountain (Dawnson Duel/Matterhorn hybrid-Klondike Rusher), Safari Village is split into Frontier Canada (Avalanche, Scrambler, Klondike Rusher) and X-Base (Backlot, Anaconda, Flight of Fear, I-305) 2022-Planet Snoopy Expansion-Surf Dog (on other side of Delirium) 2023-2 new flats in Frontier Canada (Lumberjack and Soaring Timbers, clones of the same rides at Canada's Wonderland) 2024-Afterburn (B&M Invert) replaces Anaconda Even though there is space on the other side of Racer 75, I would not be surprised if the site Backlot occupies is used for Soak City in the future and Backlot is relocated to Dorney. Dorney needs it more than KD tbh
  8. My only question is, why do you need that tall of a spike. It did't have to beat out Parc Astrix
  9. Pineracer

    New for 2019 - Wonder Woman Lasso of Truth!

    I have a friend who works at the park and said that the Wonder Women ops will also work Nitro. I feel that's a little weird being closer to Batman and Dark Knight/JL/Cyborg (which is a group). She mentioned a lot of other complex stuff about Adventure Alley and Lakefront that i'm not sure if its just rezozning the ops or Adventure Alley and Lakefront as a whole.
  10. Pineracer

    Great Adventure Confessional

    America's wild west show seems corny from videos I've watched (at least the Holiday in the Park version)
  11. Pineracer

    Six Flags Additions for 2019

    2020-Bugs Bunny Boomtown, DC Super Friends (remains of Seaport), in-park improvements, Swashbuckler relocated to El Diablo spot (El Lazo, Lasso) 2021-RMC single Rail coaster and new Entrance (a raptor, but Gatekeeper-esque), parking lot repaved 2022-Lex Luthor Invertatron (30M Loop) replaces Twister, Super Girl (Gen 2 enterprise across from Cyborg) 2023-Air Jumbo and Raja's Rickshaws relocated to Zumajaro path, Bucaneer rethemed to Killer Croc, New flat in Swashbuckler/Air Jumbo area (Horizon-Two-Face: The Flip Side) 2025-Bugaboo removed in off season, Jolly Roger relocated next to Safari Tours (with the Jungleland rides out, should fit), Skull Mountain and Safari Kids area rethemed, Water Park year
  12. Guess that means that's replacing King Cobra. They got a clone of what Six Flags America got in 2016 the same year
  13. I saw this on Screamscape today and I was thinking "should their 4th gate just be Nintendo World?" I've previously mentioned a Power Rangers redo for Marvel Island and a new Island replacing Lost Continent, but what about Woody Woodpecker's kidzone? If they have no plans for Nintendo there, then why not increase Dreamwork's presence? Here are some of my ideas: -Dragon Riders ("clone" of Motiongate Dubai dark ride), replaces E.T. Adventure -Fievel's Playland and Woody Woodpecker's Nuthouse Coaster are rethemed to King Julian and the Penguins of Madagascar -Barney is replaced by the Kung Fu Panda show that's at Hollywood, or a Madagascar Show -Curious George Goes to Town is replaced by a Trolls subarea (like Springfield in World Expo). I don't know what that would entail as I haven't seen the movie. They already have Shrek 4-D, so I think it's fine Shrek doesn't have a presence. What are your thoughts on alternate (to rumors) replacements of this area?
  14. Pineracer

    Six Flags Theme Parks Future Predictions

    Krake was about $13.8 million to build when it opened in 2011, it's not impossible to build a dive coaster (then again, this is the smaller model)