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  1. Opening weekend is the start of the Spring Break operations, Easter is on 4/4. Maybe allow members and passholders on, but I don't expect it to one to the public till late April.
  2. I agree, if they did anything, it would be a drive through experience unless they built a hotel with an Indoor water park
  3. I've heard its bad to keep Christmas Decorations up after Three Kings Day, where the Gregorian Calendar equivalent of the Julian Calendar date is the 19th so I guess its fine
  4. Does it have something to do with Warner Leroy or the Switlick Family?
  5. That still leaves what to do with Nitro. Do we retheme it to DC (I had Catwoman, Poison Ivy, and Batgirl ideas for possible themes...okay maybe Riddler for a fourth) or what? Even though some people might wonder about Nitro in my full Pine Barren idea. If Nitro had any theming whatsoever, my brain says "warehouse, manufacturing" so maybe a hideout of people who want to capture the Jersey Devil? Weird and deep, but it would make sense to keep Nitro with fewer changes.
  6. Jersey Devil's opening would be the perfect time to update and retheme it
  7. Neither are a good idea in summer. Completely against this idea for the summer. As for Fright Fest, do it if you want.
  8. Renaissance Faire? I think that would be better under Cedar Fair (specifically Canada's Wonderland because Renaissance Faires are actually a very American thing) 5k/10? try it Expand Mardi Gras to more park if you want to Dinosaurs? NO Extend Christmas drive through? maybe select nights through MLK Day Chinese Lantern Festival, Fright Fest 2, Drive-in entertainment? Maybe for parks that can operate or have more potential to, but don't yet (so mainly Magic Mountain, Over Georgia, separate gate water parks in warmer climates that are not close to a theme park) The s
  9. Since Parks removing their go-karts, might as well remove the whole building too. They can move the slingshot and 3-point shoot where Twister and/or the Parachutes are. I think a Gerstlauer infinity coaster would be cool there. However 1. Six Flags doesn't work Gerstlauer and 2. Hydrus might be a hinderance if issue one is resolved.
  10. I see if Runaway Mine Train goes at some point, might as well remove the fort. The Wild West theme is not that popular anymore so its not that hard of a decision to make. If only the skyride goes, then be my guest and give it an overhaul it because you don't need a majority of it anymore and people still want the historical significance of it.
  11. What would be some parks worth acquiring? I can see Great Escape switch hands. Maybe Magic Springs, which is about on par with Wild Adventures being an amusement park (just no animals). I'm sure there are more tourist traps out there, but this would give the company virtually a monopoly with parks in three tourist trap cities. I was also thinking of a park in the Pacific Northwest, not sure which one though. Personally, I see Silverwood a good fit as a lower tier Cedar Fair Park (between Worlds of Fun and Kings Dominion) as they could experiment with more Northwestern U
  12. I did have a what if for Laser coming back State-side for an event in southern California, but it's apart of a fanfiction piece.
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