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  1. It looks like Aquaman at Over Texas is delayed and is in a similar situation. However, Over Texas could operate through the winter and it's a ride that's better in warmer weather so.
  2. Storm Runner is just broke and the parts can't get to Hershey.
  3. I heard Kissing Tower was also closed for the season. Storm Runner is expensive to operate due to the hydraulic launch, Kissing tower is a long ride where you're in an enclosed vehicle with a large group of people. I can see with Sooperdooperlooper because its and older ride, so the queue space is smaller, making it more difficult to properly social distance and might be capacity and demand based. A little surprised Cupfusion has the go ahead. I haven't been since opening day of 2017 and plan on going late next month so it's just something I haven't done yet (along with the Triple Towers, Trailblazer, Sidewinder, Fahrenheit, Wild Mouse, and obviously Candymonium in terms of major stuff). Sure, Storm Runner and SDL could be suffering some issues too, but I think what I said could be more accurate.
  4. They could technically hold previews and keep the Safari as a drive through as the park technically isn't open to the public, but dumb GP be dumb GP.
  5. It depends how quick they can get jobs filled and adjust everything
  6. I heard a rumor at the end of last month reservations didn't go past the 28th for the safari
  7. When's the Safari closing? Sunday?
  8. I personally feel they should keep the Safari going through Labor Day weekend and weekends in September. Depending on how things go, possibly bring back Winter Lights select nights from Black Friday til New Years Day. The park is generating revenue and being so close to New York and how annoyed the boardwalk parks are, this I feel is the best option.
  9. There's still a lot of footers from Twisted Twins that Storm Chaser doesn't use. That area where Eye of the Storm is does not look very pleasing to the eye so just about anything will be an improvement
  10. Chiller technically had it's media day as planned in 1997, but then was closed the rest of the season.
  11. I think Jersey Devil has been delayed to next year at this point
  12. You're right: Kissing Tower Hill, Trailblazer, and possibly where Wildcat and Wild Mouse are are the only shady spots around
  13. I saw what was going on at Chocolate World so I was expecting similar restrictions to that and what other parks are saying. I haven't been to the park since I visited York College and I don't care about the Water park so I will probably visit at the end of next month. Unrelated but I also want to go to the Philadelphia Zoo, If somebody hears something, feel free to message me.
  14. It looks like you can still access the Wild Safari Ticket Booths from the Hurricane Harbor road. Looks like they are completely bypassed with the trucks there.
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