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  1. S&S and Vekoma are owned by the same company so it is unlikely we'll see many Vekomas Period.
  2. I was thinking when it comes to reopening things, would it make more sense to push for the ones that operate year round (Magic Mountain, Knott's, Texas Parks), or the ones that have more limited schedules (Great Adventure, Great America, Canada's Wonderland). These are confusing times.
  3. What'a Golden Friend ticket tho?
  4. I kind of agree with these videos. Would be nice if the parks went through their history and brought back events from the past. Even if they are fall events like Oktoberfest, just do them over the year (let's say February or opening weekend through Labor Day weekend). They could still do July 4th Fest, maybe something for the end of Summer. Any other interesting events the other parks did in the past that might be cool to bring back?
  5. If things get back to business memorial day weekend, depends on budgeting if its still worth to get a season pass and go down to America or go to New England after Legoland New York Opens. If it's July, I'll probably just wait and go first weekend of Fright Fest (as I haven't done Fright Fest). You know, been 4 years since I rode Ka, get first ride on Jersey Devil, watch Deadman's Party in person. Maybe take off after that. I still plan to study in Madrid, but I want to try and get to Hyde Park Winter Wonderland so I'll start 2021 in Europe and might not get back in America til the second week of June. I'm not going to worry about paying for anything til I get to phase 2 in the fall.
  6. Most likely not, don't count on it being open before Coaster Con
  7. Revert Congo Rapids to Roaring Rapids, I still have no idea what to do with Nitro.
  8. The parks should just close until they are ready to open their new attractions.
  9. What does it take for one to become a state inspector?
  10. Six Flags Fun, Medusa, I didn't even think about that space for a Kids Area. I had been thinking about the Cyborg/Old Country Trail, Balin's Jungland, Rolling Thunder/El Diablo spot, or the Path to Zumajaro. I feel expanding the Mexican village theme up to the turnaround would help further solidify El Toro's place and maybe add a better cut through to Golden Kingdom.
  11. The Power Splash would probably be themed to Aquaman, the Endevour Supergirl (prefer to put it in the "Old Country" and called Catwoman Whip), Kids Area would be DC Super Friends, Guess the Parachutes are The Watchtower now lol
  12. New Jersey has strict ride safety rules, so that can throw a wrench into things (Ka and Zu were intended to crest/drop at the same time, but the state said no)
  13. "Is this corporate raiding?"
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