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  1. We've been talking about El Sombero's being a ride that was thrown in the boneyard and coming back recently so It's a good question
  2. Legoland Billund has a drop tower inside a haunted house, based off the 2012 one. Windsor has a Madhouse (Houdini) inside there's.
  3. Is the original now Poison Ivy at Over Georgia or a brand new one?
  4. Maybe the park doesn't need the capacity or maybe there was some other problem it had at GA the park didn't want to deal with because no one rode it and that's why it got shipped North.
  5. I completely forgot I still use that name here @harry2004, I wonder what happened to those suits. I highly doubt Hasbro has them
  6. Who is Black Vulcan? the GP won't know who that is (Unless they are DC super fans and that is like 1% of the population) people are tearing out there top spins and we have the similar Cyborg. With the times we are in, it makes sense they would tear it out
  7. Park could use an Endevour, but it will either be themed to Super Girl or Catwoman (Spin Meister location). Deja Vu could be moved next to Batman's entrance and get themed to Poison Ivy, a bucket Blasters themed to Penguin to finish off the late Old Country. Maybe something like Pandemonium at Great Escape or Cyborg at New England to replace Twister (Flash or Shazam), Slingshot should get moved to either El Diablo's spot or across from Ka's station. A Mack Power Splash where the go-karts and the old Sim building could work if diagonally from entrance with the splashdown in the top right corner of the go-karts. They could do a double-sided cubby thing once you reach the station with a Green light showing empty for queuing guests (and red for occupied)-you just need to remember the locker/cubby number to get your things. Station is single-sided, with the cubby/locker as a barrier. Use the sim building (or its area) for the entrance and exit. If anyone has any good ideas to retheme the parachutes, be my guest.
  8. If Six Flags reboots the Ride Rotation program, I could see Great America or Great Adventure's Superman get relocated to Six Flags St. Louis themed to The Spirit of St. Louis (It's frankly a missed opportunity). Great America and Fiesta are experimental parks so Great America would get a replacement. Not saying I would do that if I ran GA, but Tatsu is the only flying coaster West of the Mississippi. This also comes from the idea of Hersehypark getting a B&M flyer in the future. Since Batwing will defiantly get scrapped because its a maintenance nightmare, that would leave a flyer out of the North East (or Great Lakes) region
  9. Candymonium can resume May 1st. Since New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Delaware, New York, and most of New England plan to reopen together so I believe this is the same for Jersey Devil
  10. The Park was owned by and uses Warner Bros brands too lol
  11. How would they handled Blackfish then?
  12. They are already very far along on the hotel, they can't cancel it. It's different from what became Art of Animation.
  13. I'd say Jan 2/3 and weekends in March, anything else would be too cold or just plain too risky or not worth it in the end. They could do Open Houses (ex. Winter Adventure, visiting their animal care facilities, behind the scenes tours) in the off season weather dependent.
  14. If the park doesn't open at all, yes. It's too far along to cancel and Great Adventure is still on the higher end of the chain so they still would try and open it this year
  15. It looks to be next to Possessed, but Possessed it not shown, could Possessed be getting relocated to Great America?
  16. Easter is a week earlier next year so I could see that, even if they only start on Monday the 29th
  17. S&S and Vekoma are owned by the same company so it is unlikely we'll see many Vekomas Period.
  18. I was thinking when it comes to reopening things, would it make more sense to push for the ones that operate year round (Magic Mountain, Knott's, Texas Parks), or the ones that have more limited schedules (Great Adventure, Great America, Canada's Wonderland). These are confusing times.
  19. What'a Golden Friend ticket tho?
  20. If things get back to business memorial day weekend, depends on budgeting if its still worth to get a season pass and go down to America or go to New England after Legoland New York Opens. If it's July, I'll probably just wait and go first weekend of Fright Fest (as I haven't done Fright Fest). You know, been 4 years since I rode Ka, get first ride on Jersey Devil, watch Deadman's Party in person. Maybe take off after that. I still plan to study in Madrid, but I want to try and get to Hyde Park Winter Wonderland so I'll start 2021 in Europe and might not get back in America til the second week of June. I'm not going to worry about paying for anything til I get to phase 2 in the fall.
  21. Most likely not, don't count on it being open before Coaster Con
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