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  1. My daughter was more upset that the coffins were gone.
  2. I was at the park last night. They finally have labels by each gun identifying the laser color. Still didn't help my score though. I really stink at it.
  3. Season Pass Dining at Great Adventure

    To follow up, my son and I went to the park last night. I was able to switch the dinning plan from my son's pass to mine with no trouble. It took guest services 30 seconds to accomplish it. So now this years' plan will not go to waste when I buy my son a new plan during the labor day sale.
  4. Season Pass Dining at Great Adventure

    I usually buy the season pass dinning plan during the Labor Day sale. I buy two and add them to my kids passes. We have the membership passes by the way. One year we could use both the current pass and the next years pass on the same visit for two lunches, two dinners and two snacks for each kid. That was good for me when I would go with them. Last year, they changed the policy and the current year's meal plan was canceled and substituted with next year's plan. So my question is this. Is there a way to transfer the plan from one membership to another? For example, I could buy the dinning plan and put it on my pass, use it this year and then transfer it to my one of my kids next year when their current plan expires.
  5. Attending a Ride Closing

    The kids and I rode Rolling Thunder on its last day. It was tough for my son because at the time he was in between 44 inches and 48 inches which left him with no "big" coasters to ride. I think he was able to finally ride El Toro the next year.
  6. The SFGA Trip That Wasn't - 8/2

    They do announce it on their FaceBook page. I remember seeing yesterday that they would be closing at 6:15 due to the weather.
  7. Misc GA Mumblings

    I have been a few times this year but don't remember seeing the waterfall working on Skull Mountain. Has it been on at all this year? If so, why don't they run it all the time?
  8. Misc GA Mumblings

    I know this may shock some of you, but some of the guests that go to GA are rude and disgusting. My son and I were there last Sunday night. We purchased a burger at the smaller Johnny Rockets nearer to Nitro. As we looked for a table in the shade, we were excited to see a group get up and leave. However, they left their plates with half eaten burgers, used napkins and empty ketchup packets on the table. I guess they thought that someone would bus their table. Probably the same people that leave their trash in the parking lot.
  9. Six Flags Great Adventure Announces July 2017 Events

    To get the early access to the park on July 2, do I have to bring a full or empty can of coke? The website only says can of coke without specifying full or empty.
  10. The Great Adventure app

    You can definitely add more than one person's season pass to the app. I have all of my family on my phone.
  11. Holiday in the Park 2016 with Map & Guide

    Maybe they are going to open the Skyway as a round trip only. It would be nice to see the lights from above.
  12. 2018 and Beyond Speculation at SFGA

    The height restriction for RT was 44 inches while Joker is 48 inches.
  13. Are the fireworks going to be synced to music as they were in the past?
  14. We rarely stay the whole day so it's usually the Direct Hit. We typically get there at open will ride Kingda Ka and Zumanjaro. From there we'll do El Toro and Bizarro. We'll take the Sky Ride to the other side of the park and finish with Nitro. Lunch will be in there somewhere. Throughout the year we swap rides in and out and will hit each ride at least once.
  15. Dream Street Tents

    My girlfriend, now my wife, and a bunch of friends sang Heartache Tonight probably in the mid 80's. I wouldn't classify The Eagles as a country band though.