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  1. 2016 and Beyond Speculation at SFGA

    How long has Jim been the CEO of Six Flags?
  2. 2016 and Beyond Speculation at SFGA

    ^And a wingrider would be too similar to Bizzaro. Inversions, affects, headchoppers, etc.We already have a B&M hyper (Nitro), so I dont think a intamin hyper would be the best fit. Maybe we can get an Intamin twisty Giga like I-305, but that would be highly unlikely because Six Flags has never installed a giga before. My personal thing would be a blitz because we have nothing like it in Great Adventure, so it would be different, but it would also fill in some gaps in our park. Another choice would be a RMC hybrid or wood or something crazy (inverted, launced winged, flying woodie), but the problem with that would be it's too similar to El Toro with steep drops, fast turns, etc. We could also get a GCI woodie since Rolling Thunder's destruction left us with no family sized woodie. The last option for 2016 (that I could think of) is that Six Flags gives us something horrible like a crayon kiddie coaster or nothing at all (though I don't think Six Flags would do that).
  3. 2016 and Beyond Speculation at SFGA

    ^ IntaRide is an American division of Intamin. I googled it.
  4. 2016 and Beyond Speculation at SFGA

    ^one more page and we've matched the 2015 speculation...
  5. 2016 and Beyond Speculation at SFGA

    ^Has their ever been a ride constructed a year before it was ever announced during the off season? Maybe if we have something HUGE we might see some construction.
  6. 2016 and Beyond Speculation at SFGA

    If we do get a dark ride, were do you think it should go?
  7. 2016 and Beyond Speculation at SFGA

    ^ Maybe a dark ride like Guardian at Canada's Wonderland. That would give us an illusion style ride, a family ride that can also appeal to thrill seekers, and it cost like 10 million bucks, which I think might be within 6 flag's budget. And maybe it can have an inversion in it...
  8. 2016 and Beyond Speculation at SFGA

    ^^ Which brings us back to a roller coaster.
  9. 2016 and Beyond Speculation at SFGA

    New topic! A hotel at the LAKE?!
  10. 2016 and Beyond Speculation at SFGA

    ^ Or if they held a staff party like Cedar Point.
  11. 2016 and Beyond Speculation at SFGA

    ^ Although it would be cool to see movietown redone with theming. maybe they could also bring back some shows, and some thrill rides like a screamin swing or a frisbee. They could have that along with backwards batman and kinda rejuvinate the area.
  12. 2016 and Beyond Speculation at SFGA

    ^ Too similar to Bizarro (seating arrangement), and probably not as good. And we already have 6 B&Ms. And don't forget the price tag $$$
  13. 2016 and Beyond Speculation at SFGA

    ^ I-305 has a capacity of 1350 people per hour. https://www.google.com/search?q=indimidator+305+capacity&ie=utf-8&oe=utf-8&aq=t&rls=org.mozilla:en-US:official&client=firefox-a&channel=fflb#rls=org.mozilla:en-US:official&channel=fflb&q=intimidator+305+capacity&spell=1
  14. 2016 and Beyond Speculation at SFGA

    ^^ We dont need another Ultimate Flight. The last last time I went there the line was too long so I ended up not going there: / However, I don't think Maverick or Helix has that great capacity either.