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  1. Wow!


    Kudos Harry, wonderful job. If it was actually a permanent fixture id donate my yum yum palace blueprints and other memorabilia.


    I am so happy to see the park and the little things like this happening. Being I relocated to charlotte NC and now carowinds is my home park I havnt been to Gadv in many years (the last time I was there I remember riding the parachutes to get pics of GASM's demolition) so I rarely keep up with Gadv but I still check in and see whats new through this site. Couldn't do it without you!

  2. i try to avoid buying food at the park actually, for 2 reasons, the cost and like this forum is about, the variety, if i eat at the park its at best of the west or momma floras cucina, and i have a ritual , i cant leave the park without a waffle cone ice cream, and since they put all the fake cold stones and ben and jerrys theres only one, at the front gate.

  3. i worked in jersey shore candies some times this year and in late june this was brought to our attention, we advertised in the park about the breakfast and when it started alot of people took advantage of it but slowly less and less came, i think this idea is good though because the guest stopped coming because it was only croissants and bagels and coffee. so a breakfast shop would be nice, specially for those who get there early and stand around waiting for them to drop the ribbon.

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