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  1. I couldn’t be less surprised about this. The park was awful and run down as hell. If it doesn’t continue as a park, then good riddance.
  2. Good to see you haven’t calmed down in the couple weeks I haven’t checked the site...
  3. I’m all for a Power Splash, but please don’t let it be DC themed. We have so few major rides that aren’t DC themed right now, and 2020 is a step in the right direction.
  4. Repainting the coasters and adding LEDs to the Big Wheel alone would likely kill the budget completely, if not be over. I’m curious as to where you would want new pathways to. The only two we didn’t have that I thought we needed were one from Fantasy Forest to Metropolis and from the Golden Kingdom to Plaza del Carnaval, and we’ve since gotten those. I doubt DC superhero meet and greets are coming back. Finding people who are the right height/body shape for the characters is hard enough, let alone getting them specifically to stand around in those suits all day for a lower wage job. I definitely agree with new shows. There should be daily ones again like there were at Aqua Stadium, it’s an element of the park that’s been sorely missed. I feel as though the trams would be popular for a year or two and eventually be scrapped again. I like all of these ideas, man. I wish we could get them all. But there are a few that I don’t see happening for either financial or logistical reasons. Hopefully you’re right about a few of these things though!
  5. I’m fine with it being a kids expansion in 2021 since I’ll be living in Alabama and won’t feel like I’m missing out at all LOL.
  6. Who thought the name “Verrückt” would be good after the horrible safety hazard of a water slide? Lmfao
  7. Work is gonna go by real slow today, between waiting for the last clue and it being one of my last couple of days at this job.
  8. Yeah, like I said last night, the park should not have removed both the Hydro Flume and Splashwater Falls, especially in back to back years. Since then, the Log Flume’s lines have been absurd on most average days, not to mention during our wonderful NJ heat waves.
  9. Both are horribly run down, and either need a lot of work put into them or they need to be replaced. LTSP suffers from being a small, unnoticeable area in the distant corner of the park. I was at the park yesterday, and while the park in general was packed, LTSP was a ghost town. Congo Rapids on the other hand benefits from being one of two water rides in the park and being in close proximity to Nitro.
  10. As much as I want a new titan of a coaster, a Mack power splash is what I want more than anything else right now. On the other hand, I feel like we keep getting screwed over with water rides because of HH being next door, which is a shame because a water ride and a water slide are vastly different. Not a real big fan of most things over at HH (partially due to the fact that I have a bad back), but I love CR and the log flume.
  11. NJ summers are hot as hell. We need a couple more water rides, not one less. Losing the Hydro Flume and Splashwater Falls in back to back years was pretty sad tbh.
  12. If Congo Rapids does survive, it needs TLC more than any other ride in the park I can think of. The “island” is horribly overgrown and the ride itself needs to be fixed up, including bringing back the waterfalls. EDIT: Just took another look on Apple Maps out of curiosity. That island in the middle of Congo Rapids is close to the size of Batman’s footprint, and it appears to be the largest plot of completely undeveloped land directly within the park’s boundaries, not counting the area that borders between the safari and Switlik Lake.
  13. I’m figuring they’ll just expand BBNP a bit with these rides since there’s really not much left in LTS. That being said, the LTS rides definitely need to be given some love if they’re going to be moved out of the back corner of the park. Wandered back there today for the first time in probably 5+ years and the few remaining rides look pretty rough, especially Deep Sea Diver.
  14. Further cementing the reason I don’t trust anyone who says they know what it is.
  15. On a side note, no new developments on the land behind LTS. Went to the park to get my potential last ride in on Congo Rapids, and I remembered what a huge chunk of land is completely wasted sitting in the middle of it. Always thought they should have a bridge to that “island” and throw some flat rides on it.
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