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  1. isnt it 46 holes, because of the 50 ft putt outside wizards and dragons?
  2. being in the park before its open or after its closed. i love being one of the handful of employees in the whole place. although it can get spooky after all the lights go out. when im in the tower in the parking lot, the general sound of the park, the screams, the b&m roars, the intamin farts and all the music drifting my way, its great. standing on supermans exit ramps watching everyone leave at night, all the lights and sounds of people laughing, it makes me feel like i did my job and of course the people, i love our guests, it gets me up in the morning and i look forward to meeting all kinds of people seeing a big crowd of employees come in for the morning shift and having daffy, buggs and other guys in the mix, its sureal
  3. just for the record, dont be surprised if most park employees call it Medusa. i know the callsigns on the radio are the same, plus im calling it medusa. Bizzaro is a dumb name and this retheme stink like the baboons. Medusa was my first coaster ever and it just needed new seats. they should have saved the money and got a new flying wave, which totally rocked my socks
  4. So many issues...When rides go down, say king da ka, even if they do know what is wrong, they dont tell everyone. i dont know how many times i was told by mechanics at least 30 min or 60 min or all day and then they launch right behind me. There is no rhyme or reason why they go down and usually they dont know for the first 15-20 minutes or so exactly whats wrong. as far as staffing, because of the weather and the employment of a lot of school aged kids, its hard to get them in and trained on all the rides before the season starts. The park does not own the vending machines and they have no control over their operation, same with the lockers.
  5. Start at El Toro Then Medusa El Toro Batman Nitro Nitro El Toro Medusa GASM Nitro I really like el toro and nitro.
  6. actually, the slides with pools are all light. as is the wave pool. the only thing i havent seen light is the river and Disco, as well as the bottom of the body slides.
  7. no, its a smart move for all the reasons stated. They blew the budget last year in security and ended up having to cut back on hours just as june was getting into full swing. Other departments did the same and security ended up working admin in front or as flash pass attendants or locker attendants in addition to their regular duties. There is some talk of getting trained on ride ops to help out during busy days. i dont want that to happen again this year.
  8. no way, ive been there for volleyball and for open employee events and there isnt enough coverage to open at night. the whole middle island is dark around kukucachoos locker building and the food building(forget the name) same with the beach area around the wave pool. There also inst much lighting between the slide towers and the bottoms, especially the body slides. the lazy river has never been lit when i was there, even though we went in it.
  9. i was wondering why its boarded up. but i hope they replace the stand issue plywood thats up there now
  10. i was there on saturday, and there is still a lot of work to be down. The cars and lights werent on the wheel yet, a lot of the shops were empty or under various stages of construction and it was generally a mess, organized chaos. There is a lot of work to be done in 5 days.
  11. i just remeber working there last season and standing in front of it before we dropped the ropes and i commented on how it looked like crap. One of my sups said Yeah, there fixing it up this winter. i thought i posted it, guess not. But Hey its cool and one of the center attractions of the park. I would imagine its going to take a while, considering they fix it up, then gets used a whole season, so they have to touch up that wear and tear, plus do more renovation, unless they just dont open it for three years!
  12. i said this weeks ago. i knew this last season. this isnt news, im really upset because i thought the announcement was something cool and new, not the regularly scheduled maintinence
  13. We were told that the carousel was included in the new lighting overhaul. didnt metion a paint job, but i think its due. they do it every two years and didnt do it before last season.
  14. Had discovery, nothing huge, locker prices for all day lockers went up a buck, so its 11 and 16. Loose articles lockers have been added to Log Flume, Congo, GASM, and Skull Mt. The rehab to the Big wheel along with other parts of the park, ie Boardwalk involve installing LED lighting throughout the park. Also a new food court with vegan and international food is on the Boardwalk. Cyber Cafe is to the left of the fountain, so im thinking carnegie deli. We ran out of time so we didnt go on the tour. Also the sidekick mentions a Ski Show, so maybe a daytime show on the lake? Mr Six will be in the park like a charachter to interact with. I asked about Medusa and all we were told was that it was being rethemed to a Lex Luthor Related thing, which doesnt fit in that area at all. Otherwise they were very coy, saying even they didnt know and its all fenced off. Oh, and fireworks dont start until July 4th and are every day at 10pm on days the park closes at that time. They really emphasized fast service today, so expect rides to really push the hourly numbers. when i think of more things ill post
  15. I've got SFGA training and department training in march, and both usually involve a walkthrough to highlight new features we should be aware of for the guests. Department tour(security) is more indepth to show us new features and protocols for guest safety, I'll try to get pics when I go. We went behind NSA last year to talk about the new concert format, which is probably changing again.
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