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  1. Something I wanna throw out here is that the ride looks to be about as big or a little bigger then Nitro's second hill which is 189 ft high. But maybe my eyes are playing tricks on me idk.(NVM i saw the POV again just now I saw that from the hill on the POV the ride is clearly smaller then nitro's second hill, and looks a little smaller then nitros third hill which is 161 ft high)
  2. welp i wont talk about it until tomorrow but im disappointed
  3. you should take down that post before anyone sees it LOL
  4. Oh thats perfect! Lately I didn't mind passing on the ride cause it does have rough sections but if theres been a retrack im sure its back in business.
  5. You know if they decided to re-track el toro that would be great for 2020 too. The ride is a lot rougher then it was a year ago, and it's only gone downhill from there.
  6. If it ends up being a T-rex it could only be a giga/strata coaster 8^). Anyway lets pray this isn't a flat ride or an RMC flat LOL.
  7. Im sure theres people who know but I'm referring to those people who comment "I know and im not telling you!!" like lol how about not mentioning at all so that you dont fool people into buying this garbage. Watching and reading is one thing but commenting and saying that you know is another
  8. Lol for anyone to seriously believe anyone who mentions that they know what the knew attraction will be is ludicrous. I can say that I know a guy called Alex Townly who told me and you'd believe me. If ya hear someone mention they know what the next attraction is just deem them irrelevant cause chances are they don't, and them not wanting to say it solidifies that further.
  9. I just want a regular coaster that doesn't duel lol. And another wild pipe dream would be if it was a launched B&M winged coaster.
  10. Not that I think a RMC giga would be cheap, but I'm sure it'd be cheaper then B&M or Intamin's giga coasters. Looking at how much some of the other RMC's cost, it'd be safe to assume it'd be between the price range of 15-25M. But that being said I absolutely doubt a RMC giga would ever come to this park, or a giga in general lol.
  11. I really hope its not a dueling coaster lol. (This is a pipe dream but a giga T-Rex would be the most shocking addition of the year)
  12. What if they leaked it on purpose to throw people off? Or intentionally unblocked it? Personally I’m not sure on what we could be getting but you really never know
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