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  1. really love the ride but the gimmick of being the worlds tallest needs to drop, its the same size as the one that Over Texas is getting and they are the same size as Crazanity at Magic Mountain.
  2. thanks for the heads up there. saw that earlier today on another site and was curious.
  3. we have fence up in the area of the golden kingdom, any ideas whats going on?
  4. i was there on sunday and got i think 5 rides in on Talon. Was running really well.
  5. is there any truth to the Great Adventure Online post saying that John resigned as park president? And if so what do you think this means for the park?
  6. even though JL's are expensive we need to remember that the park has been getting a ton of capital thrown at it this year, roller coaster, parking lot paving etc. anything is possible.
  7. Hey railer next time you wanna attack dorneyhistory.com with your spam comment remember that i have paid for the best spam filters you can get. Also they give me your ip address so dont play the games dude.
  8. Bizzaro would be cool but id actually think doing superman would be insanely cool. Especially going into the pretzel loop.
  9. The parks have to follow their budgets. Its not their fault that today happened to be a 100 degree day and everyone raided the waterpark. this is what happens in the summer.
  10. Did the survey and all it references is a pendulum ride similar to riddler revenge.
  11. Just because they are building pieces doesn't mean they are building pieces for JL. They could be for a station, a new maintenance building or even for a transfer station with the new solar panels being put in. Its way to early to jump to conclusions. It isn't confirmed until the park confirms it.
  12. How is it not a coaster, i cant slightly see not calling El Diablo a coaster but the Joker has a train, lift hill and coasts using gravity. All parts of a coaster.
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