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  1. Anyone else shocked Magic Mountain isn’t at least getting a flat?
  2. https://m.sixflags.com/greatescape/newsroom/august-29-2019 great escape is getting a starflyer
  3. https://m.sixflags.com/magicmountain/newsroom/august-29-2019 MM is getting no new ride
  4. Crane spotted next to Justice League. Has it been there all year?
  5. I've heard that SF parks generally have a ton of cameras in park but none in the parking lot. Kind of dumb IMHO.
  6. Very true. Someone on FB claimed they heard employees talking about using the area over by the arena and metro grill. So yeah, if markers were there we wouldn't see them.
  7. Yeah I'd think we would have seen somebody kind of markers in the park. And I agree. Let them work out all the kinks with the raptor and hopefully we'll get the T Rex next year.
  8. https://www.usatoday.com/story/travel/experience/america/theme-parks/2017/08/03/six-flags-single-rail-wonder-woman-coaster/534583001/ So, Fiesta Texas is getting the Raptor. Not sure we'll get the T-Rex but we can dream!
  9. Hi All! Trying to get a group together for the day at the beginning of april. I've got a season pass, but what's the cheapest way for my friends to get tickets? I saw that 15 or more can get tickets for $31. Any cheaper way than that? thanks!
  10. There's gotta be a way to renovate ours to be more like that? Or at least add more water elements
  11. Dorney Park's has smaller rafts, and waterfalls all along the way. There's even one that covers the span of the river. It's impossible to not get wet.
  12. True, it could also cross over the path and area by the observatory and occupy both areas?
  13. Right. Or use the current space occupied by TDK. There's also (IMO) room for a station on the site of the old observatory and surrounding land going towards the new macho nacho. And, if they're not going to show in the old stunt arena, it would be a decent space for a coaster.
  14. A flat would also be cool. Outdoor wild mouses work fine at Hershey and Dorney. And it's a good coaster with a low 42" height requirement for kids.
  15. What I think would be interesting is to move the wild mouse to somewhere else, retheme it, and use it outside. And then they could use the building for another dark ride or small indoor coaster.
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