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  1. This actually got me thinking, not only about the coaster, but has it crossed anyone’s minds that the supposed kids area might go in the area where El Diablo used to be? Not to mention there’s a chance that they could move a kiddie ride over where Splashwater Oasis used to be. That being said, I wouldn’t mind a Raptor. It would be a very unique coaster experience, and despite the concerns for capacity, the park doesn’t seem to really care considering Joker exists. Raptors currently only exist in Texas and California, maybe they could bring one to the east coast? This wouldn’t be the first time we get the second coaster model of a ride in the world after Fiesta Texas gets it the year before.
  2. It’s pretty inconvenient that there isn’t any actual video evidence of this, and that it’s been known through only word of mouth. I think that’s why a lot of the jokes/skepticism are going on.
  3. If we do get a kids area, I honestly don’t see what else we could add that would delay the addition of a new coaster for next year. We’re overdue.
  4. If it was heading to BGW, it the pieces would’ve probably been shipped to Baltimore instead. Regardless of what you want this addition to be, immediately throwing “fake” labels without providing proper argument as to why doesn't make much sense.
  5. Obviously nothing is confirmed, but are you referring to something like this? https://youtu.be/hILb3lHQWwI
  6. I think we’re guaranteed to see a coaster either in 2020 or 2021. Really the only thing “holding it back” is the kids area revamp. I honestly can’t think of anything else that Six Flags would want to put in our park before a huge coaster addition. The coaster could be coming next year, but if it doesn’t, I can be everything but certain that it’ll come in 2021. It’s either next year or the year after, and it’s not even close.
  7. Yeah, both of you are right, but a lot of people on here are saying that it means nothing, for whatever reason. I have a lot of trouble seeing the park president himself lying/joking about that sort of thing at a coaster enthusiast event.
  8. I believe it is a combination of Gotham City (previously Movietown) and the new Metropolis area. Correct me if I'm wrong though.
  9. While Six Flags is known for making stupid decisions, I doubt that GAdv would want Bizarro to be removed for the sake of turning Green Nightmare into a floorless. My bigger concern is that Green Lantern is literally a parking lot coaster at this point. I really want to see it torn down as it adds nothing enjoyable to our lineup. If Bizarro were re-painted or maybe even re-themed, it would become a much more popular attraction than it already is.
  10. GAdv replacing and repainting track? That's certainly new
  11. Clean the park up. I would totally suggest this over a coaster, but Six Flags doesn't want to do what is most necessary.
  12. I made a pretty long post a few weeks ago talking about how I really wanted a frisbee to come to the park, and seeing that it's not only now a reality but also a record breaker is really nice.
  13. It's a shame that the leaks plus the new thread basically killed this one off. It's fun to have a really hot thread the night before announcements, and things like leaks and new threads should really be prevented in future threads. Am I the only one that's really annoyed by the fact that out of every single Six Flags park, ours is the one that always has it's additions leaked right before announcements? Has been happening since 2015.
  14. What we're saying is that we would rather wait a few years for a T-Rex than to get a Raptor. I could honestly care less about what we get next year as long as the park benefits from it one way or another.
  15. We already have one of those rides but it's on steroids (Sky Screamer) so adding it isn't necessary.
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