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  1. Would there be room to the left of Joker for a somewhat compact coaster? Or is that area better suited for a flat ride?
  2. And his source is...? That being said, he does bring up a valid point. I’d love to see something like WCR out next to Joker.
  3. If I had to take a guess, Harry probably knows more than those “coaster people” you keep referring to.
  4. Posts like these make me just wanna check out from this forum until like a week or so before the announcement. Peace!
  5. Coaster Studios knows nothing more than we do. No offense, but that dude basically just regurgitates the same information that we have.
  6. Or, after 2020’s kids area, is 2021 time for a new coaster? This works both ways.
  7. Any inkling you get of confirmation bias is unreal.
  8. That rumor means nothing more than me saying we’re mirroring Ka and putting another one in Old Country. Just because someone says something doesn’t mean it’s suddenly supposed to be embraced as fact.
  9. Something like West Coast Racers would be perfect. It’d fill the gap that we’ve had since Batman/Chiller left and it’d give us a good launch coaster that is less of a “gimmick” than Ka.
  10. I’d really like to see the sources on these rumors. Also, the arguments about not having an original coaster in however many years is null and void. Think from the perspective of Six Flags corporate. Their target audience is the GP. Do you think the GP cares that GL was relocated or Joker is a clone? I don’t think so.
  11. No way in hell they ship Joker to La Ronde. It’s so cheap to build a new one that there’s no point in relocating a two year old ride.
  12. And a coaster is “very likely” to come in 2020 because...?
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