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  1. If they’re clearing all that land for a Super loop, I wouldn’t even be mad at that point. I’d just laugh.
  2. They’re capable of producing a demo track. Its made in a way that shows how it can curve, as well. What they’re not yet capable of is mass producing it for something like a Giga coaster.
  3. Hasn’t that been around for quite a while now as a sample of the single rail track?
  4. The park doesn’t care that those two are kiddie coasters. To them, they’re just as much a coaster as Ka or Toro.
  5. If it’s Jersey Devil themed, I can definitely see a reddish orange color scheme. That being said, I really want a black and white colored coaster at some point.
  6. JL doesn't count as a coaster regularly anyways, but the park states they have 14 coasters.
  7. I think it’s Jersey Devil related. Aren’t there twelve celebrated (hence the confetti) children before the cursed thirteenth?
  8. What do you think they did with El Diablo? Or back then, Looping Dragon?
  9. Someone on Reddit came up with an unscrambled anagram of “creature.” It’d make sense if you assume that the letters are doubled because the coasters will possibly duel. Betting that Monday’s clue will have four highlighted E’s in it.
  10. That’s my thought, too. Just trying to cover as many bases as possible.
  11. Rocky Mountain Construction Raptor This is somewhat close to the number of letters we’ve been seeing. But not exactly. Off by one C.
  12. The same amount that Superman, Batman, Green Lantern, Bizzaro, Wonder Woman, and Joker do.
  13. Not many people know older companies like B&M and Intamin, let alone RMC.
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