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  1. Shouldn’t these be in the 2021 and Beyond thread?
  2. I’m shocked they mentioned specific coaster manufactures.
  3. I don’t think they update the year every ride. Seasonal closure =/= permanent closure.
  4. I personally don’t buy his story. It could definitely be true, but there’s no merit to his claims. I will say though, thank you for trying to get more out of him!
  5. The more he shares it, the more I doubt it, ironically.
  6. I genuinely think the 12 doesn’t have to do with the coaster itself, but rather the theme. Why else was it’s background confetti?
  7. What defines a “real” coaster anyways? Why was GL not a real one? Joker? The only valid argument for the not a “real” coaster I agree with is for El Diablo.
  8. Ah, Coaster Studios. The voice of reason in this community. Not like he has any more information than me or you.
  9. Producing a sample piece is different than producing an entire coaster layout.
  10. Bruh, who the hell is Taylor Bybee? Definitely missing part of the joke here lol
  11. That’s actually a fairly interesting concept and I wouldn’t be too mad seeing this come to the park.
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