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  1. If it were to be any six flags park that has a rivalry with our six flags it would be six flags magic mountain because, All of the rides kind of compete with each other like zumanjaro and lex Luther drop of doom. we topped lex Luther drop of doom with a 5 more ft taller drop and 5 more mph drop. Others like superman and tatsu, batman the ride and batman the ride, el Toro and apocalypse, runaway mine train and gold rush, magic flyer and blackbeard lost treausure train, bizzaro and scream, nitro and goliath, road runner railway and canyon blaster, green lanterns and riddlers revenge, king da ka and superman. this is my rival for magic mountain but now what do you think
  2. agreed on enterprise, tilt a whirl, and elsombrero
  3. just posted my first form go check it out

  4. just posted my first form go check it out

  5. I'm starting my first ever topic about putting in a Gotham City. I would say yes because other Six Flags parks have one and we have so much space going on in Movie Town. The rides i would put in would be a Wonder Woman Lasso of Truth like the one in Magic Mountain with the Tornado ride. I would leave batman the ride alone, and use the Musik Express as a Flash Speed Force Himalayan ride. Now you would need villains so of course i would put the Joker with a Joker's Jinx to put a twist like part of the section followed by a Harley Quinns Spinsanity. And to top it off with a Gotham City Gauntlet Escape from Arkham Asylum roller coaster just like in SFNE. And to top off the section add in a Justice League Dark Ride. Share your thought please.
  6. take out skull mountain and in with a pirate themed coaster thats not dark or not like blackbeards
  7. sooner or later i hope six flags great adventure would bring back that beauty
  8. i doubt that they would change the ride cause we only have on stand up coaster in our park and bizzaro is already floor less
  9. i think it a great idea that there taking down the stadium because the park will have more room to add in new rides anyone agree?
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