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  1. Six flags fun get outta here with ur crazy predictions
  2. We have a dark ride called the dark Knight and it's horrible
  3. He happy with getting a jl and he be happy with flats.
  4. I think mm is ginna get the world biggest and longest dive coaster either next year or 18. While in 2018 we will get the world longest and biggest water slide.
  5. Ok time to focus on 2018. What clone rides are out there that ga can copy
  6. Were the clone adventures now. We will only get what other parks before us had.look at the past history.
  7. Were not getting a new original coaster til atleast 2027. We might get copy of other rides. I predict 2018 magic mountain gets the first trex ride
  8. Lol. Mm are atleast are getting new coasters. Flat rides like joker yes joker and skyscraper etc I don't care about.
  9. We get spoiled by getting clones that other parks get. Please great adventure is nowhere near mm.
  10. Ga is nowhere near the flagship park. Mm has that and it's not even close. Ga is prolly the 2nd best
  11. Been 10 years since they had an original coaster. Kinda due
  12. Is it confirmed they are building a big steel building
  13. Only reason I may keep my season pass is if I go to magic mountain but if they get jl too then goodbye season pass
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