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  1. For you that's Skull Mountain, not everything, but you have no idea how to outline so you cannot judge
  2. 3rd time, no, and we won't for a while
  3. I believe he said it was a newsletter or at the construction tour
  4. I heard my friend say he heard about GADV recieving a hotel later.
  5. Hello fellow GAH fans! We have a big announcement to make, you saw our few updates on GADV -- It's now open!!!
  6. As you can see we have working flat rides at our park now! We used command blocks to help us deliver the perfect ride experience that you want and need. Six Flags Great Adventure will be opening in Minecraft on MCAdrenaline, March 26th at 1:30pm! We invite all to come and explore this wonderful recreation!
  7. I think they mean we'll find that out at opening day because we'll first notice the parking lot, not probably not an announcement but a noticement
  8. An employee of GADV on TPR said that a rumored ride will be painted and receive some TLC. He included the word 'rumored', Nitro is the most highly rumored, is it Nitro?
  9. Looks like they got a drone for their updates, making it seem more professional unlike the first update
  10. maybe some flooring or a small statue/cardboard cutouts like Bizarro
  11. a thrill machine, these don't thrill me so I leave them alone.
  12. I think the new Joker coaster goes well with the name because those two rides being called a coaster is a joke
  13. Six Flags really tricked it's fans with the "oh this right here is a coaster even though it isn't!"
  14. An employee has even noted a ride will be refurbished during spring break, I can see Nitro in the spot, or Superman.
  15. Then the bugs bunny ride is a rollercoaster, if you say so. And El Diablo is lifted by power and and is partially controlled by gravity, yet everyone calls it a carnival ride.
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