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  1. That's like saying Kingda Ka is a kiddy ride.
  2. Six flags has recently updated their park map, and we have spotted a retheme of this kiddy ride. The old country has also reopened!
  3. Absolute fail, hopefully the moderators fix it, it's hard posting pictures in this iPad
  4. As you can see, we have been mostly working on the left side of the park, Green Lantern has been finished and looks amazing! The completion of other areas including boardwalk and Plaza de Carnaval have followed up, including Frontier Adventures. We are starting the zoo at Golden Kingdom. We plan to open the day of March 26th. Looking forward to seeing you there!
  5. That's just an animation and I'm not sure that those are what the trains are actually going to be like, I believe they'll go with something capacity friendly.
  6. Where's the evidence? You don't know if that's for sure
  7. Are there any photos of the new renovation?
  8. Six Flags has previously trademarked this name for a possible attraction, or do they just need to renew Titans name?
  9. I personally hoped that doesn't happen, we already have a super villain are super hero themed area, and we should have two when we could have one.
  10. I wonder what he would say about the park now
  11. There's not much space around there, and putting a Huss frisbee where the old stands were would just look terrible.
  12. Seems like a legitimate reason why they removed the Lakefront stands
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