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  1. We think GADV because we believe SFGADV will have a few coasters coming soon, and Six Flags works very will with RMC. And since they released a new type of ride, we won't be surprised if Six Flags will purchase it and build it in a park in need of some good rides.
  2. Not really, just a rock wall with a few Windows and a ton of advertisements, I couldn't see much theming in that.
  3. If Six Flags was Disney, I would use that small peninsula next to The Joker as a way to get to the hotel and come back, and have the hotel across the lake, sitting there with a great view of the safari and the park. I would theme it as a jungle/golden kingdom hotel, like The Great Escape and include a small mall and cool ways of transportation like slides as stairways down, or open glass elevators
  4. It's been quiet slow since we have a lot of other projects, but over 7 months I guess
  5. Hello GAH, for the past few months I have been working for a server that has been recreating SFGADV in minecraft. Sadly, SFGADV is not open yet but it will open around the same time it does in real life! Server ip: mcadrenaline.hostbukkit.com:28694
  6. The manager who took them was 'terminated'. The rest of what they said is classified
  7. So, my friend is part of Coaster Chit Chat where the manager from GADV who took the photos, sent the photos to, and now he's being shouted at over Facebook. GADV officials made a group chat with them and are now angry at him.
  8. Could SFGADV become Six Flags new test park where they test different rides and see how they come?
  9. Why on earth does GARR need to get removed, why not expand toward the dare devil dive??
  10. Our next coaster after the T. rex, I'm thinking a winged
  11. I guess we won't have any more problems with not enough employees
  12. I was the one who mentioned it, and Coasterfeed did not see railers post, one of his admins heard about it on TPR
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