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  1. I figured it out, an employee at SFGADV said one of our favorite attractions from the 90's is going, Batman and a Robin opened in 1998, so I guess the station is being removed
  2. I know that, but what page does it talk about the removal?
  3. Coasterfeed on insta, apparently it's gone be demolished by the same people who removed Fort Idependence
  4. The Batman and Robin Chiller station is being removed, I think we've found ourselves a rollercoaster
  5. I'm gonna say the same thing, I'm not sure Looney Tunes Seaport is really a rumor, and I doubt they'd demolish The Lost Mine train
  6. If it was a coaster, I think Bizarro would be the one thrown away
  7. Well the guy just said it to tease, Six Flags will probably announce the leaving of the attraction around June, like removal of TC and WiCy
  8. Bizarro? People rumored it's gonna go because of popularity
  9. I saw this, the rumor was right, but the six flags president did say The Joker TOTAL MAYHEM, not He Joker
  10. What website did you pay for Hotel Breakers on?
  11. I'm in a similar situation, but wanting to fly. I want to stay at hotel breakers, but the park website says it'll cost around 700 dollars to stay, which is out of budget. I'm thinking of having a 2 day ticket while staying at hotel breakers with the Expedia deal (280 dollars). Anyone have a different, better idea?
  12. I agree, I think SFGADV is better than SFMM, which makes it a higher competition
  13. I think that CP is a very close competition, even though Coaster Studios was very bias in his video of it, I still think both parks are great
  14. I was thinking that aswell, but it would take a lot, something SFGADV wouldn't do
  15. When people answer the poll, I'll close it and then the 'jury" will make their desicion
  16. Well we got Carribbean Cove, I think 2019 we will get our next addition, hopefully a slide
  17. Is there a possibility that the dueler that is highly rumored, could be multi launched, very intense, and would be a great competition with Maverick? Since RMC makes very intense coasters, and the T. rex model does have a launch, I could see this happen.
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