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  1. Cedar Fair might also change the atmosphere of some parts of the park, maybe add an attraction in the fort. Or add different shows I made this a poll, go submit ur answer!
  2. Well, they probably will change a few rides names, but not names of other coasters, cedar fair doesn't do that
  3. SFGADV is better than SFMM, but worse than Cedar Point. Cedar Point is the king of all, amazing rides, great collection of flat rides. Perfect atmosphere for both enthusiast and family's, great kids areas. Well themed, and great looking. SFGADV does have quite a few things better while others are exceeded by Cedar Point. I think SFGADV is better than SFMM because like CS says, SFMM concentrates too much on rollercoasters, not many kids rides, nor theming. While SFGADV does have decent theming and a much better looking park, there's both pros and cons of SFGADV.
  4. From the album: Fgcassady's photos

    Total mayhem
  5. well since six flags has hitp in the way, it's taking longer
  6. Since Cedar Fair doesn't do what Six Flags does annually, I think we would be better off as it is now.
  7. People argue over whether Cedar Fair is the more successful or if Six flags is the king, but if one of their parks were owned by their opponent, who do you think will create the better park? Cedar Fair or Six flags?
  8. Sorry to annoy you, but how do you post images in a discussion thread?
  9. I think coasterfeed fooled me, it's probably what Harry said
  10. Coasterfeed on insta, and I do believe it's for total mayhem for the trucks, and what you said. But this seems a little too big of a gap for maintenance
  11. From the album: Fgcassady's photos

    You can see one piece of track is gone
  12. I just heard about this, yes the tracks being removed. Is this because of Total Mayhem? Or are they replacing it? Maybe something new for kids in the future, I don't imagine they will put a flat ride there, but it is a possibility. What do you guys think?
  13. Was a dive machine mentioned in the survey? I could see it coming to this park some time, or a winged
  14. I could see the T. rex as a possibility, or even a premier. I wonder if that area where rolling thunder used to be will be the area for the next ride. But they do need to open up old country
  15. I would like to see this happen as it is rumored that this will happen next season.
  16. I think the next HH addition will be close to 2020 because we're getting Carribbean Cove this year.
  17. Great report! Next time is old country is open, go around there and search for future clues
  18. I've seen that one, I'm talking about the survey one. Thanks anyways
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