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  1. Since Kingda Ka is a massive big ride, it's ten years old. It also depends on how well the park takes care of the ride. For example, new trains, new paint, repairs. So it mostly depends on the park
  2. Oh nice, I wonder what animals they're adding
  3. I think the park isn't ready either too, maybe an expansion like you guys said would probably spread out the crowds more. Possibly do something to Old Country too. A safari hotel would be cool!
  4. Well, lets talk about 2017. It's either going to be the new justice league ride, or some type of flat ride. If it was a flat ride, what do you think it could be? It might be another frisbee or a screamin swing What about all this mess about the single track RMC thing? I really doubt it's coming to SFGADV, they don't need anything like that
  5. I think in 2019 we're looking at a new coaster, or 2020. But what COULD the coaster be? Winged? Dueler? GCI? doubtfully a giga unless total mayhem and other stuff brings in a lot of guest.
  6. SFGADV is my home park!

  7. that will defiantly happen! Well I hope so When we do trip reports, we need to look around the Right Stuff building for markers, if there are markers, we found our selves a justice league ride coming up
  8. SFGADV might not get another indoor ride due to dark knight and skull mountain but since justice league seems perfect for SFGADV I think it's likely
  9. I don't think a giga will be coming soon, due to the cost and the compactness of the coasters being built.
  10. I think there will be a Hurricane Harbor expansion in the next five years, definitely.
  11. but what will six flags add in 2019? We probably will get a justice league ride, but flat rides are a possibility too Anyways we just got 3 flat rides so
  12. well you do go around both sides in one go, so. And I feel like six flags will be adding a couple of coasters and flat rides, possibly a hurricane harbor expansion, throughout the next 4 years, SFGADV has been making a big profit, they could really use the money in something
  13. There could be a giga anytime soon, but it's kinda doubtful due to the prive
  14. 2017: JLBFM 2018: Dueler/flat rides 2019: winged if 2018 has flat rides, if not flat rides 2020: repaint/resort hopefully
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