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  1. Miscellaneous Mumblings

    Where I'm at, it's supposed to reach 52. It's supposed to be in the 50s in my area all next week. This winter was kinda strange with how we started with two weeks in sub-freezing temperatures to warm weather now.
  2. Disney Parks additions

    I wonder if Disney could install a communication based train control system (CBTC) on their monorails similar to what the MTA has done to the 7 line where an operator isn't required and trains run using radio circuits.
  3. Hershey Park 2018 new rides

    I never seen anyone on Nitro say no re rides in the past season or two. Is that ride op a supervisor? As Matt said above, if someone says no re rides, then they probably weren't taught about allowing re rides by their supervisor and decided to make their own call.
  4. Hershey Park 2018 new rides

    I never walk on the air gate side of the platform because the gates block the rest of the platform. One time a newer employee on El Toro did question me about re rides and the supervisor told me to stay on since my row had a single rider. Even though Great Adventure has no policy regarding re rides, Six Flags New England does have policies preventing re rides and operators there will ask you to get back in line if caught.
  5. Almost any pop or rock song that come out in the 90s and 2000s because most of the music the park plays is popular music from the past 15-20 years and it is usually focused on ones from the 2000s. I don't have a specific song that reminds me of the park as a whole but certain songs remind me of certain rides and areas usually because they get overplayed in those areas. A Thousand Miles is played like every time I pass the Main Street Fountain when they don't have the dance party making it basically the first song I expect to hear in that area. Green Lantern's queue TVs seem to play this song and its accompanying music video called The Great Escape whenever I'm in line which reminds me more of the actual park in upstate New York but still reminds me of getting past the games area.
  6. Hershey Park 2018 new rides

    I was once denied a re ride on Skull Mountain but it was because I was on the last train of the night. A lot of the times re rides aren't available at Great Adventure is usually because the ride ops wait for the exit platform to be cleared before opening the air gates.
  7. Disney Parks additions

    Hopefully its for refurbishment and not permanently. The hotels on the line would have a pretty big lack in transportation without it.
  8. Hershey Park 2018 new rides

    It probably depends on crowd levels or at the operator's discretion, the latter more likely. I was temping to get a re ride on Skyrush but I didn't want to risk getting told by employees to get back in line. The only rides that don't allow re rides at Great Adventure are The Joker and The Dark Knight only if there are people in line.
  9. Hershey Park 2018 new rides

    Or you can always find an empty seat and stay on, that is if they don't have a no re ride policy.
  10. Miscellaneous Mumblings

    Be careful rooting for the Mets or any other team at Citizens Bank Park or the other stadiums in Philly. Some fans in Philly can be notorious for being pretty violent towards opposing teams. For basketball, I root for the Washington Wizards (formerly the Bullets) because they currently are a good team but they get a lot of unnecessary hate for almost no reason.They are able to play with the top teams and have been able to beat the Celtics and Rockets this season both of which I think will make the Finals this year instead of Golden State and Cleveland. The Wizards' best player John Wall is out for two months and the team was able to have a five game win streak without him. Unfortunately, they ended the streak in Philly last night and surprisingly, the two teams do not have a rivalry. As for the Sixers, I am not a fan mainly because I think "Trust the Process" is a bit over-hyped especially at my school, but I do think Joel Embiid is a good center but he needs to stay more healthy as with the rest of the team. The rest of the team is solid but they are all young so it'll take them a few years to be competing with the top teams. They're still recovering from several bad seasons and injuries.
  11. Misc GA Mumblings

    I find Hersheypark and the Harrisburg area to more associated with the Baltimore/Washington area more than the Philadelphia area. Its also closer to Baltimore than Philly by only a few miles. Even though they get mix between the two areas, a surprising majority of the guests during my visits to Hersheypark were from Maryland and wore stuff representing the area such as Orioles, Ravens, Redskins, and UMD apparel but there still a decent amount of people wearing Eagles, Penn State, etc. Stations from both Baltimore and Washington DC have covered footage at Hersheypark many times and I have heard a few commercials for the park on the radio in Anne Arundel County near BWI Airport and Annapolis. The Hershey Bears hockey team are more associated with Washington DC more than Philadelphia because it's the minor league affiliate of the Washington Capitals. As for the Lehigh Valley, they are more associated with Philly than NYC even though a lot of the population moving into the area is from New York. Philly stations cover the area more than New York and the furthest NY stations cover there is near the Delaware Water Gap and Phillipsburg.
  12. Hershey Park 2018 new rides

    Why does Hersheypark get crowded on opening weekend while opening weekend for Great Adventure is one of the least busiest weekends of the season?
  13. Miscellaneous Mumblings

    I-81 is one of the busiest truck routes in America as it is a by pass of I-95 between Washington DC and Virginia and NYC which is the busiest part of I-95. I-81 doesn't pass through any major cities but passes through many college towns in Virginia and New York.
  14. Miscellaneous Mumblings

    There is also no left lane shoulder on the Turnpike making it harder to pass slow vehicles on the right lane. There are times where bumper to bumper traffic is about to happen because of slower moving trucks.
  15. Miscellaneous Mumblings

    Last time I was on the Schuylkill Expressway, we were able to hit 65 in some parts because it was a Saturday. The problem about the PA Turnpike between Harrisburg and King of Prussia is that the truck drivers would drive around 50 to 60 miles per hour when the speed limit is now 70; maybe because of the amount of sharp turns and they are scared to lose control. If there weren't as many slow drivers on that stretch, most cars would fly between 80 and 90 on the straight parts and 65 to 75 on the turns.