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  1. Viper26

    GAH Members' Birthday Thread

    Sorry for the late response but thanks!
  2. Viper26

    Trip Report: September 29, 2018 - Fright Fest!

    I run cross country and I never really knew about the Wild Safari XC Invitational until one of my teammates told me about it. He had a few friends that ran the race. Winner of the race is from Pitman and ran the course in under 16 minutes. My school ran a different cross country race that day.
  3. Viper26

    Misc GA Mumblings

    It's been like that since August. The prices are probably this high so they don't lose money because of the amount of season pass and membership holders that get free parking.
  4. NJ Transit closed the entire Atlantic City Line for the rest of the year yesterday so they can add positive train control on all the trains which is mandatory by the end of the year. Some believe they may close the line permanently which will badly affect AC tourism and casino workers that rely on taking the train to work. They also removed Raritan Valley line trains to NYC because of positive train control as well forcing commuters to transfer to another train in Newark or Secaucus or take a ferry in Hoboken.
  5. They would also have to build a railroad line to connect to the park that would connect to the Northeast Corridor or to the North Jersey Coast Line via the old Blue Comet line in Lakehurst which is actually being rebuilt to serve a sand pit in Chatsworth. Where the NJ Coast Line ends in Point Pleasant Beach is a bit too far and out of the way to extend the line to Jackson and even Toms River and would require demolishing many homes and businesses. There's also a Conrail line along Route 537 that ends in Mt. Holly that could be extended up to Great Adventure but the already existing portion would need to be rebuilt to accommodate high speed trains. I don't expect NJ Transit to do something like this because it could struggle to attract passengers similarly to their Atlantic City services and wouldn't be able to operate year round.
  6. Viper26

    2019 and Beyond Speculation at SFGA

    We're probably going to get a coaster this year, most likely a Raptor. Some rumors about the Chance Morgan track is that it's going to Rye Playland but it's not confirmed. Also I agree that Six Flags should play the National Anthem at opening. Only went to the park at opening once which was for a class trip and they do nothing during opening. All they do is open the gates and let you go to where you want.
  7. Viper26

    Kennywood Removing Log Jammer

    SFNE has a restaurant called JB's Smokehouse that is themed to all 4 Boston teams even though Connecticut tends to support New York teams especially west of Hartford and New Haven. Small, local parks seem ideal in having a sports themed area except if they are in a market where they have two professional teams for the same sport such as NYC and LA. A sponsorship with a team can be acceptable too. I could see as park like Worlds of Fun have a Chiefs or Royals themed area as they are a big deal there but not really Six Flag America as they are near the border separating Ravens, O's and Redskins, Nats territory unless they do something related to the Capitals or Wizards.
  8. Viper26

    Great Adventure 6-28-18

    Most rides I had on Toro in a single day was 24. I could do more but I also marathon Nitro as well and crowds can affect how many rides I get too. This year I only have around 25 Nitro Rides and 15 El Toro rides in only three trips because I kinda don't like how the park and company is run this year and I have Cedar Fair passes this year as well. I'd rather visit Cedar Fair parks more than Six Flags parks. Also, I watch Millenniumforce on YouTube as well. His footage for roller coasters and trains are great and I am a bit of a train enthusiast as well.
  9. Viper26

    Mardi Gras Coming to Additional Six Flags Parks

    It leads to the Northern Star Arena I believe. It's probably to help guests get to a concert.
  10. Viper26

    Dorney Park 5-20-18

    I was able to get 5 rides on Steel Force without getting back in line on Saturday. Most ride ops don't allow rerides but there are a few that don't mind.
  11. Viper26

    You Know What Really Grinds My Gears?

    They literally said that the coaster is 205 feet tall in the broadcast as well. It's very misleading when they called Steel Vengeance the tallest and fastest when Kingda Ka is literally an hour away (you can sometimes see Philly on the top of Zumanjaro and Nitro).
  12. Viper26

    Misc GA Mumblings

    I have yet to see a security guard stand at the entrance for The Joker telling riders the no phones/keys rule that is done at El Toro.
  13. Viper26

    Misc GA Mumblings

    Do they still allow phones to be brought into the line for Nitro?
  14. Viper26

    Misc GA Mumblings

    It's gonna be partly cloudy with a high of 56. Good thing about today is that overall operations have improved drastically since my last visit; basically "back to normal". There were more employees, food lines were shorter, more places were open, and rides weren't breaking down too much. Park surprisingly wasn't too crowded despite the nice weather.
  15. Viper26

    Misc GA Mumblings

    Honestly, operations have gone downhill this year compared to last year. Staffing seems to be one of the main issues but it is always a problem with the spring season and after Fright Fest.