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  1. Disney Parks additions

    When I was at Hersheypark there was a store towards the front of the park that was selling mostly DC Super Hero merchandise and barely any Hershey Company products.
  2. Six Flags World’s Largest Snowball Fight - Now Dec 17th

    I found out that Storybook Land was open today. I believe there was also an ACE event there.
  3. Six Flags World’s Largest Snowball Fight - Now Dec 17th

    If it was colder and the snow sticked on the ground then we could do one in the parking lot.
  4. The current banners are ads about buying a season pass and they're rather ugly. I'd like to see them add more colorful banners instead.
  5. Misc GA Mumblings

    The park was dead on Friday. The only lines were for Superman, the Skyride, Justice League, and the restaurants with indoor seating. The Spirit of the Season show was decent but was kind of like a Christmas version of Dead Man's Party.
  6. This or that?

    Iron Macy's Parade or Dunkin Donuts Parade?
  7. Miscellaneous Mumblings

    Most Walmart Supercenters have around 50 registers and only open about 5 of them at the most. The one nearest to me actually replaced half their registers with self service ones that seem to break a lot.
  8. Miscellaneous Mumblings

    I guess Gillian's could be planning on building a larger attraction if they're removing their largest coaster. Unfortunately they don't have a lot of space as it's right next to their Ferris wheel which I don't see being removed.
  9. 11/9/17

    I was at the park too. The park was so dead that they didn't even sell Flash Passes. There was also no ride greeter checking for phones or keys at Kingda Ka. The only ride greeter I saw was on El Toro ans they didn't check for phones either. I also feel that it's always the same ride op on Nitro that warns riders about the phones.
  10. Misc GA Mumblings

    Frontier Adventures was closed yesterday for unknown reasons, possibly because of staffing. I also got 24 rides on El Toro yesterday too.
  11. I'm guessing it might be part of Joy to the World. I know the Showcase Theater was part of that section.
  12. This or that?

    The Pepsi Spire is I believe Pepsi's take on the Coca Cola Freestyle. Hersheypark has a few of them at one at the Founder's Place restaurant. I say Coca Cola Freestyle. Never used a Pepsi Spire. Mello Yello or Mountain Dew?
  13. The Green Lantern

    The final weekend of Fright Fest is usually the busiest weekend of the season. Luckily the Green Lantern line that's two hours long wasn't as long as some lines at Cedar Point during Halloweekends. I watched a video that showed the park during the event and Raptor had almost a 4 hour wait.
  14. This or that?

    Never tried Coca Cola Zero Sugar and it seems redundant so I say Diet Coke. Hershey or Mars?
  15. Hersheypark In The Dark, 10/22/17

    But Nitro runs all three trains and rarely stacks; the only time they do is when they want to fit in a larger rider. I guess the stacking has to do with the restraints and whoever in working.