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  1. IBOK

    Misc GA Mumblings

    Think I’m going to pull the old “car trouble” gimmick a few times over the next few weeks now that daily operations are starting. Haven’t been to the park yet this season. Need to resolve my coaster withdraw symptoms without my kids. Still furious I’ve been to Dollywood 3 times now and lightning rod has been down every time. Some nitro will put me in a better mood.
  2. IBOK

    Misc GA Mumblings

    Great adventure is literally a mile outside of Eagles territory. It has everything to do with Comcast since they only broadcast Philadelphia content. I believe Hawkins Rd (or close to it) which is just south of the park is the furthest north Comcast provides service before Cable Vision takes over and New York programming starts. The general rule of thumb I've always used was south of 195 are Eagles fans, north of 195 are Giant fans and we both don't care about the Jets.
  3. IBOK

    Misc GA Mumblings

    Just in case park management is here reading, I posted on the survey that I would not buy a discounted flash pass for 2 rides. After further deliberation on the topic I changed my mind. It's actually a pretty good idea and I likely would purchase on occasion.
  4. IBOK

    Misc GA Mumblings

    The concept sounds really cool. Wish I could test this out. Will be interested to see the reports afterward.
  5. IBOK

    You Know What Really Grinds My Gears?

    Contractors! I'm am one too, so you might say it's a taste of my own medicine but jeez it's hard to find the right ones. If there good, it costs a lot. If there cheap, it ends up costing a lot. With either pick, who knows when they will actually show up to work. I'm 2 months behind schedule. I need to be in before school starts for my kids, and this place is bleeding my money. Ugh!!! I also have only been to the park twice this season with a great big zero count so far with HH. Quite depressing but the new place will cheer me up when done and hopefully I can squeeze in a couple trips to HH before season end. Wish me luck people! I need all the luck I can get.
  6. Yup, it's a pretty cool episode. I love the behind the scenes type stuff. I learned a few things watching it. First, even the ride designer looked uncomfortable riding it. Second, I now need to ride a hot air balloon over the park. That one drone shot with 195 and the park looked amazing.
  7. I'm a little surprised HH is only up 2%. Would have guessed more. Still a lot of people showing up at the parks last year. Hope it continues so they keep investing back into it.
  8. IBOK

    Avatar to Come to Life at Disney's Animal Kingdom

    The flight of passage ride looks pretty sweet! Anyone know if it's basically Soarin turned Avatar? The videos being posted look like it's pretty awesome park. Can't wait to get down there.
  9. IBOK

    2018 and Beyond Speculation at SFGA

    I kinda miss Railer now.
  10. IBOK

    Hurricane Harbor 2017 Park Map

    We have had separation anxiety with HH since opening day. Was looking to finally go this coming Saturday but might wait another week to see if the temperature rises to warrant getting in that chilly water.
  11. IBOK

    El Toro/KK loose article policy

    GA is in a no win situation. A ban makes sense but clearly gets irritating for us the patrons. Free lockers would be nice but can see why that wouldn't make sense for the park. I always liked the pouch on the ride itself but then how can the park reliably get us to use it. Idk. Doesn't seem like there is a perfect solution.
  12. I'm going to guess Morey's in Wildwood Coaster is Sea Serpent.
  13. IBOK

    Hurricane Harbor 2017 Park Map

    Does water count?
  14. IBOK

    GAH Members' Birthday Thread

    Happy Birthday Harry.
  15. IBOK

    Hurricane Harbor 2017 Park Map

    Well, looking at the weather I can't imagine the park will be busy for opening weekend. Will be a great day perhaps for raft slide rerides.