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  1. I figured you guys might enjoy my most recent project and decided to share some pictures. I am in the process of restoring a 1972 Williams "Honey" Pinball machine. Here are some Before and In-progress photos, I just finished the cabinet repaint. I will post more pictures as I make more progress. BEFORE #1 BEFORE: OVERALL BEFORE: SIDE BEFORE: FRONT BEFORE: BACKBOX CABINET STRIPED AND SANDED CABINET BASE WHITE COAT & BLACK TRIM BACKBOX BASE WHITE AND BLACK TRIM BACKBOX WITH SILVER SPLATTER CABINET WITH 1ST STENCILING
  2. Great spotlight, I've been waiting for this one and you did not disappoint! You really brought back some great memories of my time as lead there and your timing on the release made me glad I don't have to work there this weekend!
  3. The footing on the last support on the transfer track.
  4. The first time I looked at this photo, I only noticed the red car on the Storage track in the station. I failed to notice the 3 sitting on the grass next to the lake! I have no idea about why those are there. My best guess would be based on the fact that there used to be a maintence shop under the station, but I was always under the impression it was an electical/lighting shop.
  5. The only time is stored on the Fort end is when a car can not travel back to the Dream Street end. The main reason for this was when a 'preclamp' occured. A 'preclamp' is when the clamp that secures the car to the cable is closed while it is in the station, therefore making impossible to place back on the cable. The car would be stored on the side track until the following morning when a ride mechanic would open the clamp. Every employee was always on the look-out for preclamps. Do not worry though, the launch mechanisim would not allow a preclamped car to pass, so there was no possibilit
  6. Because 2 additions were actually two seperate rides , Time Warp and a refurbished Skyride.
  7. There is a park I have been to a few times, Roebling Park in Trenton/Hamilton. I was reading about the park and came across this information that I thought some of you here would appreciate. I believe I took a picture of the staircase the last time I was there, I will look for it later to post. Does anyone else have any information on the park? This information and photos can be found at the Friends of the Marsh website. White City Hall Arcade Trolley Stop Boat dock on the lake Midway and roller coaster. Sp
  8. Irving, Texas operating from 1982-1984. There was also one in Tokyo, Japan from 1990-2006.
  9. There are no stairs leading to the Tower Catwalks in any of the towers. The only access to the catwalks is from inaccessable ladders. The door in the skyride station for tower 1 leads to a small platform used for storage of cleaning supplies for the ride, the rest is a big pit. Tower 2 has a small set of stairs leading to the 'Half-Level walkway' for employee access and to the lower portion of the fort. The lower area houses the counter weights for the sky ride and used to serve as a maintence shed. The small 'attic' in Tower 3 is an access to the ladder that leads to the tower
  10. The speed of the turntable is adjustable on both rides, so the operator can attempt to maintain consistent spacing, depending on the number of boats in use. In a perfect world, there would be one boat entering the station just as the next boat leaves the station, but we rarely had all boats in operation at one time to allow for that. If I remember correctly, the Log Flume can run with a maximum of 30 boats, but we had 20 on average.
  11. I am on the left in the photo on the lower left. I agree Dave! I also just got the chills from the picture with Laura, Sarah and Melissa. Good to see their smiling faces again!
  12. Thanks again! They came in the mail today just minutes before we left to go to the park. They came in handy!!
  13. Thanks!!! Will you post the answers? I wonder which ones I got wrong, I'm betting it was the miniture golf question.
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