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  1. NY Governor Cuomo is predicting at least two more weeks for the apex which makes me think four weeks at least as of now. After the apex then things need to subside overall. It’s going to be a while unfortunately. Not discounting the more serious people loss on top of this. Just saying from the theme park stand point we aren’t going in anytime soon.
  2. Not saying to not take precautions but also don’t get overhyped about it. Definitely is being taken more seriously around the country especially today but it doesn’t go from zero to die.
  3. I hadn’t seen a plan about this. Do you just mean they’ve removed some like SFNE’s?
  4. It’s a total joke. Their management and marketing are just terrible. If they fail it’s on them 100%.
  5. Really don’t think it will at all. The mouth is right down too the track practically.
  6. That train looks really awesome. Glad they really themed it.
  7. If that is really one of the train fronts it looks awesome!
  8. This is crazy stupid. Can’t believe that the park has to spend lawyer money on this crock. By the locker idiot.
  9. Really want to wait until all the rides are open.
  10. I agree. No need to add coaster to the name. Seems out of place.
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