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  1. I agree. No need to add coaster to the name. Seems out of place.
  2. Hagrid’s at IOA has a vertical drop now as well.
  3. 12 riders per train or as mentioned airtime moments?
  4. What if they are looking to add something like Infinity Falls or the new one that SDC announced. Probably to large of a budget but that could be interesting. I think it’s more likely a coaster but that would be pretty cool too.
  5. I wonder what the family river adventure is for Cedar Point.
  6. This same graphic is being used for the other parks too. Don’t think it’s hinting at anything specific for Great Adventure.
  7. I think you mean Wonder Woman. Railblazer is located at California’s Great America. Same coaster clone wise though.
  8. I also heard that they updated the date to match the chains date since first putting it up but haven’t seen it first hand yet.
  9. Exactly a lot of room for a very compact looking ride.
  10. Seems like a lot of empty space if that is what goes there. Unless something else got developed the splash zone would get lost too.
  11. The idea is it is wider so it can support 2 wide seats but won’t get the height that a T-Rex potentially will. I forget where I watched it but Alan mentioned that parks were asking for it and they were developing it. I think it was an interview at IAAPA. I could see SF’s going with something along those lines but not a T-Rex.
  12. They won’t really make money in the off-season or if they produce more than what’s used on a given day. Net-metered basically is like having a two way meter. When using more electric than is currently being produced the meter runs normally tracking usage to bill. When they produce more than what’s used the meter goes in the opposite direction basically building credit for future use. Going this route saves a ton of money because they don’t have to have batteries to store all of that energy. The draw back is that the park goes down when electric is out on the grid because they aren’t self sufficient. Not sure if Jersey is the same as NY but that usage / credit gets reset once a year and any extra produced over usage would get paid out but you really don’t want to be over because you only get a credit for production cost not what you’d see on your bill. So you want your anniversary date to be set so you don’t reset in prime months wasting what the banked in credit. Your anniversary is when ever you first turn it on but after the first year you can change it once. So as an example mine now resets for March 1st. That way I build up credit Spring - Fall when you generate the most and when you hit winter you have credit to draw from when you are using more than you can produce. By staying just under 100% they should never have wasted production and will only pay out 2% of what they used to have to. Very smart move.
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