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  1. This is crazy stupid. Can’t believe that the park has to spend lawyer money on this crock. By the locker idiot.
  2. Really want to wait until all the rides are open.
  3. I agree. No need to add coaster to the name. Seems out of place.
  4. Hagrid’s at IOA has a vertical drop now as well.
  5. 12 riders per train or as mentioned airtime moments?
  6. What if they are looking to add something like Infinity Falls or the new one that SDC announced. Probably to large of a budget but that could be interesting. I think it’s more likely a coaster but that would be pretty cool too.
  7. I wonder what the family river adventure is for Cedar Point.
  8. This same graphic is being used for the other parks too. Don’t think it’s hinting at anything specific for Great Adventure.
  9. I think you mean Wonder Woman. Railblazer is located at California’s Great America. Same coaster clone wise though.
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