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  1. I’ll be there to. We would enjoy meeting you. Can you private message and I’ll share my cell.
  2. So true I was between 10 to 30 lbs in the 70’s. Rough estimate LOL!
  3. Will you be at the media event? Would be great to meet you.
  4. I thought it was more about Canadian’s wanting to not feel like they are US based but I could totally be wrong. Can’t remember where I read that thought pattern but remember it.
  5. I’d be very happy if this was close to right for Great Adventure and SFNE. Only time will tell.
  6. Of course we won’t see it opening day. Standard Six Flags procedure. Can’t wait!
  7. I’ve already said that my comment might be overstated so the horse is already dead unless you work for the park. Get over it. My point is still valid since it’s my opinion. I also am not concerned with your feelings of importance. Thanks.
  8. I understand guys. I still disagree but that’s only my opinion. KK can run three trains so there’s more opportunity to get people loaded and unloaded. Chiller is a good comparison if they went with the three car trains like BGW. Maybe disastrous was over stated but I still don’t think it would be a good fit and also not a huge draw but again just my opinion. MF and WCR’s have multiple trains so they are going to have more capacity than a SRII. I’m not saying the park needs a Nitro people mover just something more than a one train SRII.
  9. I don’t have to get rid of how I feel. If I’m at Lake Compounce then great I’ll wait for Phobia. Which I really like BTW. If I’m at GA sorry I would think it should be better. There’s a reason Joker’s line is shorter. Fun but not a must ride on a visit. Before you say great I’ll get to ride more that’s not my point either. Just saying if the park wants a real draw it’s not a SRII clone. There will be better coaster additions at American Dreams.
  10. There’s no way this would work. I know the park hasn’t been that concerned with capacity but this would be a disastrous choice unless it had a Mr Freeze type shifting station. Maybe that would work but GA should get more than that. Sea World’s parks have been adding based on finance just to survive. Seeing that Gwazi might be getting RMC’d gives hope. Honestly I love Lake Compounce but their best steel coaster has no business being a GA addition.
  11. We could use a new good flat at the park. I applaud SF for trying new rides but Cyborg does nothing for me personally. I love HQ at SFNE so if the larger SFMM version comes great addition for the Park.
  12. ^Have you even ridden a giant discovery? They are awesome and it would be a solid addition to the park. I really don’t think a new coaster is coming next year.
  13. ^That would be a great addition. Harley Quinn at SFNE is awesome.
  14. I was able to get on the first full cycle this morning. It was fun but not as intense as I was expecting. Second ride was better so it seems to vary. Here’s a full off-ride that I shot this morning.
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