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  1. When I went to the park last Sunday I noticed that the trail for Wasteland was completely cleared out. I know usually Six Flags likes to keep everything up until next fright fest so that made me think that maybe it could be one of the new trails.
  2. I definitely regret not getting one for that day. It was needed.
  3. Since I was coming out to California for the Rose Bowl game. I had to check out Magic Mountain as I've been dying to see what it's all about. My day started out at about 1:30. First thing I noticed was that the park was extremely crowded. My first ride of the day was Full Throttle in be second to last row. It was close to an hour wait and it was a decent ride just very short. I walked around the park for alittle bit after and noticed lines were very long for all the rides and half the rides were closed. So I decided to head over to X2. This was one ride I looked forward to riding. It was almost a three hour wait and had a bunch of break downs which the ride attendent said happens all the time it's just normal. Before you ride they have a ride attendant who directs you to a locker in the station and you can't bring any lose articles on the ride. You can't even bring the souvineer cup with you. But it was only a dollar but very strange to see this in the station. I got the front row and it was a different experience from any rollercoaster I've ridden. It was a pretty decent ride but has alot of head banging. After X2 which took up my whole day I went to Twisted Colossus. This was my first RMC experience and it was awesome. I rode in the forth row and it was a very smooth and thrilling product they create. I was highly impressed. After that I decide to call it a night. The park was way to crowded the food lines were hours long the ride lines were just as bad. I wish I had more time to experience this park. They also had their Holiday in the park and from what I saw it was okay. They had alot of blank areas in their park since the whole thing is open. I also didn't like the park layout for alot of the rides as it was confusing to get to them. I ran into alot of dead ends and got lost quick. In the end it was nice to visit a different park other then Great Adventure. Full Throttle 1x X2 1x Twisted Colossus 1x
  4. Does anyone know if the parks packed today?
  5. I rode The Joker twice yesterday. I got to ride both the purple and green side. The green side is alot more intense. The only thing that stinks is that the ride is really short. Seems to be what I heard from most guests. Overall it was a good ride.
  6. Thursday and Friday are season pass holder days and Saturday is open to the public.
  7. Nice report The Joker looks awesome. I can't wait to check it out.
  8. ^There was a bring a friend free ticket for today.
  9. I submitted my information to give it a try. I've never done anything like this so it would be cool to do if I get it.
  10. That station rendering looks amazing. I feel like it's hard for us to get something as close with the type of coaster built.
  11. If only one day they could make it happen for real.
  12. I wanna go to the park after work today. I work until 5 whens the latest you can get into the park?
  13. They should've never bothered opening today.
  14. According to Great Adventure's website it seems like ths parks still open with limited rides. I don't see this lasting at all the parks gotta be dead.
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