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  1. I feel as if our park will become one of the more favored in the chain. I think with the opening of all this new parks in the area and parks like Hershey really stepping up their game, SFGADv will probably add more and more thrill based and unique coasters to truly establish the park as THE thrill capital of the northeast
  2. Went on RT once and lost all my brain cells. hated that ride but its better than a patch of dirt
  3. I say Golden Kingdom because it needs more attractions, it has KK and Zumi at the back end of it, but besides them, nothing. Another possibility is bringing back Balin’s Jungleland, as that plot of land is still there only being occupied by Bloodshed
  4. RIP LTSP. you will not be forgotten In other news, I’m hoping Road Runner Railway moving to the Golden Kingdom where Cell Block 6 is but they’ll likely move it to BBNP or where safari trucks were
  5. but on a serious note, i feel like 2021 will likely be a year where they focus on the kids areas and maybe the shows I can definitely see the following things happen -Safari Kids transformation to DC Super Friends -Rides at LTSP (which i believe is being removed) transferred to former Balin’s Jungleland which becomes DC Super Friends -Rides at new DC Super Friends area include Larson Swings (i forget what they’re called theres one at lots of parks), bucket blasters, and maybe a couple more innovative family rides. -BBNP becomes Bugs Bunny Boomtown, additional kids play area along with some of the LTSP rides and refurbished rides. Adding a bunch of new family orientated rides into a new DC Super Friends will not only knock out the need for a new kids area but also some amazing family rides! By focusing on this it will easier to focus on family/younger tier guests this year, then back to thrill next year.
  6. where is Six Flags FUN and what have you done to him
  7. Considering the ride will be next to Nitro, I’m assuming Nitro will get a paintjob? No way in hell the park lets it look like that especially with all the new flow of traffic headed to that side
  8. people are just dissapointed because they thought it’d be a trex or a dueler.
  9. The parks that were leaked were Over Texas - Aquaman themed power splash Great Escape- some sort of fully inverting pendulum that goes 165 feet. Great America - world record breaking water coaster Magic Mountain - a bag of chips also a couple water parks but who cares note that SFOT already closed the page EDIT: We also know that SFA is getting a giant discovery themed to Harley Quinn and SFNE is getting a Zamperla Endeavor themed to Supergirl
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