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  1. On 5/8/2020 at 12:49 AM, fetish911 said:

     I want my money back for my season & dining passes . I will not be renewing for the first time in...omg 16 yrs? 


    I emailed the park telling them I'm going to keep my memberships going to support them but that I'd like my money back for the dining passes and was told no refunds because they are extending the dining passes for however many months they are closed. 


    I normally renew the dining pass every September during the labor day sale but I won't be doing that this year. I still might inquire again about a refund since I don't plan on going back to the park at all this year and it's a decent chunk of money for something I have no plans on using due to no fault of my own. Worst case we could try a charge back on them for it but that's really not something I want to do so I'm hoping they just refund me. 

  2. Makes perfect sense really, it eliminates the need to run those trucks at a limited capacity as well as eliminates the need for the tour guide and driver.


    The lines to get into this might be crazy long though with people wanting something to do while still staying away from others.

  3. 43 minutes ago, Lemur said:

    This is solely my opinion, but I've sat through way too many poorly produced, half-baked, bastardized versions of Broadway shows on cruise ships to ever voluntarily sit through a show that isn't actually on Broadway or featuring my brother's kids.


    That's why they should and normally do stick to the animal, action and magic shows.


    Nobody goes to those to see great acting, you go to see animals, pyro and stuff blowing up and some stunts and some magic tricks.  

  4. On 3/25/2018 at 3:59 PM, PurpleRainingBlood said:

    I personally feel that SFGA would benefit way more with a focus on theming and shows right now than it would on rides. 


    I miss the dolphin and seal shows and while I like the joker I much would have preferred to keep the animal shows.


    I also think they really missed the boat by not having a justice league action show to coincide with the movie. 

  5. I'm a little late on this topic here but I'm sticking with my gold memberships, I was getting the season passes every year but made the switch in September simply so I didn't have to get to the park by a certain date anymore to activate them but now with these new memberships I may have to do the same thing again this fall.


    I'm not upgrading my membership though, the benefits for the prices are definitely not worth it to me when I'm paying $5 and change to go the park right now. I'll wait and see what happens but I'll most likely be keeping these memberships if they let us. 

  6. My hope is that this is a small, relatively small addition to free up capital for a "major" new attraction next year. Especially if the Meadowlands thing finally gets off the ground.


    I also wouldn't be surprised to see a later announcement of something for Hurricane Harbor.

    The Meadowlands American Dream mall, even if it ever opens (lol) still won't be anything that will directly compete with great adventure.

  7. I stopped in for a quick 2 hour visit yesterday just cause I was going past the park anyway and had some time to kill.


    We checked out the sea lion show for the first time this year, it's really good and only about 10 minutes. A major improvement over last year's show that was about the animal Olympics. They only use the sea lion for this one unlike last year when they used the pig and some other animals but it's definitely worth checking out.


    I really don't find myself to be much of a complainer when I go to parks but 2 things happened yesterday that annoyed me. I'm for the new loose articles policy that the park is using and that's because I've experienced way too many selfish morons who take their cell phones out on coasters in the past year and it seems like it keeps getting worse.


    So I saw them tell a few people to leave the station when they saw people had phones out or in their pockets. I get in the second to last row, immediately going up the lift hill there's some woman in the 4th or 5th row with their cell phone out already and she kept it out the entire time all the way back into the station.


    The staff didn't notice nor care so I said something to one of them as I got off but didn't stick around to see if they did anything. If they are going to try to stick to this policy they need to pay more attention and make examples of these people. I'm just sick of these selfish morons with complete disregard for the people behind them.


    They were also handing out the boarding tickets to keep track of the line on El Toro and nitro (the only 2 I went on) but the problem was there were no lines so why bother doing this? The staff wasn't checking them anyway and there was no reason to. Just pointless.


    I don't complain often about the park but this stuff just annoyed me today. The seal show was great and Nitro and El Toro were awesome as usual. I was just annoyed that instead of enjoying one of the best coasters in the world I was paying more attention to the selfish moron to see if her phone was going to come flying at my face.

  8. The downside was that during the battle action I couldn't really figure out what to shoot at, and the laser line from the gun to the screen didn't seem to be aligned all that well. Thus for most of the ride I couldn't even tell whether it was me shooting at certain targets or not (consider that there are 5 people shooting at the same time)


    My car was full with 6 people and it took me a few seconds to figure out what color my gun was shooting. I didn't think to look so maybe it's there and I didn't see it but it would be great if they put the color on the gun so you knew which one was yours.


    See these green robot things? That's the main thing to shoot at



  9. Justice League is awesome, I had only been on it once before but it really is such a fun ride. The lines weren't too bad today, I waited probably an hour but I expect the lines to be insane once it opens to everyone else.


    They did a great job on the theming around the area too with the addition of the bridge and the conversion of the restaurants and stores and bathrooms in the area.


    Great job by the park giving season pass holders exclusive access today and handing out free Dippin dots to try as well.



    Where do people keep getting pat downs? There's no pat downs.



    NJ has a similar law regarding theme park rules that can result in fines and jail time.



    Many parks have the box of phones, including Great Adventure. It's hard to tell how much it really works, since this stuff happens anyway.


    I haven't been to the park this season yet but I haven't seen any reports of pat downs happening either. Has anyone here actually had one or seen this done?

  11. The park has some pretty bad poison ivy infestations now. Lookout for it in Kingda Ka's queue, the Golden Kingdom walkways, on Bizarro's exit ramp where it is even hanging down and can rub someones head, El Toro's exit, etc. It does not appear the park is trying to control it.

    There was poison ivy in the ka queue last year, seems like they just ignored it and it's gotten even worse since then.

  12. I read on here that the Dark Knight had facial recognition software that changed patrons faces to the Joker on a video screen during the pre-screening area. I don't remember seeing this when I visited. Was this feature removed?

    It's like a joker type mask, it was working at times last season. It's after the pre-show area as you're walking up to the ride. Looks just like a TV screen. I haven't been this season yet so not sure if it's still there.

  13. Out of all the rides they can put vr on I think Zumanjaro is one of the worst. In my opinion Bizarro makes a lot more sense. When I ride Zumanjaro I like to enjoy the view from the top and vr kind of ruins it. I mean I could always ride without vr but still.

    I don't get it either, you have the tallest drop tower in the world which has an amazing view. I don't get why anyone would prefer to ride with virtual reality instead. I could understand all this VR stuff a lot more if the graphics didn't absolutely stink. They seriously don't look any better than a Playstation 2 game.

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