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  1. Park is closed today cause of the weather


    They really should send out an email when they close the park or even better have an option to have the app send you a notification for when the park is not opening or closing early. Hopefully most of you who planned to go today saw that it's closed.

  2. Yeah I try to avoid Saturday's as well except during Holiday in the Park where if you get there at opening lines are ok for the first 3 or 4 hours of the day.

    Absolutely what I'll be doing from now on as well lol I'm debating going back tomorrow since the weather is suppose to be bad and I'm annoyed I didn't get on El Toro or nitro lol I'm terribly addicted lol

  3. The line was almost out the front entrance, same with El Toro. I got on bizzaro last row which I really enjoyed in like 20 mins and skull mountain took about 20 mins too, the line was to the eyes inside. Batman had a line to the outside before the fan. Just not worth staying any longer. I got some soft serve ice cream and left lol I'm only like 30 to 35 mins from the park depending on how fast I drive so really not that big of a deal. The app was just so wrong on times it wasn't even close. Saying 15 mins for nitro when the line was easily 60 or more.


    I knew Saturdays were bad from everyone's opinions I've read on here but I was bored so I figured why not. I learned my lesson though and I'll never come back here on a Saturday lol

  4. Thank you, I think I'm just waiting till 330 to grab some food with the dining pass and leaving. Was able to get on bizzaro in about 20 mins but the app says 15 mins for nitro when its really like 60 mins. Learned my lesson lol

  5. So decided to make my first solo trip today, app is garbage. Says El Toro is a 5 min wait yet it's a 90 min wait. Clearly a rookie mistake by me to come on a Saturday afternoon but I was bored and had nothing else to do. Do you guys know which coasters have single rider lines if any? I haven't paid attention to that before

  6. I'm planning to go to Gadv this Sunday, a weekend before "bring-a-friend". Do you think it will be crowded? Hopefully people will wait till next weekend to go. But I also plan on going on the 8th so my kids can bring a friend.

    I don't know how bad our park gets with bring a friend days but I experienced it at over Texas earlier this month and it was so crowrded it was awful, some rides had close to 2 hour waits. If our park gets anything like that for these days I would just skip it and use the season ticket discount for extra tickets to bring your kids friend which I think is like 16 bucks.

  7. Six Flag's business strategy, lure people in with cheap admission prices and make the parks crowded. Then up charge people to death with up charge services in order to have a decent time with all the crowds.

    If I had money to burn I would probably get it but I plan on skipping almost all of July and August. There are enough times when the park is empty to take advantage of getting a season pass.

  8. Actually it seemed to clear out a bit. Waited about 30 mins for El Toro and then everything else was a station wait. Took my mom to the park, she hadn't been there since at least the mid 90s. Did El Toro, the runaway mine train, then the sky ride over to skull mountain back row lol then did dark Knight, front row of nitro and got on Houdini. Nitro was her favorite. It was a fun quick trip to the park.

  9. It's decently crowded. Parking lot didn't look crowded, but the lines are pretty big. Maybe the employees are just doing a bad job, or it's like this parachutes situation.

    I should have listened to you and stayed home, too crowded for me today lol

  10. They're only running 2 parachutes, and the line is really long. Why does Six Flags do this? They'll have like 8 open when nobody is here, but when it's crowded, they have 2.

    Is the park overall crowded today? I'm heading down there in a few

  11. Satans asked if there was someone to contact. You can call, email them via the selected category, or even send John Fitzgerald a letter himself.


    The park doesn't know what people want if they don't speak up or voice their opinion.

    Thanks and exactly, while I havent had any issues at great adventure yet I did get a survey from new England and I filled out the issues I ran into and it said it would notify the people in charge of that area. At least if you send something you know that at least someone is reading your issues.

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