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  1. Is there any reason why the six flags app can't give you wait times when youre not in the park? I'd love to take a look at the park and see the times were low and just head to the park instead of trying to ask is anyone there today and how are the crowds anytime I wanna go on a whime.

  2. I didn't make it to the park today, just wasn't feeling up to it. This is the first week since our park opened that I haven't been at a six flags parks somewhere in the country. I'm disappointed in myself lol

  3. I'm not trying the food though, but, I will try Kingda Ka in the front row for the first time. I don't care how long the wait it is, I'm doing it!

    If you get there when it opens the line shouldn't be that bad. I think I only waited 4 or 5 trains, totally worth the wait though! It's an incredible feeling in the front row with all the air being blown directly in your face.

  4. Great reports! Agree with a lot of your assessments of SFNE, though have always found the crowd to be a lot more pleasant than ours.


    Sounds like Sunday may have been a BAFF day -- those are bad everywhere but particularly crazy at that park, in my experience.


    You mentioned slow load times. Other than Thunderbolt (and the shuttles), were any rides running only one train? And did you happen to notice the parking lot tram situation? The last time I was there, they had a single one running for all guests, which was brutal.

    Thanks! I checked before hand and the events page and it wasn't a bring a friend free day or anything else going on so I have no clue why Saturday wasn't as crowded since both days were really nice weather wise.


    superman and cyclone were running 2 trains and maybe dark Knight(I just don't remember on that one) the rest were 1 from what I remember.


    The shuttles looked to be running pretty well, I only took it once and walked the other times since I was towards the front of the parking lot anyway.


    Also forgot to mention that we didnt see any of the souvenir penny machines in the park, my gf usually gets a few at each park we go to.

  5. 4/16


    Woke up early and ended up leaving around 630am with my gf and got in the parking lot around 930am, would have made even better time if it wasn't for some construction.


    I had no idea that the park was literally across the border from CT.


    The lot was almost empty when I showed up. They do early entry a bit differently at this park. Instead of letting only season pass holders in early through the main gates they let everyone in early and then checked peoples season passes at the ropes blocking off each side. There isn't much room outside the main gates so I assume that's why they do it like this.


    So we headed over to wicked cyclone since that was my main reason for wanting to go, they took almost 40 mins or so to get it going but we decided to wait it out and ended up getting on the first train of the day. This ride is so much fun that it was well worth the wait. Since the lines weren't bad yet we headed right back into the line and got another ride on it. The air time you get on this ride is just incredible. Being upside down with no restraints around your shoulders while you are getting air time is just so much damn fun. I also love the theme of this ride, the queue and even the TV monitors inside the station showing that the storm is coming is a great touch and something that they should really add to more of their rides. My only complaint is that you can't choose what row you want yet the flash pass people could. I ended up sitting towards the front, middle and back by the end of the trip but still annoying. The back rows have the most insane air time, I was literally out of my seat for the majority of the ride.


    Since there was no line for sky screamer we decided to do that next since it's right next to cyclone. I'm not afraid of heights but this thing just feels unsafe lol you are 400+ feet in the air hanging by 5 or 6 chains and it was so damn windy that the chair kept swinging around. I normally don't get nervous but this thing gave me sweaty palms haha my gf also couldn't wait to get off of it lol I definitely recommend doing it at least once but that was enough for me lol


    Blizzard river was open so we figured why not, this one depends on what seat you are in, I and the two guys I was sitting next to barely got wet but my gf and a little kid sitting across from us got hit a couple of times pretty good


    Next we went to flashback and the ride was fine going forward but banged my head around so much when it went backwards. Once was enough for me.


    Goliath was next and I hated this ride with a passion cause of the seats. For whatever reason the seats dug into the back of my legs and just hurt the entire ride, I got some nice bruises from it. That was the last time for that ride for me.


    Thunderbolt was next and celebrating its 75th year, I thought it was a fun ride but the load times are painfully slow with only 1 train being used.


    We did scream next it was one of my favorite tower rides. It starts off with shooting you up really fast to start and after you go up and down a few times it goes back to the top and holds you there for a bit then shoots you down really fast. I really liked that they did both in one cycle of the ride.


    We stopped for lunch at macho nacho, the chicken buritto was pretty good and I will definitely be going there are at our park.


    Catwomans whip was a short family coaster. Nothing really to say about it other then I really liked the themeing for it.


    Arkham asylum had a nice theme for a wild mouse ride too, you end up in a car for one of the Super villians from the batman comics. I wasn't expecting it but there is actually an on ride photo for this one.


    Crime wave was next, the swing ride, I thought the ride itself is gorgeous with all the villians up on the top of it.


    Superman was next, the lines moved pretty quickly for this one and it's one of only two rides in the park that you can pick your own row. We did the last row since the line wasn't that long for it. This ride is just so much fun that I have no idea why they are using what I feel like is an awful gimmick in the virtual reality. After experiencing it in Texas with the fighter jet visuals I just don't see the point in ruining a good ride with it. It's going to slow load times down so much and this park already has slow load times. I'm really curious to read reviews about it.


    There were no lines for mind eraser so we did front row on that, I've seen people complain about the roughness of the ride but we had no issues


    The dark Knight has a front row line that you can actually wait for but they assign the rest of the rows. We did front row and I liked the ride but the line took long for me to bother waiting again.


    I decided to get a slushie since it was on the snack menu there for the dining pass... What a mistake. I specifically told the girl working to make sure she presses snack and of course she presses dinner instead because she was bsing with her friends that were at the park and she gave me a oops my bad you have to go to guest relations. So off to there I went to get it fixed and the guy working there gave me a voucher for the dinner. He put in a complaint about her too, which is something I have never done before but I was annoyed because I specifically asked her to put snack and she ignored me. That was my first time getting a snack before dinner and I probably won't do it again unless I'm not getting dinner because it was a hassle.


    After that we went back to do wicked cyclone again and then grabbed some chicken tenders and fries because the bbq place line was just taking too long.


    The park was getting ready to close after that so we headed back to superman and ended up getting on the very last train of the night and it looked like the last ride in the entire park. Riding it at night was even more fun to me especially with the tunnels.


    Final ride count for the day

    Wicked cyclone 3x

    Superman 2x


    Sky screamer


    Scream tower


    Blizzard river


    Catwoman whip

    Arkham asylum

    Crime wave

    Mind eraser

    Batman Dark Knight




    We got to the park right at opening and went on the thunderbolt first since the line was so slow the day before.


    Headed over to superman next and waited for front row which was such a blast. The lines were so small that we went right back around and got on 2 more times.


    Did the jokers wild card flat ride next and I normally avoid rides that spin but I enjoyed this one and felt fine, I figured I need to build up my tolerance for spinning for our joker coaster lol


    We hadn't done pandemonium the day before and we also missed it in over Texas because the lines are always so long for it. Took about an hour to get on the ride and while it was fun it was totally not worth the wait. I'll be skipping that one in the future if the lines are like that.


    We started noticing how packed the park was getting and went over to cyclone and the line was way over an hour so we skipped it and decided to check out their Houdini.


    I have no idea if our Houdini ride was first or recently updated but outs is vastly superior. Basically nothing happens in the room prior, the water doesn't splash around, the other objects don't move, the gargoyles eyes don't light up. Then inside when you get on the ride, there is no crystal ball with his face, he doesn't talk to us like I remember from our ride, was also hard to hear cause the audio was so low. I did notice his face on the ceiling glass windows at the end but we were very surprised to see how inferior this version was compared to ours since I think it's such a great ride.



    Decided to grab chicken tenders for lunch since the lines were insanely long everywhere else for food now. I had the honey bbq chicken tenders and thought they were ok. I wish six flags as a whole had better French fries, I end up throwing the majority of them out most of the time.


    I was paying attention to the app while eating and it said cyclone had closed but then said 10 mins when we were done eating so we rushed over there and waited maybe 30 mins. Sat in the second to last row and the air time was just insane. I'm addicted to that ride. It was around 3pm so we decided to head out since it was so packed. I ended up buying a bright orange wicked cyclone shirt so that will be an easy way to spot me walking around great adventure hah we then grabbed some Kettle corn and headed out.


    Ride count..

    Superman 3x



    Jokers wild card



    Wicked cyclone


    Final thoughts...


    I expected Saturday to be the more crowded day but it wasn't at all. The crowds on Sunday after 12pm were nuts, I really didn't expect that at all.


    The ride operations are horrid at this park. All of the operators were very nice and looked like they were having fun. That being said the ride that had the fastest moving line was superman which is the one major ride they don't have some assinging rows on. I noticed a lot of the station queues here are definitely smaller then ours but they could still have someone at every ride let them fill up a bit and just let people choose their own rows which is what was happening at superman. This would vastly increase the speed at which these rides get filled.


    Another complaint is holy hell do the ride operators push down on the bars too forcefully. I'm a normal sized guy, there is no reason to shove the lap bars into my chest every time.


    Kettle corn! It was included on our dining pass here. How come we don't have this?


    The themeing overall is much better at this park, all the superhero stuff besides the dark Knight is all together. Wicked cyclone has a great theme throughout the entire ride.


    Now I have not noticed this at our park yet and this is my first time with a season pass in 10 years and I've been 3 times already and it hasn't been that crowded yet and the 2x this year I went to over Texas I didn't notice this either but the crowds at this park were much more trashy then I have experienced so far this season. Tons of parents cursing at their little kids, lots of line cutting without security doing anything and people taking pictures of the photo booth screens even after the people working the booths asked them to stop.


    Another thing I noticed was the season long picture pass was being promoted for 20 bucks, I paid 35 for it. Has anyone seen it being offered for 20 at our park?


    Overall we had a blast. I've been sick as a dog all weekend but we decided to go anyway. I could have easily rode the wicked cyclone all day. After being on this and the new Texas giant I would love for us to get a RMC. We might go up again but it would only be for a day just to ride it some more and maybe give the vr superman a chance.


















    After being on superman for the first time this weekend I really don't understand why they are doing virtual reality to that ride. The headsets are going to kill the load times for the trains. The ride is so much fun as it is I can't imagine wanting to look at a cell phone screen with the giant headsets for the entire ride. I'm really curious to see the reviews from everyone there when it starts.


    Wicked cyclone is so much fun that I may come back one day just to ride that and maybe go on superman 1x with the vr just to see the superman version since I've already seen the fighter jet one.

  7. Good to hear. I didn't like the assigned rows either and am dreading that when I go wed.

    Superman and mind eraser were the only ones that let me choose what row I wanted. The dark Knight has a front row only line but all the other rows were assigned.


    The park operations are very slow in comparison to our park, goliath especially. I don't think you will have any trouble though cause I got on so many rides today with only a couple of station waits for the most part so I don't see a Wednesday being more crowded then it was today.


    Just so you have an idea that without a flash pass I got on...


    Wicked cyclone 3x got on the first train of the day

    Superman 2x got on the last train of the day and I believe the last ride of the park

    Sky screamer - it's a must do to me, it's so high and feels so unsafe especially cause it was pretty windy today up there lol


    Scream tower - I enjoyed this one since it shot you up and then held you at the top and shot you down all in the same ride

    Goliath - hated it cause of the seats digging into the back of my legs which left a nice bruise on each

    Blizzard river - you don't get that wet and there were no lines, I was surprised it was open

    Flashback - comfortable going forward but a head banging miserable experience going backwards

    Catwoman whip

    Arkham asylum

    Crime wave

    Mind eraser - really enjoyed this one more then I expected to

    Batman Dark Knight


    My biggest complaint is that almost all the ride attendants push entirely way too hard down on the seats to the point where it hurts and is uncomfortable


    I'm going back tomorrow but probably will only do a half day, just want to get on the front row of superman and then ride wicked cyclone as much as possible and maybe try to get on pandemonium since I didn't get on it in Texas.

  8. Park was rather light today to me, didn't wait more then a few station stops for anything unless I was waiting for the front row on the few rides you can actually do it on.


    I enjoyed wicked cyclone so much, such a fun ride.


    Absolutely hate that they assign you to rows here on most rides. So happy our park doesn't do it.

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