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  1. 4/2


    I was expecting it to be crowded but had no idea how abysmal the lines would be. Turns out it was bring a friend free weekend for season pass holders and they opened at 9am instead of 1030am which I didn't know. I waited 2 hours for the bobsled ride. Also waited 2 hours for justice League cause it kept breaking down, literally broke down as I got on to the ride then they made us get off then when we were the first ones to get back on it broke down halfway through the ride and we were in there for another 15 mins. Absolutely ruined the ride for me.


    That being said I can't see myself going on the ride very often when we get one. Overall I just didn't think it was very good in comparison to other rides like this that I have been on. I'd rather go on toy Story mania or men in black instead of this one. The queue was nothing worth seeing and I would easily do the single rider line next time for it.


    I did manage to get on a decent amount considering the crowds and the fact I didn't get a flash pass.



    The virtual reality coaster shockwave

    Mr freeze


    Justice league


    Log flume

    Runaway mountain

    Jolly roger

    Yosemite Sams river ride (needed a break from the long lines lol)

    And closed the night out with the very last ride on Titan since we were able to get in the line before they closed it.


    I was only down there for a few days and the park was only open Saturday and Sunday so I had to deal with the crowds instead of just leaving, probably should have gotten a flash pass but I can never justify giving six flags more money for a system I don't agree with.


    I really liked the theming in this park where at least all the superhero rides are pretty much in one section. I thought the park looked beautiful. It seemed like there were a lot more trees over the walkways.


    Something happened that I've never seen before while waiting for Mr freeze, apparently a little kid tried to hold in it but couldn't and ended up pooping literally all over the queue (I guess his parents picked him and tried to walk him out quick, idk) the park employees took way too long to come and actually clean it up, I know it's a horrendous job but come on ya just can't leave it there for as long as they did.


    I really liked how this park has the picture pass scanners at each photo booth so you don't even have to ask the photo attendant to put the picture on your picture pass card. I wish Great Adventure would add this feature, we only have those at the main photo booth.


    I was able to get on the very last ride on Titan, they let everyone who was on the line get on and we didn't get out of there until almost 10:40. The ride operator fooled everyone into thinking we would get 1 re-ride since we were the last car and the reactions to his joke were hilarious lol this might have been my favorite ride in the park so far.


    All in all it was very hard to justify waiting on the lines we did but I still enjoyed a lot of the rides. I thought the virtual reality coaster was horrible, it looked blurry and the graphics were terrible, looked like a ps1 game like another poster on this forum said. I think I would have enjoyed the ride better without it. If they are gonna make this a permanent thing the graphics need to be vastly improved.





    Decided to go back in the morning for a few hours since I didn't get on Texas giant. Was able to get a few rides in


    Texas giant

    Mine train

    Jolly Roger



    The crowds were way less on this Sunday but I could only stay a few hours. Wish I could have stayed a bit longer to get a few more rides on Titan and Texas giant. Those two were my favorites.


    I didn't bother with batman cause the lines were insane for it on Saturday and I didn't have enough time on Sunday. I also skipped pandemonium cause the lines were crazy for it both days and those are my least favorite types of coasters.


    Riddlers revenge wasn't open yet but I'm not into the rides that spin but the thing looked cool.


    Having been to Fiesta six flags a bunch of years ago and now hitting over Texas I probably won't make a trip back to either park any time soon.


    I didn't really take many pictures which is my bad, I'll have to remember to take more next time.






  2. I don't think so. But in the App survey, they mentioned some feature like messaging security, which is genius. Because if somebody cuts in front of me, I'm not going to pick up my phone and call that number, with them standing 2 inches in front of me.

    Absolutely agree. They could have a phone number to text, a lot of the sporting arenas around here do that.

  3. Bring a friend days can be horrible for crowds. Last year I went to one in September before Fright Fest. Skull Mountain had a full queue which I had never seen before.

    I've definitely learned that, I'll never go again. This was because I had no choice cause the park was only open today and tomorrow.


    Some of the mens bathrooms have mirrors here though lol

  4. Six flags over Texas actually had the scanners at the Justice League ride. There was also an attendant working but it was nice being able to bypass waiting to asking her to scan it.

  5. Six flags over Texas is making miss great adventure. It's the only day I could go and of course it happens to be bring a friend day. The lines are abysmal. Waited 2 hours for the Justice League ride cause it kept breaking down and over 60 mins for Mr freeze. I'm just hoping I can get a ride on all the coasters minus batman.

  6. I got to try this out in six flags over Texas today. I thought it was cool for a one time thing but it's not something i would want in our park. The visuals weren't very good and actually seemed blurry. The headset itself isn't the most comfortable and basically is holding a Samsung Galaxy phone in it.


    You had the option to not wear the headset at least.


    Also my bigger concern with getting one of these in our park is that the wait times are going to be abysmal with the staff having to help people who can't put these things on properly.

  7. If you already bought the tickets you can download the Disney app and select which fast passes you want for each day. It's 3 per day. Once you use those 3 on the app you can select another 1 at the kiosks throughout the park. I highly recommend selecting the rides asap especially if you want the harder to get on rides, such as toy Story mania and the new snow white and seven dwarfs coaster. If you don't get the rides you want you can keep checking the app cause sometimes they do open up.


    If she likes beauty and the beast I thought that belles castle was a really cool place to eat. If she's doing epcot there are plenty of really nice places to eat. The Chinese food place in animal kingdom is good as well.


    If she's doing animal kingdom I suggest doing the safari ride early in the morning because most of the animals are awake and out and about then.


    Don't really need a locker in the theme parks, they have those bag cubbies on most of the rides right near your feet and you can just throw your stuff in there. I can't speak for the water parks because I've never been.

  8. They do have one by the main entrance where you collect your photos that I used when we got photos with the characters. Very easy to use.

    But unless I'm wrong you have to already have the numbers for the photos, when they closed the nitro booth the other night there was no way to get those numbers.

  9. Thanks


    Hopefully all the food places will be open soon. $35 sounds like a great price for unlimited on ride photo downloads.

    I ended up getting it as well, it's fantastic for the price. My only complaint was that they closed the nitro photo booth the other night so I missed out on getting the photos.


    I wish they would put scanners like Disney at each photo booth so you wouldn't even need to ask the person working to scan them.

  10. So my gf found 2 bathrooms that actually had mirrors, the one right near the exit and one over near harley quinn. I still didn't see any in the men's bathrooms.


    Awesome second trip. We got there around 4pm and got 12 rides in.


    3x nitro


    Dark Knight

    Skull mountain

    El toro

    El Diablo



    Green lantern


  11. I'm heading down later this afternoon for my 2nd trip of the season. Weather is perfect today for me.


    Didn't think it was worth making a thread for but anyone been to six flags over Texas? Ill be there on Saturday.

  12. Does anyone know if park allows guys to have a well kept short beard and longer hair to work at the park? Or do you have to be completely clean shaven? I tried searching for the correct answer but there is nothing that is really recent. Figured some of you guys would maybe notice how the employees are or maybe some of you currently work there. I'm thinking about applying. Thanks in advance!

  13. When I rode Skull Mountain today someone took their phone out on the brakes before the station and were told they would be thrown out if they take the phone out again. At least no one took their phone out on Nitro. During HITP it seemed like every week I was there they were stopping the train on the lift because someone had a phone out. Someone on Bizarro today also had a GoPro attached to their head with straps. They waited until the train left the station to take the camera out.


    These two girls next to us in the last row of nitro had a cell phone out the entire time. Nobody said anything to them until they went to the photo booth and wouldn't show them the picture cause their phone was clearly out in it. The girl running the booth said they could be thrown out for it but just warned them.

  14. So somebody threw up on Skull Mountain (saw them pouring that powder on the front car, and it was closed for about 2 laps).





    Haha wasn't me!


    My ride was ruined by someone who took out their cell phone for the entire ride so the operator was on the speaker the entire ride asking for them to put the phone away. I wish they would have thrown them out of the park but didn't see them approach anyone when we got off

  15. So today on nitro the photo booth wouldn't show the picture cause the 2 girls next to us had their cell phones out the entire ride, we were in the back row. She warned them that they could be kicked out but didn't get security or anything.


    Then on skull mountain someone took out a phone and it ruined the entire ride cause they wouldn't put it away and instead of hearing the music and effects all you heard was the operator over the speaker. They should have kicked the person out and let us re-ride.

  16. Went for my first trip with season passes this year with my gf. I was really impressed with how easy everything was, the passes, dining pass and photo pass were all easy to use and worked just like they were suppose to.


    Park wasn't very crowded today so it was a great day.


    My ride list for the day was

    Kingda ka front row and back row

    Nitro front row and then a reride in the back row


    Superman front row

    Skull mountain front row

    El Toro front row

    Dark Knight

    Batman front row

    Bizzaro front row

    Runaway mine train


    I felt bad for the people running El Toro. They were having issues when I was waiting because too many people didn't fit in the seats properly.


    Runaway mine train we sat in the second row and got banged around way more then I ever expected lol


    The food lines were run pretty well today and we both did 1 lunch and 2 snacks each. The funnel cakes were fantastic.


    Here's a question that both my gf and I noticed, why are there no mirrors in any of the bathrooms? We went in a few on different sides of the parks. Is there any reason for this? Just seems odd to not have them.


    All in all a great first trip and looking forward to going back down on Wednesday.

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