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  1. And, that's exactly what's happening. This is an evolution over time, with the shows changing into educational presentations. Eventually as the orcas die off they will most likely end up in a single park (probably Orlando since we have the largest of the pools).

    Doh, I completely missed that part. I think it's a really good move. The public perception has been so bad for them since blackfish that they basically had no choice but to give in.


    I was last there in 2011 and didn't enjoy the shows much, just did nothing for me as I would much rather just see the animals in their own environments.

  2. ^ That sounds interesting!


    This is my first year with a season pass and I'm certainly glad I added on the dining pass. The amount of choices seems great, and there's stuff I didn't even know they had like the mac and cheese bowls and root beer floats haha

    Same here about the dining pass, I've only had a season pass about ten years ago and didn't really take advantage of it. Really looking forward to next weekend. Can't get here quick enough.

  3. They can process the pass right at the main gate!

    If you have the print out they will scan it and give you & activate the pass right as you go in.

    Awesome thank you! I haven't had a season pass since El Toro opened and I just remember the process taking awhile.

  4. Two weeks to go!

    Very excited! I'm debating going down there at night on opening day just to get my passes so I don't have to wait on the line over the weekend. Is there a cutoff time for the processing? Like if I get there at 7pm will they still be doing it?

  5. I went to the 4 Disney parks just last month and gotta say I really didn't think it was worth the money.


    So many things in epcot are completely outdated and I hadn't been to epcot since 2000 and I couldn't believe that 16 years later they still had some of the exact same rides and attractions in a park that is suppose to be about the future and technology.


    Studios really doesn't have that much to do until all the new star wars and toy Story land stuff opens up.


    Magic Kingdom just has way too many sit in a car and look at animatronics for me.


    Animal Kingdom is actually my favorite of the parks due to the animals but they are opening that avatar land which really has nothing to do with the real theme of the park and is just a smart business attempt at getting people to go there.


    I also went to both universal parks while I was there and enjoyed them much more then the Disney parks. My biggest complaint with universal was the overuse of 3d rides. I find it lazy and boring. The new King Kong area looks amazing so far.


    All that being said I think they are all way over priced, food, parking, admission. The fact that I can get a gold season pass, gold dining pass and a photo pass for the year for around 220 for great adventure is what made me and my gf decide to get passes this year.

  6. The pass is unlimited, I emailed them this morning and they got back to me. Very excited about this! Here is the email...



    The photo was has unlimited free uploads for the season. Originally there was a charge. The charge is no longer part of the program. So the 34.99 charge is the only charge for the season. So enjoy the free uploads for the season. If you have any additional questions please contact me at this email.


    Rychard A. Hanshaw

    Park Manager Six Flags New Jersey/Hurricane Harbor/Safari Tours / Rockefeller Tree

    Digiphoto Global

  7. It's weird that I can't find a direct link for the picture pass but when I go to check out it pops up and says


    "Purchase a digital photo upload account for only $29.99 and add unlimited park photos to your account all season for only $1.99. Access them from anywhere!"


    The price that shows up is $34.99 in my cart. The wording is poor on this because I believe it's unlimited but why put the $1.99 there instead of just giving the real cost? It makes it almost sound like it's $1.99 per photo after the $29.99


    They should make it simple and just say for 35 bucks you get unlimited pictures for the entire season.

  8. Hey everyone, stumbled upon this forum after I've been looking for some reviews about the photo pass. I know the details about it but was looking to see if anyone here actually used it or thought it was worth getting? My gf and myself are gonna get gold passes and the gold dining passes but we are unsure about the photo pass. Thanks in advance!

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