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  1. I'll be keeping my stuff in my pockets and just saying no when they ask if I have anything in them. I have zippered pockets and I'm not even worried about. Unless they start using wands or metal detectors this will just be a half ass attempt at trying to get people to keep all their stuff in a locker.

  2. On opening day i saw the parallax from Green Lantern from the top of Nitro. Didn't really get a good view but it was clearly there. Can anyone take a look right before you go into the drop on Nitro this weekend?

    I'm pretty sure I remember seeing that last year as well in that spot.

  3. and how long is the ride itself?


    at least an hour wait for a half hour safari ride is a reasonable ratio....

    I don't remember exactly but didn't feel like even 2 minutes. I went on it at over Texas. It had huge lines both days I was there and it kept breaking down so it made the waits even longer.


    Personally, I didn't think it was all that great and I definitely won't be waiting on long lines for it. I only went on it once but I am looking forward to going on it a few more times though to see if my opinion changes on it.

  4. Does this season fast lane include the houses for Haunt? For the most part, Dorney doesn't get nearly as long lines as GADV does.




    Im considering getting one at kings Dominion so I can go on Saturdays and not worry about lines since that is their most crowded day usually. Then go to Busch Gardens on Sunday and head home that night.

  5. James Cameron has started work on Avatar 2, 3, 4, and 5. (Story HERE.)


    I am sorry, but I just can't get worked up about Avatar. I mean, I am not a huge Star Wars or Harry Potter fan either (I have never seen any of the HP movies). But I have never heard of anyone other than James Cameron excited about Avatar. Even the Disney Imagineers sound like they are acting when they describe how good the IP is for making theme park attractions.

    I had never seen any of the Harry Potter movies either until last year, my gf is a huge fan and we had a planned trip to Orlando so I figured I'd finally give them a watch. I thought they were entertaining, much better then I expected and it definitely made me appreciate all the details in the parks more. Can't say I'd re-watch them or anything though.



    ^ Did you end up making it into the event? I know they had originally targeted a specific number of people but that number was blown away and guests were joining in right up to the kiss countdown.

    We made it in! I'm glad we stayed on the line cause many people walked away quite aggravated.


    I believe it had to do with the amount of 'witnesses' they had.

    Matt stated elsewhere Guinness requires 1 witness per X participants. We probably only had X number of witnesses which only allowed the X amount of couples.

    That makes sense but I never knew that until today. I think that was part of the problem, they should have been clearer in advance that there was an actual cap on the amount of people that they wanted. They were handing out flyers when you went through parking promoting it. There were quite a few people aggravated in the line and they ended up expanded the area where they had everyone doing it. I'm not sure how many people weren't allowed to do it that actually wanted to but just think they should be better prepared next time if they do it again cause it was a great time other then not knowing if we were gonna be allowed to do it.
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  7. This is a major fail for the park pr wise. They have a set limit for the amount of couples for the record. Lots of unhappy people on line now. I don't complain about the park much but this is just silly. They should have announced the amount of couples in advance that they needed if there was a limit. Now they have people waiting in a line that are going to be unhappy. Silly when this could have been easily avoided.

  8. I know exactly what you are talking about. Night rides on MF where brutal. first row rides came off COVERED in bugs

    Do you remember when that was? I'm going back next year but I need to avoid that time frame. It was so disgusting lol


    Congrats on the wedding, I think this is a great idea for a bachelors party.

  9. Someone else can probably answer this as to the exact time frame cause I haven't been there since like 09/10 but when I had gone then the place was packed with those awful annoying bugs. I want to say it was around may/June but I don't remember exactly. I'd definitely avoid going whenever those things are there lol

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