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  1. From my experience the purple side rarely flips, I've gone on it several times and only get 1 flip on the purple side here and there but mostly 0 flips. If there is no line I always ask for the green side, I always flip at least 2x on the green side, the most I had so far was 4 flips. I have no problems with the purple side not flipping as much if they actually let us choose what side we want. I've started to just ask for the green side if they say purple, most say fine but some say no. I don't argue but it's always worth asking.
  2. I don't know about the other parks but over Texas had a single rider line. Definitely the way to go for this when it's crowded if you don't mind being split up.
  3. Definitely agree with you, I only got checked 1 time out of my 5 days at Disney last January. I don't see how randomly selecting people does anything to prevent anything but what do we know lol
  4. Looks like we are trying to break six flags over Georgias record http://abc7ny.com/society/over-400-people-set-world-record-for-most-couples-kissing-under-mistletoe-/1123419/
  5. I saw this on here but don't see anything about it on the six flags site. http://njtoday.net/2016/11/07/six-flags-great-adventure-winter-wonderland/ On December 10, Six Flags will attempt to break the world record for most couples kissing under the mistletoe. Guests interested in participating will find more information online at sixflags.com/greatadventure. The Coca-Cola Polar Bear will make a special appearance that day between 1 and 6 p.m.
  6. Winter would win for me if they decide to open El Toro but until then it's spring. Lines are basically non existent and all the rides are open.
  7. I'm really curious to see how universals new water park volcano Bay works out. They are doing virtual queues for everyone in the park. Problem with that is there has to be enough space and other things for people to do if they aren't waiting in line.
  8. Great report, I'm debating getting there for Xmas candy Lane. I'm still on the fence about a season pass next year. It's just so much more expensive with no dining pass, I wish they had one of some nature
  9. I haven't bought tickets yet but I plan on going.
  10. That line was probably longer because they have been given out exit passes to people when the VR doesn't work.
  11. Good they shouldn't even warn them. Toss these idiots right out of the park and ban them. I have no use for them.
  12. Yeah that's understandable. Just a shame people are so inconsiderate. Ive found that I've been sitting closer to the front rows instead of the back lately so I can enjoy the rides and not have to worry if some idiot towards the front of the train has their cell phone out.
  13. Did you say anything to this kids or the staff? I've yelled at people before on rides when people take their phones out. Some look at me like I'm crazy which might be partially true but they always stop.
  14. This is horrifying, hopefully these kids can somehow manage to find some peace in their lives. Thoughts are with their family and friends. http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-3869782/amp/Tragedy-Australian-theme-park-four-people-CRUSHED-death-Thunder-River-Rapids-water-ride-flips-over.html
  15. I'm doing the cedar fair platinum pass next year including then dinning pass and drink bottle. I love the fact that Dorney has the bins that they slide back and forth so you don't have to worry about someone taking your stuff. Their haunts are amazing plus I'm planning on hitting up Cedar point, Kings island and Carowinds. Also plan on hitting up kings dominion several times next year since I am getting a Busch Gardens season pass as well. I agree that cedar fair definitely changes a lot more but I noticed the difference in the crowd as well in my 1 free trip to Dorney this year. I'd like
  16. How was the wine event itself? Is it actually worth doing?
  17. That's disappointing, I went through that one 3x. What did she look like?
  18. So thanks to a lot of suggestions here my gf and me ended up buying cedar fair platinum passes as well as the platinum dining passes and got the drink bottles as well. Getting the passes for next year allowed us a free visit to Dorney this year and I've been really wanting to go just to check out their haunts. This is the park I actually went to more as a kid then great adventure even though I live closer to great adventure so this park has always been a favorite of mine. I absolutely flew to the park with no traffic. I'm about 70 mins away but I really forgot how easy the drive is.
  19. Ugh I'm so sick of this virtual reality garbage. I can't wait for this fad to be over.
  20. Great to know that October is a good time to go when so many other parks are packed. Are you planning on going to their Christmas event? I held off on getting a season pass so far, I can't make it there during Halloween right now so I'm thinking of checking out the park during the Xmas event and deciding then if I want to get a season pass for next year.
  21. I haven't wrote up a trip report yet but I went to Dorney on Saturday and it's not even fair to compare great adventure to them. Dorneys haunts blows them away.
  22. I finally got on this yesterday and in my honest opinion it stinks. It's the same concept of being in a cockpit and a shooting pilot as the one in over Texas except that was fighting aliens and the scenery was different. The biggest improvement is that the new headsets are much easier to adjust so this should actually help make the lines go faster but they were just as slow. I'm just not impressed by the subpar video game graphics.
  23. Thank you! I'm very excited to check out their haunts, that's my main reason for going as I've been on almost all their coasters before.
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