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  1. It depends on what time you went. I went to voodoo island around 730 or so and walked right in. I waited maybe 10 mins for the Manor on the express pass line as well.
  2. My problem with slash was the women weren't hot enough or good enough dancers to have to look at them dance for as long as they did. I thought he was entertaining though, I'd just rather have seen some more tricks.
  3. I waited maybe 10 mins for blood Manor / wasteland. Everything else I just basically walked in. Didn't do total darkness yet. Not sure how many times I would keep doing the trails though. I also watched that show in the boardwalk something brothers with the older guy and woman and the clown. It was terrible, for the first few minutes I thought it was part of the act but by the end I wasn't even sure lol they kept dropping things during juggling and not doing any of the tricks well lol
  4. Actually saw the sign tonight and the price looked like it went up to 55
  5. I'm having a blast. Watched awakening and dead mans party to start the day. Did all the trails except for cell block 6 which is closed today and total darkness. Maybe it's just cause it's my first time here during fright fest but I think it's a ton of fun. The park looks fantastic too. Atmosphere is awesome. I didn't go on any rides but the lines look like they started to get long. I'm not here to really get on any rides though, I've been on them enough times this year. I'm gonna check out the slash show next.
  6. For fright fest? It was 45 bucks, I think they already included the tax.
  7. I'm curious as well, I'm actually going to the avatar cirque show called toruk this weekend at the prudential center. I'm curious how many people actually go.
  8. I'm going tomorrow too, the mazes are the priority for me since I bought the express pass. I love the rides but I've been on so much this year already that I'm looking forward to trying some new things.
  9. Only went once this year for my first visit ever. I went on a Sunday when it was supposed to rain, it ended up being empty and sunny until about 4pm when the rain started but I was already in the car on the way home. I was able to get on everything several times cause there were basically no lines. Most of the time it took longer to walk through the queue then waiting to get on. I can't imagine ever going here when it's crowded though. I will go back next year but I'll probably chance it with a bad weather day or go really early on during the season.
  10. I'll believe it when I see it, I remember when they started construction on this disaster over 10 years ago now cause it removed where I use to park at Devils games, the Devils got an arena built in that time frame and next year will be the 10th year of that building already lol
  11. I switched to Virgin Mobile years ago when I got sick of paying over a hundred bucks a month. One of the best decisions I've ever made. You have to buy your phone, there are plenty of options but I only pay 35 bucks a month for unlimited data, calls and texts. They throttle the internet speed after a certain amount of data but I'm almost always on WiFi anyway that I rarely ever go over anyway. I'm still saving so much money, I'm finally getting my gf to switch over because she's been paying something stupid like 130 bucks a month. I just upgrade my phone whenever I feel like and usually g
  12. I went there for a Saturday/Sunday trip there in April with my gf. We stayed at... BEST WESTERN Springfield West Inn 429 Riverdale Street West Springfield , Massachusetts It was a perfect hotel for a theme park trip, it was clean, maybe 7 miles from the park and was around 100 bucks for the night. Wicked cyclone was my favorite but supermans lines seemed to be longer when we were there. Cyclone we went to first on Saturday and got on a bunch of times with short waits and Sunday we did superman first and rode 3 or 4 times in a row but you just have to keep going around throug
  13. Thanks for posting that Harry! My gf and I both got the 45 buck express pass. It will be our first time going during fright fest, I don't know why I've never gone before. I know a lot of people post that it sucks and is super packed and all that but I'm excited about it.
  14. The quality of those pictures is awesome. What are you using to take them?
  15. Can't help ya here but I always read about problems people have with the membership and that's why I chose to just pay in full again. Doesn't seem worth the headache to deal with the membership.
  16. Do you remember how much you paid? It's 189 right now and for new pass holders you get a free day at whatever park you choose to be your home park or if you're renewing you get a free flash pass. What did you guys do for food? Looking at the dining plan, you get a lunch and a dinner. No snacks and the free refill bottle is extra. It really is amazing how spoiled we are at great adventure when I start looking at prices. My goal is to do a loop of Kennywood, 2 days at Cedar Point, Kings Island, Kentucky Kingdom, Dollywood and maybe Kings Dominion on the way back home. Carowin
  17. Anyone know when the cheapest price is for this or do they not do sales like six flags? I'm thinking about hitting up Cedar Point, Kings Island/Dominion and Carowinds over the course of next year plus Dorney is close by so the platinum pass would definitely be worth it. Anyone else get one? Or have the dining pass as well?
  18. I didn't have any problems today on bizzaro other then them just being slow, they weren't goofing off though.
  19. I bought the express pass today. I've never been during fright fest before but for the price difference it seemed worth it to skip the lines.
  20. I love it, it's definitely more fun when you get more flips. That being said I feel like if the line is longer then 20 minutes that it's not worth waiting because of how short the ride is.
  21. If you go a lot it's well worth it, especially at this price.
  22. I only went on once but I don't remember there really being any actual targets. The joker is really the only actual set piece on the ride, there are other props but nothing that I remember being anything other then just set objects.
  23. SeaWorld wanted to get rid of it in the first place so why would they want it back?
  24. I went to the theme park side back in 01 when it was worlds of adventure. I loved the place on my visit. Hate to see any park close, especially for the locals.
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