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  1. I like that it's optional as well. I have little to no interest in going on any of the trails and Halloween stuff. I love horror movies but I can't stand Halloween lol
  2. Anyone know how long the ERT is tonight? I don't see the times posted anywhere.
  3. That makes sense and I really hope you're right. The groupers in new England was the one thing I really hated about the park.
  4. Someone on facebook said nitro has row numbers painted on the floor now. I really hope this doesn't mean we are going to start having groupers
  5. You don't have to wear it but you still have to wait in the lines which will be longer.
  6. I'm thrilled that this isn't on Nitro. This version sounds exactly like the fighter jet one with aliens except they just replaced them with gargoyles lol
  7. That ride has double tubes as well. I just went on it on Sunday with a double tube, weight can't exceed 400 pounds with 2 people.
  8. I didn't see what he said but good move, what an insufferable person.
  9. I'm looking to maybe get Hershey Park season passes next year, what are everyones thoughts on the 230 buck season pass plus option that gets you in the rest of this year and next year? I'm like 2.5 hours away from there and really enjoyed it the last time I visited in 2014.
  10. Anyone going today? I'm debating going to hurricane harbor if it actually opens since with his weather the crowds might not be so bad and I still haven't gone there yet.
  11. I got one for 9.99 and one for 14.99. Either way I won't be going since it's going to be way too crowded. I can't wait for September to get there already. It's way too hot for me to enjoy myself at the park.
  12. Doing things like this is better for business in the long run though. Those people will be more inclined to come back another day and tell their friends and families about how great their experience was.
  13. I know it's getting to be more and more superhero movies and TV shows but they have been happening since 2000 now and it has shown no signs of dying down at the box office as long as the movies are done well. It's the ones that are garbage that flop, like the last fantastic four and Spider-Man movies
  14. I don't know if this is setup here already and I missed it but other forums I'm on have an amazon referral link to buy anything on amazon and then amazon gives you a certain percentage. It's a great way for members to help out and support the website without actually donating money.
  15. I would only be able to do that on Saturday or Sunday, when have you noticed the park not being as busy? I'd probably skip July and August because I really don't enjoy the heat
  16. I waited about 20 mins and that's because I went there as soon as the park opened. I thought the graphics were awful and it was completely pointless. I hope this vr fade goes away asap
  17. How much do you want them to raise it to? I'm probably going to get Hershey season passes for next year as well plus a Cedar fair platinum pass because I have a few trips planned already that will be near Cedar fair parks. I figure I can hit Hershey a few times next year and get my moneys worth but it's just a hard park for me to do without having to stay over. A day trip would take some of the fun out of it when I have 5 hours of driving to do in total. I may try it though and see how I like actually doing that.
  18. That's because some of us don't really have any other realistic choices, for me personally dorney is 90 minutes and I don't think it's worth the drive cause I don't care about the water park. Hershey is 2.5 hours away. I can get to great adventure in 35 minutes. I think it's a lovely place with some of the best coasters out there and people buy the passes cause it's worth the money and it's fun!
  19. I really like the animal show, we usually try to eat before and then go sit and watch the animal show to digest before hitting up more rides. I haven't checked out the magic show yet but I definitely agree with you guys, the more shows the better.
  20. Yeah I read it wrong, perhaps they plan on removing the chiller hand building since it looks out of place now anyway
  21. I enjoy reading reports like this since so many of us are focused on coasters. It's nice to read a different perspective. Did you make your own chocolate bar or go on the how to make chocolate ride at chocolate world?
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