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    I don't think the markers would be installed for groupers. The row markers on Nitro which have been around at least two weeks now are most likely added for to help guests choosing their rows know which one they are boarding beforehand instead of them knowing when it is their turn. Hopefully other coasters in the park add markers for convenience instead for assigning rows.

    That makes sense and I really hope you're right. The groupers in new England was the one thing I really hated about the park.

  2. http://www.nj.com/ocean/index.ssf/2016/08/woman_allegedly_hurt_on_king_cobra_at_six_flags_su.html


    Woman who broke her ankle on King Cobra last year is suing Six Flags for $3 million. I don't understand how they let her on in the first place when they exceeded the weight limit and went on a double tube when it is meant for single.

    That ride has double tubes as well. I just went on it on Sunday with a double tube, weight can't exceed 400 pounds with 2 people.

  3. I'm looking to maybe get Hershey Park season passes next year, what are everyones thoughts on the 230 buck season pass plus option that gets you in the rest of this year and next year? I'm like 2.5 hours away from there and really enjoyed it the last time I visited in 2014.

  4. ^That's classy but frankly silly. If the system is open for the day, they shouldn't turn down business from people -- even if they're stupid or uninformed enough to want to buy it on an empty day.

    Doing things like this is better for business in the long run though. Those people will be more inclined to come back another day and tell their friends and families about how great their experience was.

  5. I think with the endless number of superhero movies scheduled to come out over he next few years, people are going to OD on them and their popularity will begin to decline. That's one of the reasons I think Disney's redo of the Tower of Terror is a bad idea. It is like when several years back every studio started pumping out animated films at the same time and saturated audiences to the point were none of them seemed special for awhile.


    I know it's getting to be more and more superhero movies and TV shows but they have been happening since 2000 now and it has shown no signs of dying down at the box office as long as the movies are done well. It's the ones that are garbage that flop, like the last fantastic four and Spider-Man movies

  6. Just for the record, I do not make one penny on this site and when you throw in the costs associated with it (domains, web hosting services, newsletters, etc.) the small book royalties don't cover the costs either. Sure, I could load the site up with ads, but my feeling is that it would take away from the site and so GAH is ad-free. I never looked at setting this up as a profit-making endeavor. The biggest payoffs for me are the members and the support we do get from the park and the GA community. I like to believe we formed a nice little village here.


    Take care Railer.

    I don't know if this is setup here already and I missed it but other forums I'm on have an amazon referral link to buy anything on amazon and then amazon gives you a certain percentage. It's a great way for members to help out and support the website without actually donating money.

  7. I do that several times a year to Hershey. Drive 2.5 hours, spend 9am to 10pm in the park, and drive 2.5 hours home. Hershey is a nicer, classier park than GADV.


    Railer, my parents who visited GADV back in the 70s said there were lots of scumbags in the park even back then. GADV just has a long history of bringing in the scumbags since it's early days.

    I would only be able to do that on Saturday or Sunday, when have you noticed the park not being as busy? I'd probably skip July and August because I really don't enjoy the heat

  8. In my own experience,I waited about 45 minutes for Shockwave at SFOT, which was averaging 10 minute dispatches. This was on a day where every other ride was a walk-on.

    I waited about 20 mins and that's because I went there as soon as the park opened. I thought the graphics were awful and it was completely pointless. I hope this vr fade goes away asap

  9. How much do you want them to raise it to? I'm probably going to get Hershey season passes for next year as well plus a Cedar fair platinum pass because I have a few trips planned already that will be near Cedar fair parks. I figure I can hit Hershey a few times next year and get my moneys worth but it's just a hard park for me to do without having to stay over. A day trip would take some of the fun out of it when I have 5 hours of driving to do in total. I may try it though and see how I like actually doing that.

  10. I know, it's not like it's some big surprise that when it gets hot out they hit capacity when it's been going on for year's. Now it's just getting to the point it happens a couple times a Week. This guy is some Dorney fanboy that buy's a Pass for that place every year no matter what, and that says alot right there. What was the last decent thing they added "Stinger"? A re-located Boomerang lol. And that is exactly what the main problem is. Maybe if all these clown's didn't buy a GA Pass the year's they add crap, or "clones", and they saw a drop-off in pass sales, maybe they wouldn't add crappy clones anymore. But no, they all go and buy them, and that tells the Park they don't have to add quality attraction's when they can add a Super-Loop and still see an increase in Pass Sales. I'm picky who gets my Money, that is the only real power any of us have. Add crap, and ya' ain't getting my Money. And when i spend, it's in "three"s" so they ain't just losing my Money, they are losing a Family's spending. I buy 3 of everything when i'm in the Park.

    That's because some of us don't really have any other realistic choices, for me personally dorney is 90 minutes and I don't think it's worth the drive cause I don't care about the water park. Hershey is 2.5 hours away. I can get to great adventure in 35 minutes. I think it's a lovely place with some of the best coasters out there and people buy the passes cause it's worth the money and it's fun!

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