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  1. Then why are you here in the first place complaining about something you don't like at a park you don't even go to at the moment. Clearly you just don't move on
  2. What a pointless battle you are facing. I really don't get the outrage here. Would justice league go better over at the boardwalk? Sure I agree but the chiller spot hasn't been used for over 9 years now. Something in that spot is better then nothing.
  3. RMC conversions are amazing though and I would never complain about there being more and more of them.
  4. Amen! Only poster on here that I wish there was an ignore feature for.
  5. Well I know this is my first year with season passes in 10 years but I've been having a blast at the park this year and definitely plan on renewing. The price and the distance make it a no brainer to me. My opinion on justice league is that I need to ride it again. I waited 2 hours at over Texas to get on cause it kept breaking down, then just as I got on they made us get off and we had to wait some more then when I finally got on it stopped halfway through for awhile before starting again. I really need to ride it again but it's not something I'm ever going to wait on a long line for.
  6. My lord you just love retyping the same stuff over and over and over.
  7. Correct me if I'm wrong but isn't Legoland mainly for kids? I don't think it would take away from six flags overall if it's mainly for kids since that's not six flags demographic anyway
  8. Absolutely craziness in Dallas tonight. 5 officers killed and several others injured. I stayed a few blocks away from where this all happened a few months ago, it was a lovely city. Just so much senseless violence. Just seems to be getting worse for our country, 3 goofball horrible presidential candidates, a horrible job market, more and more awful shootings. Ugh just a terrible night for our country.
  9. The only reason I say no to this is because those 2 flat rides could be put in other spaces in the park. Putting those 2 there would really just waste the potential of that space.
  10. Not trying to be mean but asking every day isn't going to change the anything.
  11. I don't think anyone considers El Diablo a new huge coaster though especially since basically every park in the chain has one now.
  12. Depends on the size of the flat rides but I think there's plenty of room on the long queue walk over to zumanjaro, plus that would get more people over into that area. I agree with you that it would be a waste of space to put flat rides in the chillers spot. Same for the justice league ride when they already have a building that just needs to be cleared out for it and maybe just move one of those up charge rides
  13. I did the gold dining pass this year and got my moneys worth months ago. Go fresh cafe is where I eat most of the time since I try to eat as healthy as possible but macho nacho would be my second choice. I agree with best of the West needing to have more unique items to it. I only ate there once so far and thought the Mac and cheese was meh And my dining pass tip for anyone who has at least 2 dining passes is get the soft serve ice cream near nitro and a funnel cake since they are both snacks and put the ice cream on the funnel cake. It's amazing lol
  14. Apparently the blue train is wrapped and apparently it's elaborate. Ugh. Good thing I don't watch that show to begin with.
  15. They put up signage for impractical Jokers on ka for sure, saw the picture on Facebook, one poster hinted at a wrap on one of the trains too. The first part is bad enough but the latter is even worse. Hope it's not true.
  16. Hopefully people are smart and don't bother paying for this so it doesn't become a new trend.
  17. Can't help with that question but I will say there is poison ivy throughout the queues walkway. I made several complaints about it in the surveys they send to me. Just make sure if you lean on the rails that you watch where you lean cause it's on the sides through a lot of the queue.
  18. I have the season and dining pass so other then a locker I wasn't going to spend anything else extra besides gas and tolls and I only live like 35 to 40 mins away. Weekends are the only real time I can go at the moment. I may just stay home and relax tomorrow but whenever I do go figure I can always leave after a few hours if it's that bad.
  19. Thanks for the tips! Now on to some not so good news to me, did you guys see the post on the great adventure connoisseurs Facebook page with the guy with a vr headset next to nitro? This would be such a bad choice to me if it's true. New England has been having a horrible time with their wait times for superman. They should at least put it on bizzaro since that never has bad lines. Ugh I hope this isn't true.
  20. I'm debating Hurricane harbor on Sunday, never been there before and have been wanting to check it out. I haven't been to a water park in at least 15 years or so and that was at Dorneys. Anyone been to HH recently?
  21. Thanks! Definitely sounds worth it so I'm going to try to do it at some point.
  22. I did the giraffe feeding for the first time on Thursday and it was totally worth the 5 bucks, such amazing animals and the staff was great taking pictures for us and handing us the food. I'll probably do it several more times this season. Has anyone here done the vip tours of the safari? It's 150 each for season pass holders, I just need to look for reviews of it before deciding if I want to splurge on it at some point.
  23. I don't see that happening, they have to have at least 1 wooden coaster at the park and it makes 0 sense to mess with what most consider the best wooden coaster in the world.
  24. Wow that's crazy, I found this article talking more about it http://jimhillmedia.com/editor_in_chief1/b/jim_hill/archive/2011/11/18/why-for-did-wdw-wave-quot-buh-bye-quot-to-seven-seas-lagoon-s-wave-machine.aspx
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