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  1. I wasn't in a rush but got to the park around 4 and stayed to close and everything was a walk on, skull mountain was open when I went on around 8pm. Today was the most empty I've seen it all season. So many of the resturants were closed too.
  2. This, I haven't been on the superman version yet but the fighter jet was awful. I hope this gimmick fades away soon.
  3. I can't even imagine the horror that father went through trying to fight that gator off. Hopefully he eventually can find some sort of peace.
  4. They made June 26th another bring a friend free day if you didn't use it yet.
  5. I learned my lesson from being at a bring a friend free day at over Texas earlier this year. I only went cause it was the only day I could have gone to the park since they were only open on Saturday and Sunday when I was there. Never, ever going again after that on bring a friend free day. I waited 2 hours for some rides. Just awful. Lines that long are not worth it for bringing a friend free. Just pay the 16 bucks or whatever the discount is to bring a friend in instead on a normal day.
  6. Thoughts out to the families and friends of the victims in this Orlando shooting. 50 dead and 53 injured, worst usa mass shooting in history. I can't even imagine. I don't know how you even prevent something like this. The guy had an AR 15, he probably just shot his way through security. How the hell can this even be prevented. So awful
  7. I believe it's only for superman, green Lantern and the parachute ride
  8. Nice to read a trip report with a different perspective. He will be asking to go on the big coasters in no time!
  9. From the Six Flags email, they are celebrating nitros 15th birthday with some special things. I may grab the shirt if it looks nice. Stop by the Nitro Ride Photo stand to pick up your ride photo with our exclusive 15 year birthday border. At the JUSTICE LEAGUE Headquarters and Main Street Market, you can also buy our limited edition Nitro T-shirt, only available through June‚Äč 30. Visit Sweet Treats to check out our specialty Nitro Fudge, Blueberry Lemon Cheesecake.
  10. I didn't think it was that great either especially with how long the lines will be.
  11. All it means is that he can read a shirt lol Plus you shouldn't ever let anyone else ruin something you enjoy as well and it's not like you have to go to the park with him.
  12. There is an option to show the fees when browsing but you have to turn it on. I think it's stupid as well, just show the prices up front.
  13. Got 4 flips on the green side today. That's the most I've experienced so far
  14. Still not crowded at all. I walked onto the safari and bizzaro, plenty of empty seats on El Toro still too. The forecast kept everyone away today but it hasn't rained at all yet. Joker is a walk on too Been a wild day. Got 19 rides in. Grabbing some food in a few mins on the dining pass and calling it a day. I'm exhausted lol
  15. Park is dead today. I just had my first ever marathon on a coaster, 13 rides on El Toro. Didn't have to go around through the queue, just kept switching seats for a few ride. My ass is kicked haha
  16. I'm heading down now, wanna get some rides on El Toro since the next 2 Sundays are bring a friend free days
  17. I've never been to HH either, might try to go this year but idk, I'd always rather be on a coaster instead.
  18. That's basically my plan for the summer for great adventure. I'll probably barely go at all during July and August. I hate standing in the sun and I figure the lines will be mostly awful anyway.
  19. South park made an episode about that lol
  20. I'm not there but some guys over at tpr forum said it's empty. The forecast apparently kept everyone away.
  21. They tell you but you can ask. It's really gonna depend on the attendant
  22. I don't think you can rock them, I tried just to see if if you actually could and don't think it really made a difference. The way the restraints lock you in it makes it impossible to me plus they feel really heavy.
  23. I barely go on any flat rides cause I hate spinning but I never felt like I was going to be sick on this one. I feel like you would be fine, it's just not something I could really ride more then a couple of times in a row. I only went on 3x tonight cause of how short the line was.
  24. The guy didn't care but the girl was like I can't let you and I didn't care enough to make an issue out of it. I just think it sucks for people who wait a long time for this who want to flip more but end up having to ride the purple side that barely flips.
  25. Gotcha, thanks, 6 would be so awesome. Not being able to choose sides is the main reason now I won't go on it unless the rides are short.
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