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  1. I feel bad for any riders today and the future because they totally toned it down.

    Is the greens side supposed to be the more intense side? The 3 flips on I were so much fun. The purple side I thought was awful, only flipped 1x in 2 rides on it. It felt like the car wanted to flip but it would just go as far as it could without flipping and then fling back the other way. Just felt like extreme rocking back and forth.

  2. Got on the purple side 1 more time, the bottom side going up and didn't flip at all. My biggest issue with this ride is that the first attendant let me choose the green side but the second one didn't so I had to ride the purple side on my 3rd time. I wont ever wait on a long line for this ride but I enjoyed it. I'll gladly let everyone else wait in line for it while I go on El Toro and Nitro lol I ended the night with 2 rides on nitro. So I got on 5 rides in less then 90 minutes. Glad I decided to go last minute.

  3. Is it all ready to go? Fence gone and que setup? Wanted to head there today but got jammed up

    No, fence is still up, sign for the queue is up but I don't believe the queue is done, hard to tell from trying to peak over the fence lol

  4. It was supposed to rain most of the day so maybe that kept a lot of people away, those are the best days.


    I've noticed from my rides on El Toro this year that some rows are rougher then others. I had one today that banged me around pretty good.

  5. Hows the park looking today? Headed down in a few and hope to avoid a repeat of last weeks fiasco.

    Lines aren't bad at all, only a few station waits for El Toro and superman. Longest wait I've had so far was the security line which was like 20 mins

  6. Great day at the park so far. I'm kind of relaxing and taking my time but went on superman 1x and El Toro 3x.


    What is the purpose of the 1 beer per person wrist bands when you can just rip it off and go get a beer at another place? Lol just seems pointless

  7. On Saturday, May​ 14, our Pass Holders are invited to a special after-hours ride event. Flash your 2016 Season Pass or Membership to stick around after the park closes at 9 p.​m. and enjoy exclusive ride time on Nitro and Skull Mountain

  8. Reading the new book, it sounds weird that this ride was almost themed to Gremlins.


    Then again, Viper was almost based on Unforgiven.

    That's funny cause I was actually going to ask this after going through the book last night.


    Im curious if it was just a name thrown out there or was it going to be more of a themed ride. So much potential there with placing the gremlins jumping out and scaring you. It would actually be an amazing dark ride. Would love to know if there were any concepts drawn up for this.

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