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  1. I enjoyed the park during my visit, after lowering my expectations. (call me crazy) but I personally like their Superman more than our Nitro. Their wooden coasters are a lot of fun, especially since GA has no traditional woodies and I guess I forgot how they rode until I went there to ride them. I went during a Saturday during Fright Fest (the day portion) and there were NO LINES- it was packed but no one was on line for the major coasters- it just felt very strange. I didn't get a chance to ride their batman ride because they were running one train but apparently people actually liked this ride because, while Superman had a station wait, batman had a TWO HOUR wait- it was crazy I completely recommend heading to the back of the park to try out that coaster first.
  2. Most rides I’m okay with sharing- coasters I have no problem, Skyscreamer I have no problem but the big wheel and skyway would be weird to be trapped with people you don’t know
  3. I can actually see Magic Mountain replacing their Tidal Wave
  4. yeah, I don't see people paying for the mirror maze without a special theme
  5. If he ends up being right about the raptor being the tallest and fastest he’s never gonna let down haha
  6. I';m wondering, if we are changing this to DC Universe or something like it, can we expect a new Fright Fest theme instead of Demon District- I like what they did with MM and turning it into suicide squad
  7. also, I don't know if anyone saw this but free in park wifi????? that's pretty cool
  8. Also, it says that Dining Plans are offered at every single park location- I think that's a first- very exciting!!
  9. Glad the park did something that will work for them as well as the environment.
  10. It was a big help getting from El Toro to Kingda Ka- Next we get rid of the paintball building!!!
  11. The reason Full Throttle feels more complete is because of the break and the backwards launch
  12. Honestly, they just need SOMETHING- I never visit Hurricane Harbor because of how long the lines are- the only days the lines aren't terrible are cold days when I don't want to be there either. Like others have said, a water coaster would be great, fantastic ride and has great throughput compared to other slides- Besides the water coaster, there are two other types of water attractions that I love. The first one is something like Water Country USA in Virginia has with Hubba Hubba Highway- for those unfamiliar, it is like a lazy river but instead of tubes, you wear life vests that keep you floating and the water current goes CRAZY FAST- it is probably my favorite water park attraction out there. The other type of water attraction is something that I don't even know how to compare it to. Dorney park used to have a similar one but it is gone and I do not know the name- it is, again, like a lazy river- this time actually on tubes. The difference with this one is its little pools and then there is a water slide when you get to the end of the pool- after that slide you go into another pool that is like a lazy river and then another slide- it is so much fun having slide after slide after slide- Whether these come true or something else, HH NEEDS another attraction.
  13. the only thing that REALLY needs to get done about the Carousel is the last few mirrors that are missing- everything else is a plus
  14. I wouldn't be surprised if the park decided to change movieTown into something like a DC Universe like we see at other parks- I dont think it would be the worst thing in the world because you do have batman, the dark knight, wonder woman, cyborg, and justice league- if they were to do this, I would add the show into the Batman Theater- Do I think at all they are going to? No, not at all. Do I think it would make total sense? Absolutely- Having an alternative to rides will make everyone happy- Even if it was only two shows a day
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