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  1. So, at this point, if BBNP will be open for HITP, all that will be closed is the Golden Kingdom (the one by KK and Zu) Plaza del Carnaval and Frontier Adventures. I wonder if they will have the food places open like the Pizza place, Go Fresh, and Mama Flora's Gyro place. It will also allow for better park flow to the Boardwalk because the lake path by joker (where the graveyard is now) will be open all the way to the four tents area. With this, I also imagine the two shops in the tent will be open in addition to the arcade which is yet another place to go to if it gets cold.
  2. For me, selfishly, I would much rather have two floorless because Lord knows we are not going to be getting any new major coasters after JDC opens- earliest I could see a coaster after that is 2023, and that'll probably be a smaller one which is understandable- but if the options are keep it as it is or convert it and move it to another park, I'll keep it with us.
  3. My GP friend refuses to ride another roller coaster after riding Green Lantern- and will not go to Six Flags- seems like a good idea to convert it...
  4. could we finally be seeing DC Universe?
  5. I could see the roller coaster from LTSP make its way to the old Safari Tours ride. There is absolutely enough space for it but we will see. As for the other rides, you could put them in the area where the old Enterprise used to be or if not there, I would like to see them spread around the park. Hersheypark has a good mix of rides all over the park so families can stick together.
  6. For me, an East Coast Racers would be where I am happiest and while the size of it is not ont he scale of Nitro, it would be a lot of fun. But I think that Splashdown coaster would be interesting but I don't see myself riding it that often due to the fact you would get wet. I hope that if it ends up being the splashdown coaster, they would have it open during the Springtime Preview and Fright Fest.
  7. I just don't see this attraction being a revamped kids area. We have already seen a lot of signs of upcoming construction and it isn't even August! I am sticking with my guns and saying there will be some kind of coaster whether it be the RMC raptor people have been wishing for or a family coaster (maybe a woodie or a spinning coaster) to fit in with the kids area. But then again, I've been wrong before. I don't want to rush this announcement because that means back to school for me but still.
  8. Typically, if we JUST got into line and they are going in front of like 5 people, I'll let them go through but my past visit, Nitro had about a 20 minute line and a group of people said "our friend is up there" and continued cutting the line until they got into the station.
  9. I will probably bite the bullet and get a gold plus membership for the park next year. It comes out to like $5 more per year than a season pass and dining pass if I did my math correctly. I hope that they have the free upgrade to platinum that I have been seeing because, to me, that will make it much more worth it.
  10. If it was the new addition for next year, it would make complete sense. Those kids areas by Nitro are in dire need of a refurb
  11. So this new industry trend is upon us: New themed lands like Star Wars, Harry Potter, and Pandora are amazingly themed- but they have a very limited amount of attractions for visitors to go on. Compare this to how things used to be (and how they still are at regional parks) where there are areas with light theming (or none at all) and a lot more rides. Think Adventure Alley for GA or Fantasyland in the Magic Kingdom. Would you rather have high themed lands with limited rides or the reverse: low amounts of theming with more rides? Discuss below!
  12. I enjoyed the park during my visit, after lowering my expectations. (call me crazy) but I personally like their Superman more than our Nitro. Their wooden coasters are a lot of fun, especially since GA has no traditional woodies and I guess I forgot how they rode until I went there to ride them. I went during a Saturday during Fright Fest (the day portion) and there were NO LINES- it was packed but no one was on line for the major coasters- it just felt very strange. I didn't get a chance to ride their batman ride because they were running one train but apparently people actually liked this ride because, while Superman had a station wait, batman had a TWO HOUR wait- it was crazy I completely recommend heading to the back of the park to try out that coaster first.
  13. Most rides I’m okay with sharing- coasters I have no problem, Skyscreamer I have no problem but the big wheel and skyway would be weird to be trapped with people you don’t know
  14. I can actually see Magic Mountain replacing their Tidal Wave
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