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  1. Glad the park did something that will work for them as well as the environment.
  2. Louisatsweetlou

    The 2018 Warner Awards Results

    It was a big help getting from El Toro to Kingda Ka- Next we get rid of the paintball building!!!
  3. Louisatsweetlou

    Six Flags Additions for 2019

    The reason Full Throttle feels more complete is because of the break and the backwards launch
  4. Honestly, they just need SOMETHING- I never visit Hurricane Harbor because of how long the lines are- the only days the lines aren't terrible are cold days when I don't want to be there either. Like others have said, a water coaster would be great, fantastic ride and has great throughput compared to other slides- Besides the water coaster, there are two other types of water attractions that I love. The first one is something like Water Country USA in Virginia has with Hubba Hubba Highway- for those unfamiliar, it is like a lazy river but instead of tubes, you wear life vests that keep you floating and the water current goes CRAZY FAST- it is probably my favorite water park attraction out there. The other type of water attraction is something that I don't even know how to compare it to. Dorney park used to have a similar one but it is gone and I do not know the name- it is, again, like a lazy river- this time actually on tubes. The difference with this one is its little pools and then there is a water slide when you get to the end of the pool- after that slide you go into another pool that is like a lazy river and then another slide- it is so much fun having slide after slide after slide- Whether these come true or something else, HH NEEDS another attraction.
  5. the only thing that REALLY needs to get done about the Carousel is the last few mirrors that are missing- everything else is a plus
  6. Louisatsweetlou

    Day 19 - 2018: Add a Show to the Stunt Arena

    I wouldn't be surprised if the park decided to change movieTown into something like a DC Universe like we see at other parks- I dont think it would be the worst thing in the world because you do have batman, the dark knight, wonder woman, cyborg, and justice league- if they were to do this, I would add the show into the Batman Theater- Do I think at all they are going to? No, not at all. Do I think it would make total sense? Absolutely- Having an alternative to rides will make everyone happy- Even if it was only two shows a day
  7. So, I am assuming, although it is not smart to, that for 2020 the park will be getting a new coaster. If this is true, I think that in 2021 the park should take a year off, maybe do a small flat ride if they feel it be necessary and refurbish the park. Add lights to the big wheel, fix pavement cracks, get rid of pinball building, paint Nitro and Superman, and other necessary improvements. While these investments may not bring in money in the short term, the long term will have lasting effects. People that come to the park will have a better feeling because of the subtle improvements and will want to come back.
  8. We are getting a tad bit excessive- moving a skycoaster hahahahaha PLEASE move the paintball building though it'll actually make me very happy
  9. My university actually had a magician, a hypnosis act, and a mentalist three days in almost a row at the beginning of the semester. I think that the mentalist is actually a really good fit for the park. It is entertaining, the act could vary depending on what the mentalist figures out from the people and it is hysterical and freaky at the same time. A magician like Brad Ross would be cool too but I think Hypnosteria is a little too out there for general viewing audiences and should be reserved for Fright Fest if they ever brought it back.
  10. I would like to see the unused areas of the Safari to be part of a haunted experience or even better yet, a Holiday in the Park light display. This would be an amazing addition to both events and neither would affect the regular Safari Off Road Adventure ride. Here is what I would imagine- Have Safari Off Road Adventure run the way that it does during the day, (adding if I might they start actually going OFF ROAD like you guys said) and then close the ride whenever they do, typically around 4 or 5 on Fright Fest days. Have the route shift to wherever they can use without animals present and reopen when the sun goes down- for Halloween this would be like a Haunted Hayride that the park used to have (many still exist throughout the state) and for Holiday in The Park it would be like the PNC arts center Christmas drive through light show. I understand that it would be difficult to staff but I personally think that it would be a big plus for the park- Hey, a man can dream right?
  11. Louisatsweetlou

    New Non-Attraction Improvement Suggestions

    The Hydration Station is a great idea! As for the bins, it won't happen but I would like to see something like what Dorney has. If you have never been, they have bins on the platform that are designated per train- when that particular train returns to the station, the bins that correspond to the train are opened by an attendant. When the train is leaving, that one is closed so no one else can steal items- no liability for the park, much happier guests.
  12. Louisatsweetlou

    Photo Trip Report: November 18, 2018 - Holiday in the Park is Here!

    Looking at the pictures, it seems like they are adding things which is nice, but they are also taking away other things which have been nice. Skull Mountain should still have the lights on it, it looked really cool- if they are not planning on putting them on this week, I will be disappointed. Also, why do they close half of the boardwalk- it looks really tacky to open a section but keep half of it closed
  13. Louisatsweetlou

    New for 2015 at Great Adventure - El Diablo (formerly Looping Dragon)

    honestly, the statue is really gross haha- there are so many other things for a spanish ride to be themed to.
  14. Louisatsweetlou

    Photo Trip Report: November 8th, 2018 - GA Bonus Day

    This is my thing- I could be absolutely wrong but Six Flags typically has a 'get your last rides on ...' before they close a ride for good. This leads me to believe that the rumors are true that we will be getting a replacement simply because they did not announce its closure. As for the other rumor that there will be an RMC there in 2020, while I would love that and it is POSSIBLE, I would truly doubt it.
  15. Louisatsweetlou

    Holiday in the Park 2018 - New Info & Guide Map

    I am upset that the holiday maze is going to be upcharged