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  1. I think that I will post the rest here: Instead of a second Magic Mountain Trip Report I am going to simply do a review of the coasters and move on: I think most of us know Magic Mountain more than, say, Knotts Berry Farm
  2. Hey all! I recently came back from the West Coast and decided to do some trip reports on the parks that I was there for. During my trip I went to (in order) Six Flags Magic Mountain, Universal Studios Hollywood, Knotts Berry Farm, Disney's California Adventure and Disneyland. We did more than just the parks on our vacation, however, for the sake of this forum, I will just be going through the parks. Starting with Magic Mountain, we spent two days here. When you are on the highway to Magic Mountain, depending on the direction you are coming from, you see one of two sights. Either a massive sign that says Six Flags Magic Mountain Gift Shop (which we couldn't actually find their gift shop) or you will see the park on your right with their impressive line up of coasters. Unlike our park, you can see SFMM right from the highway as, in Southern California, there is a lack of trees or any alive plants whatsoever. It is something that we, on the east coast, take for granted. When you pull up to the park, the first ride that is in view is X2. For those of you who have never seen this, definitely look it up as it is a tremendous beast of a coaster. We arrived at the park about an hour before opening and the gates were already open for parking. The parking lot is a little walk from the actual park, but there are shuttles to bring you if you need the assistance. We went through security with a very minimal line. By now, the park wasn't opening for another half hour, but the membership only line was already allowing guests into the park so that they can have first pick at rides. I have a season pass, not a membership, but we decided to try the line anyway. We were allowed to use the membership line and got into the park 25 minutes early. Before the park opens there is a holding pen to keep the members and passholders in before they let them get inside the park. They opened up this holding pen five minutes before the general public and we were allowed to go get on some rides before the lines got long (Take notes SFGA). Most of the people ran left (probably to X2) but we walked right, which led us to our first coaster of the day, Full Throttle. Full Throttle is one of the lower capacity coasters in the park, but is certainly one of my favorites. There was no line as the park had just opened and we loved the ride. The first launch is pretty forceful, the tunnel is really cool, the backwards launch is incredible, and the drop is, well... okay. It's not as bad as most people say it is, but it was probably the weakest element of the whole ride which is pretty comical. We then went over to ride twisted colossus but it was closed (which was strange because every other ride was open) We decided to ride Scream which was right next to Twisted Colossus. Scream is a mirror image of Bizarro- the only difference is that is has become a joke for many coaster enthusiasts as it was built literally over a parking lot; they didn't even cover the parking spot lines. We enjoy Bizarro at our park so we assumed this would be very similar- we could not be more wrong. This ride was the definition of head banging. It was the worst roller coaster we rode the entire trip with not one of us enjoying it. We all came off with headaches. Following Scream-->head bang, we bypassed Twisted Colossus once more for it was still closed and tracked back toward Goliath which we had previously passed. On the way we rode Lex Luthor: Drop of Doom which is very similar to our Zumanjaro. The difference between this ride and Zumanjaro is that there is no mile long queue to walk back to. I love Zumanjaro but not having to walk back to the ride, Lex Luthor definitely takes the cake. That is probably the laziest thing ever but my entire party agreed we would ride Zumanjaro more often if we did not have to walk to it. We then rode Goliath. We had pretty low expectations for this hyper coaster but it shocked us for being much more fun that most people say it is. The only bad part of this ride is the helix- WAY too forceful. It made us all grayout and it just was not fun in the slightest. If they took out the helix we would have ridden this coaster more, but we decided not to. By this time Twisted Colossus was open and we went there to get on the ride that I thought would become my number one. We got on the 3rd row, which was the key. We all got off saying the ride was mediocre. We had ridden Twisted Cyclone last year and that ride has soared to the top of my list right up there with El Toro. This ride did not even come close to my top 10 after my first ride on it. Before I get attacked, we rode it again on the second day in the second to last row and enjoyed it much more. More on that when we get there. We then went to Crazanity, their Giant Frisbee (I think that's what it is called) and it was my favorite non roller coaster I have ever ridden. This ride was in my top five rides at the park, and with all of Magic Mountain's coasters, that is certainly a big feat. I really hope that we get this ride sooner or later. We went up to Ninja, which was a very fun family coaster. It is unfortunate there aren't many of these left as everyone really enjoyed it. The only downfall of this ride was that they were running one train for scheduled maintenance, which for the middle of the Summer, was totally unacceptable in my opinion. This was running one train along with Batman (which I did not ride because of the hour wait). We rode Gold Rusher as well while we were here as there was a minimal wait. This was a lot of fun for a mine train style coaster. After, we headed back up to Superman which we had skipped earlier. We waited around ten minutes for the back row. It was a fun ride but nothing I would wait more then 20 minutes for. I prefer Kingda Ka to this coaster. We then rode their Justice League Dark Ride which is a beefed up version of our own. The way they have it, they have two pre-show rooms. Because of these pre-shows that are about 3-5 minutes each, the line outside never was more than 5 minutes. Once you went inside there was a screen preshow that had many of the same video cuts that we see in the queue. The second room was pretty cool with their Cyborg in front of you telling you information on how to play the game. It was cool to see Cyborg for an extended period of time as opposed to our ride where we only see a few seconds before we board. The ride itself was similar but the layout was different and they added Harley Quinn at the end. I prefer their loading style with the pre-shows to ours but I can see it getting old. We then went to go see their show "Kwerk!" It was, by far, THE BEST theme park show I have ever seen (outside of Disney and Universal). It was a typical cirque type show but the performers were fantastic and there was a bit of a storyline which was very nice. We all left a lot happier than we were due to the Air Conditioning and show! After this, we hit Full Throttle again and then rode The New Revolution. The New Revolution was very similar to the Super Dooper Looper at Hersheypark but I enjoyed it more. After this we had Chop Six, their Chinese food, which was on the food plan and EXCELLENT. Together, we tried their orange chicken, teriyaki chicken, beef? and their rice and lo mein. It was very filling and delicious. We were all very impressed. After this, I checked the line for X2 which only I would go on. The line was over an hour and because we were coming back in two days, I decided I would go to the ride at ropedrop next time. We decided to call it a night at around 7:30 because we were all tired and had an extra day at the park. I will post Day 2 of Magic Mountain, Universal Studios, Knotts Berry Farm, Disney's California Adventure, and Disneyland at a later date------ I am hoping some of you reached this point because I spent a lot of time on this hoping to entertain some of you who are willing to read. Also, should I post the rest under this post or as a new topic? Until Next Time
  3. A Positive One: I think that the Joker is super underrated because of how much fun I have on it A Negative One: When I'm at HITP, although its nice to have an extra month of coasters, I feel that the event is rather boring... (should have a temp. ice skating ring, a light show like SFNE/SFMM has
  4. I'd be surprised if the solar panels over the parking lot are in the area of the lot where the season pass entry used to be, all the way away from the entrance because it would be less likely for patrons to damage the poles
  5. I definitely agree that both were improved, however I cannot say that I enjoyed Wicked Woods because of the lack of actors. Aftermath was really cool- I felt as though I was really there you know?
  6. Hi all! Its been a few months since my last trip report- sorry about that; there just hasn't been any reason to make reports as they have been normal days in the park. This post will primarily be about the fright fest attractions. SEPTEMBER 16TH, 2017 As we walked through security, I noticed a new airport-like device which scanned the bags with X-ray so I assume that will probably make things faster- I made a note to try that line next time and see if it improves the speed of the line. There was no line to get in as we got there after the morning rush and before the fright fest crowds- adding our new passes were done with ease and quickly. We headed down main street and saw the line for that fright fest tickets booth was packed so we went to the one in the red tent to use our fright fest ticket vouchers. Buying them online saved us $10 each and were $30 per season long ticket. They gave us a plastic card with the last 4 digits of our season pass number. Because it was past 3, Big Top Terror was already open so we opted to go into it. I will be doing a review of all of the trails at the bottom of both trip reports. After Big Top Terror we decided to walk toward the Movie Town Demon District Arena to watch the Awakening Parade. While we waited, we used our Dining Passes to grab some Macho Nacho. The burritos there are still good however the Plaza Del Carnevale is definitely superior. The parade was pretty weak in terms of amounts of scare actors but it was the first day so I'm sure it'll get better. After the parade we saw The Awakening which now gives you the back-story of Dr. Fright which was pretty cool as well as Dead Man's party which is on par with last year's show however I still wish they would re-add "Ballroom Blitz" to the repertoire like they used to. As it stands now "No One Lives Forever" is my favorite song in the show. We headed to the other side of the park to go on a Fright Trail. We chose to do Wicked Woods which after the line opened sported a 2 hour wait as they were only allowing one group to go in at a time. Good additions were added in the re-theme however the amount of actors was sub-par to any other trails that night. We checked the line for Bloodshed but it was out the entrance which would have certainly been a ridiculous line. We did the Manor and it was decent and the grouper outside was awesome and got people to move quickly- there was no one in line when we arrived and by the time the next people behind us caught up we were already heading into the trail. Then we did Cell Block 6 which was my favorite of the night. After this trail we called it quits on the night as we knew there would be plenty of other nights to go to Fright Fest SEPTEMBER 30TH, 2017 We arrived at the park around 3 today. Our goal: Go on as many fright trails as we can. We saw Dead Man's Party again and there was a significantly larger amount of zombies when they entered the arena. The show was very crowded and it was a good show just like the previous visit. We decided that because of the poor experience of Wicked Woods last visit, we would skip it even though everyone is saying how great it is. We started at Blood Shed which had a lot of actors and scared the everything out of my uncle. We then went to the Manor followed by Big top Terror. Both were very fun and the entire group enjoyed them. We did Aftermath next which ended up being my favorite trail of the night. Then we did Cell Block 6 which was my second favorite trail overall. Then it was 11:55 so we rode the Dark Knight and then left. One notice was that even after the park closed at 1210, the zombies that were in the scare zones all migrated towards the Bloody Fountain and stayed there until after closing. REVIEW OF TRAILS FROM WORST TO BEST (IN MY OPINION) Wicked Woods: This had so much potential to be a great trail. There were so many props and hiding spots that the zombies could have used to their advantage. After waiting in a 2 hour line, we counted four actors throughout the trail. As this was the first trail we did, we were a little frightened (not in the good way) that we had wasted $30. Rate : 5/10 The Manor: Fun trail that hasn't been changed for quite a while. There is at least one actor in every room at this trail which makes it a lot of fun. My suggestion would to make it a little longer- 3-5 more rooms would do it Rate: 7/10 Big Top Terror: This is a greatly themed trail and I love the 3D aspect. Not so much scary as is interesting- maybe it's because I'm not afraid of clowns Rate: 7/10 Blood Shed: This is a greatly themed trail with some really spooky scenes through the corn-maze. I don't find 'me being on the menu' all that scary but everything else is exciting, especially the parts where you cant see anything because of smoke Rate: 8/10 Cell Block 6: Fantastic trail themed to a prison- I really enjoyed it as did everyone else in the group. For some reason it smells in that particular trail but that's a small gripe for the amazing acting and everything else- even the grouper is portrayed as an escaping prisoner Rate: 9/10 Aftermath: This was the best Six Flags Fright Fest Trail I have ever been on. Everything from the theming, to the props, to the actors was top notch. I loved everything about the trail and can't wait to do it again I am running out of time so I will add a comment about the Scare Zones Later Thanks for reading! Until next time, Ride On
  7. Nobody would be getting hurt by touching this, the lift hill is too slow; however I was quite shocked when I touched something on a roller coaster.
  8. Yes, the second time around however we only went a second time because I hadn't gotten wet the first time
  9. Hi all, I have multiple trip reports but I am going to put them all into one subject so I don't spam the forum So on June 23rd we made a last minute decision to head on down to six flags for the day. It was my sister and my friend and we went to the park early (11) and went home early (4) as well. Our first mission was to save Metropolis as none of us had been on the ride yet. The line started inside in the second room and only took about 10 minutes to get on the ride. I think that this ride was a fantastic addition to the park, however I cannot see myself always going all the way around MovieTown to ride it. I assume next years addition (probably flat rides) will take up some of the other vacant land around the ride. With the Showcase theater exterior redone I would like to see a magic show in there like we did in 2015 with Brad Ross. Then they could open the other entrance to the area and it will be a great place to hang out. After Justice League we went to the dark knight and waited one cycle to get through the pre-show. I continued to memorize the show, I currently know all of Harvey Dent's lines haha. People think I am totally crazy as i recite it. Then we headed to nitro and rode it, finding it a little bit bumpier than it used to be but then again it used to be glass smooth so there's only one way to go after that. We then headed across the park to El Toro and waited a few switchbacks but ended up being only about 10 minutes long. kudos to the El Toro crew. We headed over to Bizarro where there is never a wait, and even so the ride operators were MOVING- the person at the board was saying- this train is leaving in 20 seconds, the air gates are closing in three seconds; and he meant it- it felt like a race getting through the operations haha. We actually only waited on the second break run for like 15 seconds- they were waiting for the previous train to go over the mid-course break run. that is INSANELY FAST. Then we went to the Mine Train leaving me with more sores than I wanted to have and took a break at the Best of the West to eat a later lunch- I had my bacon cheeseburger- the only place in the park that I know of that this isn't an extra item. The food was good and it was a nice calm out of the brutal heat to sit on the back porch along the lake. For our last ride of the day we went on Nitro and it felt a lot smoother than before even though we were still sitting in the middle of the train. We left the park that day happily and went home, with me and my sister knowing we would be back a few days later. Trip totals Justice league x1 TDK- x1 Nitro- x2 El Toro- x1 Bizarro- x1 Mine Train- x1 Year Total El toro x 3 Bizarro x 3 Runaway Mine Train x 2 Nitro x 4 Joker x 2 Batman x 1 TDK x 2 Skull Mountain x 1 Justice League x1 Trips: 3 for the year TRIP NUMBER 4- JUNE 25TH 2017 Today, we went to the park with my entire family- four of us, so it would make a nice day of riding coasters together. Once again we started with the Justice League ride as my parents wanted to try it out, I got a higher score this time placing within 70% of all riders which I'll take. It did break down as were in line and it was annoying to hear the preshow on repeat but its okay. I'm starting to memorize it already. Speaking of memorizing, I know the whole press conference part, including the questioners and the introduction of it. "I'll be brief". Then we went to batman which was in the tunnel. There were these really annoying girls probably around 13 that were singing really loudly, and REALLY out of key from each other and it made the fifteen minute wait feel like forever. Someone eventually asked them to stop and they did, thank god. Batman was running good, it was the first time I went on this year because lately the lines have been rather long when I get there and the ride doesn't justify it. We then went to nitro which had a staircase wait. Nitro is always a good time and we get some silly photos on it due to its lack of over the shoulder restraints and its not like El Toro where you are getting jerked around. We then crossed the park for El Toro stopping at Johnny Rockets to have lunch. Johnny Rockets was tasty but took a while and El toro had a fifteen minute wait but was VERY intense. Then we went for Bizarro which has no wait like usual followed by heading through Safari Discoveries to look at Kingda Ka's full line and walk down Zumanjaro's empty line. After that we were planning on hitting up the boardwalk lines but the park was simply too excessively crowded for us. We got our Ritas snack (I got two; one for my snack and one for dinner) and gave on to my sister. Then we headed out after dancing along with Bugs Bunny and the crew. Trip Total Justice League x1 TDK x1 Batman x1 Nitro- x1 El Toro- x1 Bizarro- x1 Zumanjaro x1 Season Total El toro x 4 Bizarro x 4 Runaway Mine Train x 2 Nitro x 5 Joker x 2 Batman x 2 TDK x 3 Skull Mountain x 1 Justice League x2 Trips: 4 for the year TRIP #5: JUNE 30TH, 2017 Trip 5 was for my little cousin's bday. She is 48 inches but got scared too much on her first trip on El Toro so we are going to have to bring her back up to the ride eventually but since it was her birthday we weren't going to do that today. We started at Justice League once again for my little cousins hadn't been on it and the line was outside the show building. This made for a half hour wait, which made you hear the preshow twice. I think I was the only one paying much attention to it however. Then we went to the Dark Knight and found out that if you sit on the right of the car and put your hands up you can touch the tunnel above you- I wasn't trying for it and it scared me when I put my hands up and felt something. Then we ate at Macho Nacho and I had a burrito- it was very tasty. Then my little cousins wanted to ride the kiddie coaster and one of them is a little small so my aunt and uncle asked if I could ride it with him and I agreed, but then the kids went IN THEIR OWN CAR. LEAVING ME ALONE! I felt like such a fool haha. That ride is CRAZY with the turns- fun for the kids, painful for everyone else. Now I know why my mom hated that ride when I was younger. We then rode Congo Rapids twice in a row, the first time only two people got wet. The second time, EVERYONE on the boat left SOAKED. That is exactly what Rapids rides are supposed to do- I love Dorney Park's because you always leave soaked. Then we went to Skull Mountain and enjoyed ourselves on it with a station wait. After that we headed to the Log Flume which had a 10-15 minute wait and was a lot of fun, with everyone getting wet. Then the adults went on El Toro while the kids and their mother went on Tango three times in a row while waiting for us. Then we went to see the giraffe in Safari Discoveries and ended up staying for their show-- I mean presentation-- of the sea lion. It was a nice show but it could have been better and I probably would only go back if someone else wanted to see it. We then ate at Primos Pizza in the Golden Kingdom by the 4 tents. Then we went on Harley Quinn's Crazy Train and waited the longest of the day- probably around 20 minutes but my little cousins wanted to go on it so we stayed- that ride feels a lot faster than 22 MPH and I was holding onto my cousin for fear of him falling out haha. Then we split up and me and my sister went to Nitro (after all what is a trip to SFGAdv without Nitro and El Toro) while everyone else road Justice League again. We rode in the front row and everyone loved the night ride so much that we all started chanting on the break run "ONE MORE RIDE!" over and over again- it honestly sounded like I was at a sporting event where the game was tied and you had people screaming for their lives. And at this point in time, I was not only hearing about the coveted money train, I was RIDING IT. We rode the ride again and loved it even more the second time. When we got into the station the second time we all applauded the ride operator- I wish I knew his name as I would put him in my survey when they ask if an employee went out of their way for us. Anyway, at this point the park was closed so we met up with my everyone and went home. I probably wont be back until late July ((( but after these three trips I think my coaster need has been fullfilled. My parents are even talking about going to SFNE soon where my favorite ride is, WICKED CYCLONE. Any way hope you all enjoyed my report! TRIP TOTAL Justice League- x1 TDK x1 RoadRunner Express- x1 Congo Rapids x2 Skull Mountain- x1 Log Fulme- x1 El Toro- x 1 Harley Quinn- x1 Nitro- x2 Season Total El toro x 5 Bizarro x 4 Runaway Mine Train x 2 Nitro x 7 Joker x 2 Batman x 2 TDK x 4 Skull Mountain x 2 Justice League x3 RoadRunner Expres- x1 Congo Rapids- x2 Log Flume- x1 Harley Quinn- x1 Trips: 5 for the year
  10. I like living through other detailed trip reports when I cant make it out there so i figured other people would like it too
  11. Hey all I went to the park this Saturday with my friend. We got there a little after lunch and spent about 4-5 hours there until about 8 when we left. When we arrived at the park, the parking lot was absolutely jammed. It was a holiday weekend so this is what we were expecting. When we got to security we were greeted with a huge line of... zero people. We then assumed that everyone must be in the gate. After some trouble getting in to the park (my friends first time for this current season pass) we saw that it was pretty packed on Main street and around the fountain. Since it was almost 4 at this point we didn't want to lose our meals so we went to Primo's pizza by the fountain. I was debating about whether I should get just cheese fries or go for the pizza itself. I decided on the cheese fries but then the lady ended up bringing me a cheese pizza instead. Call it fate, I guess, and I wasn't about to tempt fate so I ate the cheese pizza with the side of fries and my friend and I walked over to el toro. When we arrived we saw that the line was outside of the actual queue. I silently cursed our luck until I realized that it was only the security guard back-up. We purchased our locker and saw that there was no line at all. Even though there was no line, they were handing out boarding passes that had to be in order when we got to the station. The ride was great in the back row, as it always is. We then headed for Bizarro, leaving our belonings in the El Toro lockers. Then we walked toward Nitro stopping at the Joker on the way for a 10 minute ride- we got the purple side facing the lake and we got three flips- probably the craziest ride I've had on it so far, if it was like that every time we would have so much fun on it. Then we headed back on the path to Nitro and waited two trains- Nitro is always a good time; we looked at Batman and saw a half hour wait and laughed; then we turned around and looked at the switchbacks full on the dark knight and cackled; save them for other days- just not worth it for the amount of times I've been on them (I know the pre-show by heart and recite it quietly during it); then we headed for Kingda Ka and here was the biggest problem- there was a half hour wait but my friend and I decided to wait it out; when we got up to the flash pass stopper the ride broke down- shocker right. That wasn't the problem. A lady started screaming and cursing (F bombs all over) about how this was the second time today and how it wasn't fair for HER and everything was about HER. The Flash Pass person called security and must have given a description of 'african american woman' and the security guard went up to a different lady, which started a screaming match at the security system. The security guard made an honest mistake, however the description should have been a little better. Finally after many minutes of arguing everyone calmed down and applauded when the ride shot out a train of riders. After an hour we finally got on the ride; we waited on the launch track for what felt like an eternity- they said on a loud speaker that they apologized for the wait- the ride was good and I didn't feel any bumpy parts. Then, because my friend wanted to make sure we could get on superman we headed there and found a zero person wait for the front row- which we took very quickly- Then we went back to try Zumanjaro VR to find an hour wait- not wanting to wait for it but not wanting to go back that 2 mile walk without riding, we rode without VR in ten minutes. It's still a great ride but I wanted to experience the VR at least once before it left... But that's okay Overall we had a great day, especially for the Saturday of Memorial Day Weekend! Before anyone asks I couldn't see Justice League construction because the walls were up! Trip: El toro x 1 Bizarro x 1 Joker x1 Nitro x1 Kingda Ka x 1 Superman x 1 Zumanjaro x 1 For the year El toro x 2 Bizarro x 2 Runaway Mine Train x 1 Nitro x 2 Joker x 2 Batman x 1 TDK x 1 Skull Mountain x 1 Trips: 2 for the year
  12. The staffing issue shouldn´t be as big of a problem because only major coasters would be open- plus they could change shifts and have one group work ¨Thrills by Day¨ and another work ¨Fright by Night¨; plus you only have to staff the major coasters (KK, El Toro, Nitro, Bizarro, Joker, Batman, Superman, Green Lantern) Thats eight coasters-- about 3-5 staff members per ride If its that big of an issue the park can open at normal time at 11 and shorten Thrills By Day. However, if Universal can find staffing, so can we. As for the hours in between, they can do as Disney does with their events and instead of closing the park, require people to show their tickets/pass for the special event at each attraction (both rides and trails) so you can stay at the park but you cannot do anything Again these are just some thoughts I had
  13. I thought about making my plan to allow season pass holders in for an unlimited amount of trips however because of the amount of season pass holders in Six Flags, I thought that there would be too many people (like there is now) And yes Universal DOES have excessive crowds for HHN however, I would say its mostly due to the theme of their mazes
  14. Alright: Here are my ideas for Fright Fest This is a major overhaul of the event that I believe would be a better park experience and a bigger profit for the park itself. I believe that Fright Fest should become more like Halloween Horror Nights at Universal Studios. Now before you yell at me saying that the park does not have the budget for it, I am not saying in terms of budget I think that "Thrills by Day" and "Fright by Night" should be separately ticketed events. Thrills by day should open as a normal day in the park, but a little earlier. The park would open at 9AM compared to the normal 11AM they have for normal Fright Fest hours. "Thrills by Day" would be relatively the same as it is now with all of the family friendly things to do, the kiddie sections open, and all of the rides and attractions running. This would run till about 5 when the park would completely close and clearing out the park. Security would do a lap around the park like they do at night after they close and confirm that everyone exited. This would be the time where the families and people who do not want to be scared would leave the entire venue and go home. This would clear out the park of people who do not want to be scared and make the "Fright by Night" portion a lot less crowded. "Fright by Night" would be a separately ticketed event, with season passes including a certain amount of days allowed to enter, maybe 2 or 3. After the 5PM closing they could open "Fright by Night" at 530/545 as an event meant for people over the age of 13. The awakening would be at 6 and a pre-recorded voice over of the awakening could be broadcasted through the park. Dead man's party would be presented as usual and so would other shows but now that it is mostly an older crowd they could put on shows like Slash was last year without having to worry about complaints. Major roller coasters would be open but all children's areas as well as many flat rights would be closed to give the event more of a thrill orientation rather than family oriented. This would save the park a lot on not staffing rides that should not be staffed at a thrill oriented event anyway. All of the trails would be included because people had to pay in to get the "Fright by Night" anyway. There would still be the Express option to skip the line of the haunted trails. Benefits to us The park would be much less crowded due to the split; less people willing to pay for both Season pass holders would have a couple of free "Fright by Night" events All Fright Fest trails would be free just like other parks Benefits to the Park More money being made through ticket sales as "Fright by Night" would be a separately ticketed event Less cost of workers for rides that do not need to be staffed at night like children's rides and flat rides The only negative I see here is that you lose about an hour of park time in between the two events Will this happen? Probably not I just think that because Universal gets the extra revenue from Halloween Horror Nights admissions separated from the normal park hours their theming is much better; I don't think Six Flags could be up to their standards but I think that some of the mazes need some freshening up; I think that Vooodoo Island needs upgrades and the Manor needs an overhaul; its a fine theme but its exactly the same as years and years in the past. These are just my thoughts-- let me know what you think
  15. Skull mountain WAS running two trains and was moving very quickly I actually forgot to add that el toro's trains did not stop once in the 2 rides I was on nor when I was in the station; Bizzaro's dispatches were the quickest I have ever seen as well as Nitro's
  16. Hey all! Just here to give my first trip report of the year! My party got to the park at around 11:00 ready to hit some rides. It was me, my sister, and we both brought a friend. We start off where we always do, at El Toro. The ride wasn't quite open yet as it was testing but we figured it would be open after a few laps. We got our locker and got in the forming line. The line opened a few seconds later and it took us a while to get into the line because of the security guards enforcing the new policy with no bags and stuff like that. Once we got past the security guards, it was a one train wait and we ended up being able to go for a re-ride in the first two rows of the back car. Then we kept our stuff in the lockers and headed over to Bizarro getting another one train wait. After seeing how packed it was the day before, the place was empty. Afterwards, we went on the mine train, going on the front row because it had the shortest line. Then we walked back to El Toro to pick up our stuff. After getting my wallet we got the all season photo pass and headed to kingda ka. My friend didn't want to ride so we gave her our stuff and entered the line reassuring the three security guards that there was nothing in our pockets. The switch back links were not being used so it appeared to be a long line, but ended up only being around twenty minutes. I took the last row, which ended up being a tad bit bumpy but nothing to be upset about. Then we rode the Twister which in my opinion is one of the best flat rides in the park and then Green Lantern as Superman was closed. In contrast, in my opinion, Green lantern is the worst roller coaster at the park. I just cannot deal with longer stand-up coasters. My legs feel like they are going to fall off. We then headed out for lunch I was the only one with a dining pass so I got my cheese steak which was tasty but very dry and ate in the parking lot. We headed back in with no lines at security and went to the Sky Screamer. This was the longest wait of the day- around twenty five minutes. We played Heads-Up to pass the time. We went to the Joker next with about a ten minute line and got the Green Side. This ride is so unpredictable and I love it. I prefer to be facing the tents rather than facing skull Mountain as there are more flips on the top layer and I enjoy the front flips more than the back flips. Then we went to Skull Mountain with a fifteen minute wait for the back row (obviously). Afterwards we headed for Nitro which had a station wait (which was incredible considering we waited fifteen minutes for Skull Mountain). Then we went to Batman with a station wait and then the Dark Knight which we had to wait for two preshows, so like 15 minutes in total. I find it funny that even after the off-season I still have the press conference memorized. Then we went on Deja Vu and Nitro once more. We got ritas as a snack and headed out around 5 PM so we could go to Red Robin on the way home (which is cheaper and tastier than the park burgers) If anyone wants to know anything that I may have left out in the trip report, please let me know! Until next trip! ( I plan to be back at least once before Memorial Day weekend) Keep riding!
  17. They have a new update for the app- it includes maps and directions- this will be helpful to non season pass holders and when season pass holders visit SF parks they have never been to! Really nice addition! I'm starting to like this app better than any other theme park app out there!!
  18. Hey Railer- do me a favor... I understand that you dont believe inn a god and that you have major issues with the park, but please do not mock people for going to a religious concert and especially don't mock people for believing in a God... I know that was a week ago but please refrain from making fun of religions Thank you Have a nice day
  19. If they put a rope in the middle of the queue to separate VR and non VR people that would be the best way to do it. Then, have a worker in front of the station assigning rows. Have the non VR line keep going until the VR people are all strapped in then let the VR people go on the next ride. This way operations are not affected on the line without VR. Great idea having it on skull mountain though
  20. You know... I was thinking... If in the golden Kingdom the 'wild walkway' and the show entrance was moved, could they use the old entrance for a pathway to plaza del carnavale? That would be really cool!
  21. I would say that Old Country is the best place to put a new coaster after The Joker although I believe that Old Country will reopen with a flat or two as well as full opening of the showcase theater. Possibly 2018 get a Justice League in simulator building and in 2019 a new coaster.
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