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  1. It's GAH's 10th Anniversary!

    Congrats guys thank you for everything you do on the website.
  2. Kingda Ka - Original Queue Line Spotlight

    I did a tour of Kingda Ka back in September got some really good shots and had the chance to see the original queue since I wasn't at the park in 2005. Whatever happen to the woodcarvings ???
  3. Kingda Ka - Original Queue Line Spotlight

    For the Kingda Ka sign was that included when you enter the line
  4. Introduce Yourself!

    My name is Ryan I go to the park whenever I get the chance my favorite rides are El Toro Kingda Ka Nitro Bizzaro I've ridden Toro as of today 211 times this season. I'm trying to find a this eats all records Kingda Ka shirt size XL
  5. Kingda Ka - Original Queue Line Spotlight

    Is there any videos of anyone by chance walking through the old queue would be cool to see that
  6. WANTED: Kingda Ka Eats T-shirt

    I'm looking for anyone that might have a extra Kingda Ka this eats all records shirt size XL
  7. WANTED: Kingda Ka Eats T-shirt

    Does anyone have a Kingda Ka shirt that says this eats all records on the back possibly a XL I can trade you my shirt for a trade
  8. WANTED: 2001 park map

    I appreciate it thanks guys
  9. WANTED: 2001 park map

    My friend is looking for a 2001 park map for the year Nitro came out.
  10. AVAILABLE: 2000 Guidebook

    Very interested
  11. AVAILABLE 2005 Guidebook.jpg

    And get this
  12. AVAILABLE 2000 Guidebook.jpg

    Could I get this
  13. Ryan's

    Six flags